things that make me go HAPPY!

She talked me into it AGAIN! First, she got me to show you where I live and now she has me telling you what makes me HAPPY. You can play along on Kelly’s blog too, if you’d like!

My list is, by no means, all-inclusive. And it’s not very deep or thought-provoking. And just like last Saturday, I’m going to cheat by scouring Gabe’s Flickr pics for things that trigger happy thoughts. And apparently, I can’t move forward without offering disclaimers in triplicate.

Finally. Here we go!

My family makes me happy (as does the ocean).

Going to zoos makes me happy.

Giraffes make me happy.

Pei Wei makes me happy.

Sisterly love makes me happy.

Hanging out at my in-laws’ cabin makes me happy.

This guy makes me happy.

Seeing his face when he first laid eyes on this made me happy.

Scrabble letters make me happy.

Texas makes me happy.

My grandma makes me happy.

These two little girls make me happy (as do my other 3 nieces and 3 nephews).

Nina makes me happy.

Ava makes me happy.

Livi makes me happy.

Writing makes me happy (and so did that tree, but Hurricane Ike knocked it over–boo!).

Hanging out with family makes me happy (miss you, Steph!!).

God’s Word makes me happy.

Traveling makes me happy.

Dolphins make me happy.

Zoo shirts make me happy.

This day made me happy.

Mating tortoises make me happy (sorry).

Speaking of mating, baby animals (and giraffes! did I say that already?) make me happy.

Storms make me happy.

Watching my husband with our girls makes me happy.

The fact that you made it all the way to the end of this post without going away makes me happy.

What makes YOU happy??

16 thoughts on “things that make me go HAPPY!

  1. Kelli

    What a perfect list in picture style!

    Things that make me happy these days: reading books to C, cool crisp pools, watching movies with Chris, SNO CONES, and hearing C sing Jesus Loves Me and You Are My Sunshine!

  2. Elizabeth

    Lots of fun things make you happy, and that makes me happy! So does seeing all of your smiling faces:)

    p.s. That top picture of your family was the first picture I ever saw of you. I thought you looked so nice!

  3. Denise

    Hmmm, with everything that’s going on I need to do a post like this…

    I will later tonight..

    But for now – Parker’s 2nd birthday makes me happy (and sad – he’s getting too big!)

    Y-O-U make me happy!

  4. Jennifer

    Having my girls back home after a long visit away makes me happy! (And I’m posting something on my blog tomorrow that might make YOU happy.)

  5. Lisa

    Love it, love it, love it! (No, I’m not copying – I thought of that before I read the other comments 🙂

    Since travel makes Marla so happy, let’s help her get to Cambodia by buying restaurant coupon books and saving ourselves money while giving some to her very worthy cause!

  6. amber

    All of those pictures made me happy!!!

    And you make me happy, friend! Oh.So.Happy.

    (P.S. As I was coming home late the other night, I almost hit a couple of mating dogs in the road. That was…uh…interesting.)

  7. Amy

    If those tortoises could talk, do you wonder what he would say to his lovely lady?
    Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Stephanie your sister

    All those things make me happy too! Suddenly I have a very strong desire to sit around a big table with my whole family eating Pei Wei (at the beach of course) with some giraffes and dolphins hanging out in the background.

  9. Heather

    I LOVE it!! All of these things make me happy and I want me some Pei Wei now!! That place never gets old!! Your girls are just beautiful!! Ava, her eyes, on my sweet goodness, her eyes!! Stunning!!!!!! The tortoise picture is cracking me up!!!!!

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