thank you, sweet Jesus!

Well, if today isn’t the most gorgeous day in the history of forever. AND I have about a billion and one things to thank God for, so I thought, “Why not do it publicly, so y’all can share my joy? And even add some of your own!”

Itching to get back out in the sunshine, so I’m going to make it fast and listy.


~~This weather is STUNNINGLY, GORGEOUSLY PERFECT. Sun, breeze, smells like heaven. LOVE.

~~We’re taking a long walk here in a bit to soak up the awesome and train for Saturday’s 10-mile Traffick Jam walk. This is what I love about homeschooling.

~~We were negative in our checking account for NINE days (irregular paychecks + regular bills = not always pretty) and only had to pay TWO overdraft fees. This, my friends, is a miracle. Trust me.

~~These past nine days we’ve been first-hand witnesses to the small lunch that turns out to feed 5,000, the widow’s oil that never runs out, [insert any Bible story of God’s miraculous provision here]. God is pretty stinking creative.

~~Thankful for a writing project from a publisher that didn’t take long, came really easy to me, and paid well. And the sweet gal I got to work with has been the hugest blessing to me. If you’re reading this, B, I love you!

~~I had a difficult conversation with someone that’s been a long time coming. God gave me the grace to speak the truth and love. Things aren’t awesome, but I’m trusting he’s got it.

~~I love the library. So so thankful for it. Reading a reeeeeeeally good book I’ll share with you soon.

~~The girls’ (Livi and Ava) running shoes are too tight, and we were able to go shoe shopping today. Just in time to walk 10 miles! So thankful for my sweet girlies who are happy as anything to get shoes for $55 when most of them cost over $100. And so proud of them for babysitting and feeding cats and paying for 1 of their 2 shoes themselves.

~~Super thankful that we found a pair of SIZE ELEVEN shoes that Livi loves. Poor sweet thing just passed her mama’s size 10’s, and it’s not going to be easy to find shoes from here on out.

~~So thankful we were able to fix Livi’s bike (that she wrecked last year) and that Ava’s big enough to ride Gabe’s now. Hoping Nina changes her mind about “never, ever, ever wanting to learn to ride a bike” since a sweet couple gifted her with a brand new one last summer.

~~Thankful for being able to buy non-essential essentials like lotion and tissues and air freshener and crunchy granola bars.

~~Thankful for fresh fruits and veggies from Trader Joe’s and the promise of Farmer’s Markets opening up super soon.

~~Thankful for a good time with Gabe’s family at/after his grandpa’s memorial service. Good chats, snuggles with 5-month-old Bryson, photo ops. Blessed.

~~Thankful that Gabe and Nina are feeling better after being sick this week.

~~Thankful that even though we don’t have health insurance anymore, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace bigger and greater than the peace I had when we had insurance.

~~Thankful for zero hospital visits so far in 2013 and the hope of paying off our 2012 hospital debt before the year’s end.

~~The girlies (Livi and Ava) won their soccer game last night, and Liv had two goals.

~~Thankful for a metro park with bike paths that backs up to our house.

~~Thankful for friends near and far who are passionate about loving Jesus and fighting human trafficking.

I know there’s more, but OUTSIDE!

What are you thankful for today??

8 thoughts on “thank you, sweet Jesus!

  1. Rachelle

    Thankful for freedom to read my Bible and worship God! Reading a book that is amazing while wondering what it will take to awaken this generation of believers!

  2. Monica Hartz

    Tell livi that I too am a size 11. It is much easier being a size 11 now than when I was a little girl. I would get hysterical when we went shoe shopping. There was never anything. Now that the average size is bigger than what it was, the stores and makers of said shoes make them bigger. It’s not so bad!!!!! I promise baby girl.

  3. Jenn

    Thankful that our oldest daughter accepted Christ last week! She went in front of the church this Sunday to tell everyone what she had done, and it was very moving to see what her decision meant for our community. Very excited for her Papi/Pastor to baptize her at the end of the month. 🙂

  4. Addie

    Thankful that we are finally getting to request and update on our little girl (hope it comes soon!)….

    And also – remember Kat that I asked you to pray for her in your last post… just today announced she is fully funded!!!! So excited for them!

    So glad to see you “smiling” Marla… so good! Hoping this means you are going to get back to blogging more soon – I do miss it… 🙂

  5. Sarah

    Praise God for HIS blessings! I am thankful for some amazing ladies who blessed me tremendously this morning at our moms group at church.

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