this too has passed

I can’t thank you enough for praying me out of my funk. I’m nearly positive that’s how it happened. I see no other explanation (logical or illogical). So thank you.

My weekend was amazing. My favorite part? Walking 10 miles for 3 hours with my 4 favorite people on the planet. It was the best Mother’s Day gift EVER. And I will have lots to say about it on a night when I’m a little less exhausted and my calves and shins aren’t spasm-ing in pain.

I am actually looking forward to tomorrow morning (Monday) and beginning the long, arduous process of catching up on laundry and dishes and messes and shredding off all the yummy food I ate this weekend. According to Gabe’s phone, we burned a whopping 1,024 calories on our 10-mile walk. So basically the cream-filled donut I ate for breakfast + the one I ate for dessert after lunch. Nice.

Super excited to tell you all about our walk and our two trips to the zoo in four days and our family purpose statement and whatever other random things fill up my brain between now and sometime in the future.

I hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful. And that your Monday is unexpectedly sweet.

7 thoughts on “this too has passed

  1. Rachelle

    You’re awesome! And look forward to your random.
    Just a note on our front: homestudy is a hair close to complete! It was submitted to the supervisor…then she went on vacation. It’s all good though because we’re finally so close to complete! All in God’s time.

    Hope you conquer Mt. Laundry today!

  2. Jen Hanson

    So glad you’re out of the funk!

    I’m not gonna lie though – When I first saw your title, I thought maybe it was another post about hemorrhoids. 😉

  3. Wendy

    I’m playing catch up too and my feet are all weird feeling. Loved walking though. It was exciting to raise that money.
    ~ Wendy

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