the party that never ends

More pics as promised. But first, many items of business.

1.) I’m not sure how many e-mails/facebook messages I got today (Monday) from those of you who RSVP’d to come to the party but then couldn’t make it. You were all so sweet and apologetic and even gushing. I felt AWFUL! Like you came to my blog this morning for a happy update–and WHAM! You felt like you just got reprimanded. I am so sorry. Yes, I was bummed that so many people couldn’t come, but NO, I wasn’t upset with anyone!! Remember–I gave it all to God and counted my blessings and focused on what DID happen–and wow. So many of you had such sad stories too–lots of vomit and really tough family issues, even a miscarriage. I’m so sorry and prayed for each of you today! Let’s do another party when the book comes out–whaddya say??

2.) Sorry about all the drama tonight with the Fox News thing (if you were on twitter or facebook). Here’s the scoop. I got an e-mail this evening from a gal at Fox News who works with Shepard Smith. She asked for permission to show pictures of us and have Shepard briefly share our story. (Whoa.) Then someone else from the show called and asked if we could do a live interview via satellite tomorrow (Tuesday). We got bumped from Monday night’s show (cash for clunkers and all that), and we’ll find out tomorrow a.m. if Tuesday afternoon is a go. Wowzers. You can friend me on facebook or follow me on twitter for real-time updates.

3.) And don’t worry about the potential national news coverage going to our heads. Fat chance. We had an awful night. The girls were bickering and fighting–even hurting each other. I was trying to read a Bible story before they went to bed. They were being disobedient. I lost it. Threw one of their dolls across the room. Yelled. Wow. A very low, low moment. Took me awhile to even want to ask their forgiveness. By that time they were already asleep. Tried to wake them up. Will have to wait for morning. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace. Really wish I didn’t need it so often.

4.) Stacy McKay from 104.9 The River (Columbus, OH) just messaged me to let me know they posted a link to this morning’s interview. Here it is if you’re not already SICK TO DEATH of this 52 Zoos story.

My wonderful in-laws. Thank you, Tug, Angie, Rock, Janelle, Morgan, Reese and Tanner for helping make our day so special!

This girl is a true friend. Her hubby was working and she single-mommed it with 3 little boys and a gigundo giraffe cake. Love you, Jamie!

If you can’t read Shan’s shirt, it says, “I love GABE.” The whole fam–Shan, Jen, Noah and Titus all sported homemade 52 Zoos tees–so awesome! You guys rock!!

Our friends, The Jared Mahone Band. They made the party what it was. Old TV theme songs. Saying our names backwards. Gettin’ our groove on. How Great Thou Art. Thanks so much, guys!

My cousin Brian stuffing his face. He, Christy, Emmett and baby-in-the-womb made the trip from Indy. Love you guys! Brian won a $25 gift card to Marie’s Candies that my friend Rebecca donated. Speaking of Rebecca (one of my bestest friends from high school), I didn’t get a pic of me and her and her darling son Cooper. I get to see her again Friday though! Love you, Becs!

Our friend Kary (and Keegan and Isabel). Kary’s wife Kelly is due any second with a baby girl, so Kary brought the kiddos out for a smashing good time. Kary writes books too and is always so supportive of everything we do. Thanks, man!

I’m not sure what the rest of this week will hold blog-wise. I have a bazillion zoo posts to do, a book (or 2) to write, a grandma to visit, a behind-the-scenes tour at the Columbus Zoo (!!), a baby shower, and soccer starts up. All in the next 4 days! Yow-zers. (well, I think it’s safe to say the book won’t be done by then)

Thanks again for everything–all of you! I plan to properly thank you somehow some way. Love and hugs and smooches for your Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “the party that never ends

  1. Denise

    Just so you know, I would totally not be thrilled with this amount of 15 minutes of fame either…and also just so you know, I could never imagine this getting to your head! Love you!

  2. Amanda

    Lord, even though things are wonderfully crazy for Marla right now, I pray that her heart and mind would be completely peaceful. Quiet the noise all around her so that she can hear You speak. Give her the grace to enjoy everything that’s going on. Let your peace and joy rest on her family. Amen!

  3. jess

    LOVED the band. we were walking out of the room to The Full House theme. Fabulous. I wish we coulda/woulda stayed for the drawing, etc. part; but everyone else in my family was biting at the bit to go see the animals!

  4. Charity

    OH MY WORD! Here I am, reading your post at 7 in the morning and listening to my Christian radio station, and they just had a blurb about you and the whole 52 Zoos thing in their news segment! You’ve “made” it to my neck of the woods!!

  5. ginger

    Haven’t had a chance to comment in what seems like forever although I have been keeping up via facebook, twitter & your blog. I feel privileged to have met you through this blog while you were on zoo journey so I could watch God work in your life. And thanks for “keeping it real.”
    I wish that I lived closer so that I could have participated the other day; the trip from FL would have been a bit much, I think. 😉 I thought about you guys, though, & am glad you had so much fun! I truly look forward to your book & your girls’, as well.
    From a fellow zoo lover. 🙂

  6. Ellen R.

    Can I just say that I can’t WAIT to read your (soon-to-be) zoo book?! Excited to hear all the stories, adventures, trials, and “the rest of the story.”

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