the weekend in photos

One of the really cool things about being married to a photographer is that when I run out of words and energy, he’s got my back. What a weekend. Whew.

Friday night Ava and Nina both had soccer games, and my parents & Gabe’s mom drove down for the festivities. It was wet and rainy, and this picture isn’t even from Friday (or of Ava or Nina), but you get the idea. We hang out at soccer fields every M, W, & F (for five weeks in the fall and spring).

Saturday was awesome. We hung out with a bunch of our buddies from church for almost four hours doing a FREE Car Wash to bless the neighborhood. I spent most of my time on the street corner, waving a sign, doing some dancing, and chatting up folks stopped at the light. I can honestly tell you it was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done. LOVE C-BUS days are some of my FAVORITE.

I was super proud of the girls for holding signs, talking to new people, and washing lots of cars. Nina worked that soapy sponge for almost the whole time, crazy little girl. We washed 32 cars, passed out bottles of water, apples, and granola bars, and took lots of informal surveys on what people like about their neighborhood and what they’d like to change.

We celebrated at Cane’s afterward (some of the best chicken EVER!) and I met the most awesome gal from Cambodia! It was totally God, and I can’t stop thinking about it. Molly, if you’re reading this, e-mail me! I’d love to get together with you sometime! (and put you in my suitcase in December!)

Saturday night, Gabe went to a Columbus Crew game for $1. They lost to the Galaxy 1-0, and David Beckham was a no-show. Double bummer, but Gabe had fun and got some sweet shots.

This afternoon (Sunday) we went hiking with our friends Britt, Pam, and Kristin. There are so many pretty places around here that you would never know were there.

 We saw this log stretching across the creek, and decided it was a good spot for a little photo shoot. It wasn’t super easy getting everyone up on there, but it was nothing compared to what our friend Pam was about to try.

She had this brilliant idea to hang from it. Great idea in theory, but it was a lot harder than it looked, and we almost lost Pam. She was more concerned about her cell phone, so I tried to get it out of her pocket without dashing myself on the rocks.

She did it though!

I’m so thankful for God’s creation and my family and our church and our friends and weekends! (and a husband who’s willing to hang out with a bunch of girls)

That’s a lot of words for someone who’s “run out” of them, eh? Have a great Monday, friends!

9 thoughts on “the weekend in photos

  1. Keri

    Love the pictures! And the sky in the football picture?? Amazing!

    I was daydreaming just yesterday about photo ops this Christmas and it gave me butterflies. The boys are talking about it all the time and what they want to take to the kids for Christmas. We are going to have a party to give our friends here a chance to donate. I can’t wait!

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