swirly, whirly, curly, twirly

I meant to blog after I’d gathered my thoughts. That clearly is not happening. And Terri’s incessant pestering is more than I can bear.

21 inches of snow. Melting quickly. Girls home from school. This has been a good day.

I have a stack of books by my bed. There’s a (makeshift) bookmark in all nine of them. I’m reading them all at once. Gabe picked up eight more for me at the library today. I’m having some focus (ADD) issues. I’m flitting from one cause/passion/interest to the other and driving myself insane.

Here’s a small sampling of things I start to focus on, then get distracted by something else on the list:
–de-cluttering our home
–decorating the girls’ room
–getting our self-employment taxes done
–my Bible study homework
–library books
–feeding the hungry
–learning geography
–devotions with girlies
–promoting my book
–writing the next one
–and the next one (see? can’t focus.)
–creative meal planning
–quality family time
–States puzzles with Neenie
–reading about writing
–reading about stewardship
–reading about traditions
–reading about Christian hedonism
–reading about poverty

I have to stop the list. It’s hurting my brain. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Ava lost her second tooth last night. It wasn’t ready to come out (same as the last one) but she begged. I pulled it so hard that it flew out of her mouth, and it took us awhile to find it. She’s psycho-brave.

The book shown above is called Hope Lives, and it is incredible. It’s meant to be read as a 5-week journey, and I have to force myself to read just one chapter a day. Cool story how I found out about the book. I commented a few weeks ago on one of the Uganda blogger’s blogs. Amber (the author of the book) saw my question and e-mailed me an answer. She works for Compassion International in Colorado, overseeing the photographers and writers in each of the 26 countries where Compassion has a team. We e-mailed back and forth, did a book swap, and I am thrilled to have “met” her. (more on this later)

Long story short, her publisher is sending me an extra copy of Hope Lives to give away on my blog. You do not want to miss this. It could change your life.

I’ll do another give-away tomorrow or Wednesday while I wait on the book to arrive. It’s been awhile, eh?

I thought of a couple more things to share, but I’ll save them for tomorrow. Happy Monday!

17 thoughts on “swirly, whirly, curly, twirly

  1. jessmariecarpenter

    ha ha. you sound like me. except i don’t use book marks…

    i’d go for the de-clutter project. i did that most of january and feel like a new person. i found places for everythign or got rid of what i didn’t need. i sort of went overboard & boxed a lot of stuff up & took it to the attic- labeled of course- but my house seems so much bigger now!

    and you needed, marlataviano.com  that was a good mistake.

    send those post cards on down!

  2. tonialynn59

    Oh I’m so where you are!  I have a stack of books right next to my chair in the living room and I go from this one to that one and it makes me nuts, plus bible study.  I am also struggling with decluttering my home and that is making me crazier than anything right at the moment.  No one else that lives here seems to be here long enough to declutter their part but man they seem to be here long enough to make a mess and my brain can’t work in a mess!  Oh just so many things on your list are me right now!  The book looks really interesting!

  3. faithchick

    heh.  i should write a list like that, too.  i think it’ll help me to just see it all written down.  (do you feel helped, just seeing it all written down?) 

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