this book soothes me and moves me

I had a little bit of a stressful weekend. Two low-lights being: 1.) finishing a 5-hour editing project on Friday and having to redo the entire thing on Saturday and 2.) “fixing” the van and having it overheat again.

And, then, after my 11-hour writing/editing marathon Saturday, I just wanted to take a nap today after church but LOUD CHILDREN coming inside every five seconds for water and soccer balls and ball pumps and to use the bathroom and PET THE TORTOISE.

So no nap, just lots of mad.

And I probably should have prayed and read my Bible, but instead, I pulled Organized Simplicity (Tsh Oxenreider) off my bookshelf, because it calms my heart and refills it with happiness. It is easily one of my all-time favorite books, and if I ever pare down my possessions into only what can fit in a backpack, I’ll probably find a place to shove it.

“Simple living is about living your life with a purpose that aligns with your values. It’s about enjoying the things you love and care about and not stressing over the things that don’t matter… Living simply is about being who you were made to be.” (15)

Yes please.

“All the independent things in your life–the items you own, how you spend your time, the relationships you cultivate, and the books you read–ultimately benefit your life’s purpose. There is no clutter. Your hours and days and weeks reflect your priorities, and so does the space in which you live. As a family, you’re united for something bigger than each of you separately.” (29)


“Enjoy the process of collecting less stuff, amassing more wisdom, having more time to relish in the little things, and coveting very little.” (211)


Have you read the book? (You need to.) If so, what’s your favorite part?

11 thoughts on “this book soothes me and moves me

  1. Sharon

    I have read it, but wasn’t in a place at the time to do much about actually living it out. I need to re-read it now. Glad you mentioned it.

  2. Elizabeth

    Every spring I get frantic about cleaning out and purging everything in our house. It gives me anxiety that turns into frustration that turns into anger, etc. I need to get that book out again!

  3. Bethany

    I did not get a restful Sunday afternoon either! Lila took less than an hour long nap (THE ENTIRE DAY) because she is teething. So no nap for mommy–just lots of screaming (Lila, not me). Poor baby. And Jack kept getting up from his nap and having to go to the bathroom. And then if Lila is going to be up and screaming, why not just let Jack get up and help try to entertain her.

    And guess what book I got out off my shelf last night–“Organized Simplicity”! I was actually looking for a laundry stain remover recipe. She didn’t have one. But I love the book and I want to read it again now that it’s spring and I’m getting to that time in my pregnancy where I want to clean and organize and purge.

  4. Jeanine

    I love this book too, but I agree with the comment about peeking inside my home…my goal is to get my home to a place in which it actually looks like I’ve read the book! Then, I’m sure, I’ll find it a lot more soothing to read:)
    Just a thought about Sunday naptime…personally, I think it should be mandatory for everyone who possibly can set aside some time on Sunday afternoon to rest! It’s just so needful after a busy week. I hope you know that it’s okay to have some boundaries. I really think you should consider making a sign to hang outside your door and let all your neighbors know that Sunday afternoon is a time of rest for your family. Maybe they will follow suit…

    1. Marla Taviano

      I should’ve clarified. MY children were the bulk of the problem. They told the other kids their mom was resting, but they (my kids) still kept coming in over and over (and when our front door shuts, our whole apartment shakes). 🙂 Resting is NO FUN for my girls. They played outside with their friends from noon to 8:30 p.m. 🙂

  5. Mindy May

    I love love love this book. Although, if you peaked inside my home you might think I have never read it. I totally agree with you … this book is soothing!

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