the sweet breeze of peace

All is well with my soul. All may not be right with my world, but it’s well with my soul. Again, so, so thankful for the outpouring of love and support for our family this week. Makes a girl just shake her head in wonder. Even if I haven’t had the chance to respond to each of you, please know that I read your words, and I appreciate them so much. Thank you.

Some other things I’m thankful for:

My hands.

Gabe’s been the recipient of many a massage and head rub in the past couple weeks. Funny, his love language was already physical touch (and that doesn’t include s-e-x, although… never mind), and it’s always had a calming effect on him, but now it’s off the charts.

I realized early on that I had two choices: 1.) resent all the time I was spending on “physical therapy” or 2.) count my blessings that God is a.) using me as a healing agent in my husband’s life and b.) giving me lots and lots (and lots) of opportunities to spend quiet time in prayer.

Financial provision.

I mentioned the whole eat-through-our-freezers-and-cupboards deal. It’s just been awesome, and I’m determined to re-think how I shop/plan and prepare meals/eat from here on out.

And a little trip to the dentist that just blew my mind. Ava had a trampoline accident a month ago, and we’ve been to the dentist lots since then. Our dentist is an angel. Really truly. So good with the girls, and we always end up talking about deep stuff like faith and Cambodia and global issues and what have you. On Tuesday, he asked what was going on with us, and I just told him about Gabe’s anxiety and how God was getting us through it.

After Ava’s check-up, he asked her if she’d try out his new x-ray machine that everyone in the office was getting trained on. When she was done, he gave her a big hug and slipped her ten bucks. Then when the receptionist sweetly told me that I had a $189 balance on my account, he said, “No, she doesn’t.” She looked at him like what-the-what? and he motioned me out the door.


I know it’s waaaaay too early to be naming-and-claiming spring in Ohio, but today was gorgeous. 67 degrees and sunny. Ava and I walked around the block a bunch, and I took big sniffs of air and let the warmish-cool breeze waft over me, and I just felt peace. Spring is my most very favorite season. Spring. It’s even fun to say. Spring. Spring makes everything better.

Money for Cambodia and Thailand.

Thanks to you beautiful people buying scarves and purses and jewelry and all those other goodies we picked up on our trip, I was able to donate $120 to The Hard Places Community in Cambodia today and $300 to my sweet friend Faa’s ministry in Thailand. Talk about making my heart swell.

I’ll have one more chance for you to buy stuff in the weeks ahead as well as some adorable pleas from my daughters for you to sponsor them $1/mile for our Traffick Jam 2012 walk coming up in April. Details tomorrow! (if you can’t wait that long, let me know)


Thanks so much for being here and making my blog such a fun place to be.

What are you thankful for today?

23 thoughts on “the sweet breeze of peace

  1. Sheree G

    🙂 Struggling for peace a little these days, but so very thankful for your words that usher it in. Thankful for you!

  2. Danielle

    I am so thankful for the lives of my students today. I love these sweet teenagers almost more than I can handle most days, which is absolutely the grace of God.

    I’m also thankful for God’s magnificent provision for our family, meeting our needs and allowing us to meet the needs of others through his abundant kindness.

    I’m thankful for the church. Having people both local and around the world serving God and heading in the same heart direction sustains me in the chaos. God is merciful to never leave us alone.

    Finally I’m thankful for my friends who are flying out tomorrow to be at the birth of their baby boy. I’m thankful for this momma who chose life for her child, and chose a wonderful family to parent her sweet boy. I’m thankful that they trust us enough to partner with them to care for their 2 babies they are leaving at home, and how excited their son was today to tell me that he’s getting a baby brother.

  3. ellen

    also thankful for the great weather, for your peace and Gabes health, your increasingly good financial situation and the major increasing blessing of financial support for our daughter Lindsey’s trip to Mozambique — it is so exciting to see a child who wants to serve her Lord and then watch Him provide !!!

  4. Jennifer

    I’m thankful for our new church! Wes has baptized four people in four weeks, which is amazing to us non mega-church folk. 🙂 I’m thankful that our house is under contract and that it looks like it’s REALLY going to sell (yippee!). I’m thankful that our girls have adjusted to all of the big changes in our lives without too much trouble.

    And count me among all those who are thankful for your dentist. God bless him!

  5. HopefulLeigh

    Um, your dentist? SO AWESOME!

    I’m grateful for a Comcast issue that was resolved more quickly and easily than I expected. And that it will result in a lower bill for 6 months! And I’m glad I followed through on nudges to go to Allume Social this fall because I was able to snag an early bird ticket last night. It’ll be interesting to see what God does there.

  6. Teresa Henry

    I am thankful for:

    Staying home with my 2 teenagers right now…even though I am a single mom with just a trickle of income…we are making it work and I am grateful God has allowed this time for me.

    For our new pastors and thier stability and order they are bringing to a church that went through some hurt and brokenness…

    Homeschooling even though I feel like a failure most of the time…God is teaching me so much about life through it all…

    For walls and a roof and heat….my home which I am not sure how we are even able to have a home right now with where I am financially…but God…

    Gods amazing covering every day…

    For Marla’s honesty that reminds me of lifes ups and downs but God’s never ending presence…

    For others who are serving God so sweetly that my heart is full…

  7. Valerie Henry

    I’m thankful for so many blessings I can’t count them all. And for your dentist. God bless him!

  8. Shannon Wheeler

    For being home full-time with my kids and being able to have the time to give to our refugee friends who are here.

    For always having enough. Sometimes more. Sometimes just enough. But always enough. Thank you, Jesus.

    For the way God brings people into my life in unexpected and amazing ways to speak direction and wisdom into the dreams He’s planted in my heart.

    For a cozy snow-less “snow day” from school, hanging with my kids.

  9. Sharon

    I’m thankful for your day filled with peace and pray the next several days are the same. I’m thankful, too, for spring like days that just make all the problems in life seem so much smaller and insignificant and survivable.

  10. brooke

    last night, my heart broke as I had to tell the men I was serving under the bridge that we were out of *used* t-shirts and underwear and we didn’t have any more to give out.

    today I’m thankful for a husband will a full drawer (plenty to give away!) and a big mouth (for soliciting from others).

    1. Marla Taviano

      Hey! Gabe just got rid of 36 (!!) t-shirts (all XL and 2XL). Not a rip or hole in any of them. Could you use them? I’ll send them to you! I’ve been putting off taking them to the thrift store in case I found someone who needed them. Let me know.

      1. brooke

        I’m sure as summer approaches the need for these shirts will only increase! I’m coming to Dublin in for sure in April, so no need to spend $$ on shipping. Save it and if I can’t workout Traffick Jam with y’all (still working on that) – at the very least we’ll arrange a coffee meet up for me to get them from you.

  11. Ruth

    What an encouraging post! It’s so great to be reminded to be thankful through the storm. I’m thankful for a healthy family, parents that moved over 9 hours away to be with us in our city recently, a husband who cares so much about me, friends who offer to fix lunch for me and my kids when I’m not feeling well, having electricity (after not having it for only 2 hours tonight), and I could go on and on. Thank you for the reminder to be positive even in the midst of storms. Honestly, this post was super encouraging and very timely. Thank you!!

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