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I have a pathetic history of dreaming up big things like, “This Christmas will be different! We’ll learn about Advent and the Jesse Tree and serve at soup kitchens and give to the poor and make cookies for the neighbors and sing Christmas carols to old people and celebrate the TRUE meaning of the season and not give in to the rush and craziness and materialism and exhaustion!”

And then failing miserably and feeling like a loser.

I do the same thing with summer vacation. “This summer we will read hundreds of books and plant a huge garden and get to know our neighbors! And host 30 cook-outs and learn multiplication facts and de-clutter our entire home and get out of debt and write five e-books and learn to speak Khmer fluently before we go to Cambodia!”

I’m done with that. It’s high time I learned how to bite off just enough so that I can chew comfortably with my mouth closed. Figuratively speaking. Well, literally would work too.

Summer 2011 Goals:

1. Enjoy my family.

2. Enjoy our community.

3. Enjoy God’s creation.

Ahhhh, I feel the rest and relaxation washing over me already. This doesn’t mean I’m not going to attempt anything big or crazy, but the pressure’s off.

Kind of. Because, truth be told, ENJOYING isn’t one of my strong suits. I’m good at doing and working and scurrying and writing. To really ENJOY something, you’ve got to sloooooow down and make PEOPLE a priority over PROJECTS. And stuff like that.

So, see? I have my work cut out for me after all.

What are your summer goals?

26 thoughts on “summer goals

  1. gretchen

    I need to ENJOY (read: stay in the moment), too. Sometimes we need to do the same thing over and over again (or not do it, as the case may be ) in order to see the folly of placing silly expectations upon ourselves and our kids. Our Father expects things perfectly in line with how He made us. Wish I could remember that more often. Happy Summer, Marla.

  2. Nina

    I’m a big (and unrealistic) goal setter, too! Like you, my big goal for this summer has been to NOT set a bunch of unrealistic goals. I’ve made some pretty major life changes recently to allow more time with my daughter, and I’ve been enjoying that immensely so far.

    The goal now is to avoid the temptation to “fill up” with stupid stuff any pockets of free time I happen to get.

  3. Sheree

    God has been telling me to slow down and “intentionally” parent my children. I guess that might make me sound like a lousy parent. I just get busy with things that must be done and sometimes, my children are tended to as just another check mark on the to-do list. It has already proven challenging for me, just as God would have it, lol. But I can already see the benefits, too. We have been doing a daily devotional at lunchtime because by dinner time I’m usually spent. And I got to hear my 6 year old son tell me about King Solvon (i.e. Solomon), who said, “Bring me the sword so I can cut this baby in half, cuz the mommies were fighting over the baby. But the real mommy, she said, no, go ahead and give her the baby, and then King Solvon gave HER the baby. But I can’t remember what they called it.” To which his Sister reminded him it was “wisdom.” We plan to serve in our community, small as it may be. And be more aware of the needs around us; and pray for a way to get to Africa, :).

  4. Sharon W

    I am terrible about being in the moment and enjoying things. I am always looking to the future. I would like to declutter our house this summer and also freeze a bunch of meals to prepare for baby #2. Oh and I’d love to clean the house from top to bottom and clean a different area of the house each day so that it stays clean. But I know I’ll be lucky to accomplish even one of these goals!

  5. Laura

    Aha. Guilty. I’m always making WAY optimistic goals for the month, year, etc and having to remind myself that it’s all about the PEOPLE. Thanks for this timely reminder!

  6. Jen Hanson

    Summer goals – wrap my mind around the fact that I will be giving birth to twins at the end of the summer… and that I will be taking them home and raising them. Hasn’t quite clicked yet, no matter how much I feel these little guys kick and move.

    1. Marla Taviano

      I don’t know that you’ll EVER be able to wrap your mind around that one. I still can’t really believe I’m a MOM, and I’ve been at it for almost 11 years.

  7. Valerie

    Enjoy as much time with my boys this summer….both the husband and the almost 1 year old. Still in shock he’s almost 1!! 🙁 My other goal is something we’ll be working on but not sure if it’s a realistic goal…. to get pregnant again.

  8. Missy June

    I haven’t set any goals, just a few activities I want to enjoy: VBS, day trips to the mountains, water exposure…SURVIVAL! The schedule variations always throw me out of whack and I often just feel a bit flustered. So, I’m hoping not to inject that feeling into the attitudes of my kiddos and to relish a more relaxed/flexible schedule.

    I tend to be more task than relationship oriented, so this is a great reminder to enjoy the people!

    I’m glad I’m not the only scattered person out there!


  9. Kandi

    I have the same issue…I’m not good at enjoyment. I just put on a rockin’ Field Day event at my kids’ school and it went off without a hitch, but I’m pretty sure I did not smile the whole day. Ouch. This post hit me at just the right time b/c I keep about 50 lists in my notes on my phone and one of them is “summer goals”. I just deleted it yesterday and decided that my goals this summer are to (1) Love God more, (2) so that I can love all people more, and (3) pray about prioritizing and refining goals for next year about how to spend my time. That’s it…other than actually SMILING more. 🙂
    So excited about your book…praying for you!

  10. ellenn

    I like the enjoy concept and I know women in general tend to have trouble with that concept. We want our kids to enjoy — doesn’t our Father want us to enjoy. sure does. Also, a few years ago learned the concept of ‘asking’ God what the goals should be. That helps also. Enjoy the summer

  11. Keri

    I love this! I always have lofty goals and usually just end the summer with a really good tan. Oh well! This summer I want to get back on a good sleep schedule and make my relationship with my boys my number one priority. We all need it!!

  12. Rich

    Those sound like good goals to me! Count us in.

    We haven’t talked about any particular goals this summer. We are celebrating 10 years of marriage, and we’re really looking forward to that.

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