the purging continues (i kid you not)

“You couldn’t POSSIBLY have a single thing left to get rid of!” If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it six (million) times. And I get it. How much junk could a girlfriend purge if a girlfriend could purge junk?

How about six paper grocery sacks and a big box worth? And I’m not finished.

I have a good reason this time. Spring is here (in my dreams), which means winter clothing is being PUT AWAY (I don’t even care how cold it still is–I REFUSE to wear a coat/vest/gloves) and spring/summer clothing taken out of “storage.”

Except we wear t-shirts all winter (with a hoodie over them) and then just take the hoodie off in the summer and wear shorts instead of jeans (the girls wear their capri sweats year-round).

And since we started eating a plant-based diet in October, I’ve gone down a size, and Gabe has gone down two. And while we’re shrinking, our girls are growing. NOTHING FITS ANYBODY.

We’re also getting rid of our “funeral” clothes. Like my one pair of dress shoes and the only shirt I own that’s not a t-shirt. I haven’t worn them in over two years. If someone dies, I’ll borrow something or head to the thrift store.

Speaking of, that’s what makes this purge so painless (and freeing!) for us. All these coats, boots, pants, shorts, bras, and shirts that don’t fit us? All came from the thrift store and cost very little.

And they’re just going back from whence they came.

You don’t have to be as extreme/minimalist/”fashion don’ts” as we are, but may I suggest that getting rid of some of your clothing might be a teensy bit freeing?

Who’s up for the challenge?

(I’d love to hear what you purge!)

9 thoughts on “the purging continues (i kid you not)

  1. Brooke

    i purge frequently.
    i also shop frequently.
    so the stack never really goes down. add to that race T-shirts and oh. my. closet.
    anyhoo, you should have seen the look on the faces of my fellow marathoners when i ditched my rain coat at the start line. i had dug it out of the homeless stack. and the race directors donate discarded items. so they were just helping me with a step.
    i took by that experience most people don’t have a homeless people stack. didn’t know i was that odd.

  2. Beth

    Oh goodness, I have been on a massive purging binge lately. I made a list of every closet/area/cupboard in our apartment and have been systematically purging them one by one. Like, take everything out, clean the inside, then put 1/2 to 2/3 of it back in neatly and get rid of the rest. It feels so good. There’s so much I don’t need, and don’t miss! And the thrift store that just opened up a mile from us loves us.

  3. Gaylene Carpenter

    We move so often (5 times in 20 months) that I am purging clothes and books, towels and dishes. Hubster and I are already down to a 1 bedroom apartment, but am trying to keep to the adage 1 in, 1 out. Books for me is the hardest because my biblical studies and other research books I struggle with if they are e-books (never struggle if they are fiction).

  4. Allison in Alaska

    I went through my clothes earlier this week 🙂
    I’m bringing a tote full to a mission’s conference this week. Don’t worry, it is in good shape with no stains or holes. No used tea bags for these ladies!

  5. Cheryl Pickett

    Generally when I go to the thrift store (which I do like to do just because on occasion, but now I need work clothes-new part time job), I try to get rid of at least a few things when I bring new stuff home. Like you said, most of it goes back to one thrift store or another so the circle of “life??” continues 🙂

  6. Sara

    Some of everything! I’m doing the 40 bags in 40 days challenge that Sarah Farish pinned. It has been freeing to throw / give away stuff. Our mom’s group is doing a stuff swap soon which is great cause we get a lot of free clothes for our growing girls and are able to give their too small stuff to other moms all for free!

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