the ol’ gray mare…

just found some gray hairs. I didn’t realize I was back to my natural color until last night when I found my first-ever gray strand. I had part of my hair pulled back, and as I peered in the mirror while washing my face, the light reflected off a lone white hair. And then another. And another. I plucked them with tweezers. If I’d never dyed my hair, I’m sure I would have discovered some long before this. It’s official. I’m old. And surprisingly, I don’t mind.

I’m beginning to fear for my children’s morality, if not their very lives, upon hearing that Kimberly plans to play all manner of sinful/dangerous games with them when she babysits on Friday night. I asked her to bring a chaperone with her, and I’ve installed hidden cameras in every room. 🙂 Be looking for a full report on Monday.

Thanks for all the names you gave me for Is That All? I actually have more than 60 now, but if you still have a name to give me, go ahead. As time and funds permit, I’d like to give the book away to people who will use it for God’s glory. Someone asked me if I was rolling in the dough yet from sales of my new book. Sure thing! I spent $590 on 112 books. I have about 20 left. I’ve also spent roughly $150 on shipping. I have $200 in cash from sales. I’m rolling. 🙂 In all seriousness, I count it a huge blessing to be able to bless people in this way. I love what I do, and I’d do it for free. Thanks, God!

My new friend Joanne (who wrote a fabulous book called Living Simply which I will blog about soon) gave me an idea. She asked her blogging friends to write an review of her book if they liked it. Some of you did that for Blushing (after I got a mean review from someone–remember?). Thanks again for that! If you read Is That All He Thinks About? and liked it, would you take a moment to review it for me? I do realize that you’ll have to come up with something to say that is a little less personal/explicit than the things you’ve been messaging me!! I can’t offer you a free book for your review, but I can offer you my love and friendship. (Yes, I’m for sale.)

Reminder to self: Next blog–share about my “sweety pie voice,” my new pet lion, my next book project.

15 thoughts on “the ol’ gray mare…

  1. jennikim

    it was a stranger. i dont have a problem with people coming to read my site, but it sure annoyed me to see someone take my sweet Caid’s video and turn it into something offensive.

    im enjoying reading through the book!! im about half way through. 🙂

  2. angntug

    Sorry about the ol’ gray……hopefully we’ll see you saturday for Reese’s party…..I didn’t send invitations for the simple fact that everyone I’d send them to were family….which know about it anyways……Rock can’t be there but we were getting together after the party at Rock and Janelle’s…….

  3. tonialynn59

    I think I need to read Living Simply.  It sounds like a great book.  I’ve also heard from my beautician that you shouldn’t pluck the grays.  She said she did and they do multiply.  I take after my dad.  He is 67 in March with jet black hair and very few grays.  My mom was blonde and it changed during child bearing age to brown and she had a lot of gray at my age.  My sister takes after my mom.  I tease my dad that I got his genes, the dark hair with hardly any gray but I got his bad knees! 

  4. biblestorebrowser

    I found my first three grays the weekend I met DH in real life. I was 23. Won’t plucking them make them come back double or something? Or is that an old wive’s tale?

    I already promised my review months ago! (I’m watching the mail–thanks for not making me wait!)

    Here’s a blog topic I’d like to hear about. DH found a digg article on turning your blog into a book. Reading the blogger/author’s experience (starting with part I) made me want to hear yours sometime when you have a chance.

  5. ladymiss3739

    Loved your post – too funny!  I am jealous that you just found your first gray..I’ve been finding those little buggers for several years now.  And I use tweezers too – gotta get ’em, root and all.  😉

    What’s the best way to order your new book?  I know you said Amazon, your web, or message you, but I didn’t know if one way helps you out more than another….

  6. ch1pch0p

    Don’t worry, Kerri won’t let anything bad happen your kids.

    And I’ll be sure to take pictures with my camera of every closet and bedroom and closed door of your house. 🙂

  7. dnkneer

    I think I’m going to read Living Simply sometime cuz it sounds like something I would enjoy at this point in my life. 🙂 Thanks for all the comments on my site! I’ll get on amazon sometime for you too…

  8. YoGrandmaYo

    If you’re the ol’ gray mare, where does that leave me?:)  You’ll always be beautiful to me, honey, no matter how many gray hairs you have!:)  And, remember – “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”:)  Although in the case of your newest book…………..the cover is a pretty good indication of how good the book is.:)  Even though I’ll be celebrating my 35th wedding anniversary this summer, I still learned alot from your book.:)  Thanks for being so open, honest, and real!  I love you!:)

  9. jbnygaard

    I actually was just thinking about the “leaving a comment on Amazon” the other day! Too funny! I was just checking out Amazon to see if your new book was on it (which it was/is) and thought to myself…”I need to finish your book so I can write a comment!” On chapter 11. I’m getting closer!!!! Still love it!

    Found my first gray hairs a couple years ago. Yikes! My mom doesn’t color her hair and JUST found her first gray hair a couple years ago. What is up with that?!! I was never into people coloring their hair to cover over their grays. I love the natural look! I always thought…If your gray, be proud of it! Now….I say COLOR IT!!! I don’t want it!! I’m only 30!!!!

  10. kkakwright

    OK, I left a review, now I will expect your love and friendship forever.  Hmmmm…..maybe I wouldn’t be such a hermit if I could rope others into being my friend forever too………

  11. Nixter77

    Do we have to read the book before we write a nice review 😉 ONLY KIDDING. Can’t wait to read the new book, how very exciting. I love all the stories about your girls, so cute and fun. Hope I get to watch them for you one day, I have heaps of dangerous yet fun games to play.

    nixie = totally. excited. about. the. book.

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