spring break (thus far) in swirly bullets

~~The girls and I headed 2+ hours north spontaneously on Monday after lunch to visit my college friend Missy. The girls were in heaven with Missy’s myriad craft supplies and made a few things to sell for our Cambodia Fund. Me? Not so keen on crafting, but I made scads of cards. Words and paper? A craft I can get behind.

~~Gabe and I replaced our broken bathroom faucet together tonight. Despite the 90 minutes of torture, our new faucet works, and we still love each other (pretty much) just as much as we did earlier this evening.

~~The girls and I have a cool opportunity to share about our 52 Zoos Trip with a class of third-graders tomorrow. Nina and I have a reading buddy we meet with on Thursdays, and her teacher asked us to stay after tomorrow and talk to the class. My older girls are on Spring Break, so they get to meet DaShawn and talk about zoos. Fun, fun!

~~THANK YOU for your super-awesome response to the She Has a Name t-shirts. I can’t wait to see pics of y’all wearing them! Mine is clean, so I’ll be wearing it tomorrow (I’ll probably wear it every other day until it falls apart).

~~Another THANK YOU to the Prayer Doulas (and 1 lone guy) for sponsoring an entire week at Harbor House in Haiti ($712). Wooohooohooo!!

~~It snowed today. A lot. Boo.

~~My sister Stephanie, her husband Daniel, and little Mia are driving up from South Carolina tomorrow and staying with us until Sunday. On Friday and Saturday my whole fam will be together (which usually only happens once in the summer and at Christmas). I’m so excited!!

~~That means I won’t be blogging again until Monday.

~~See you then!

6 thoughts on “spring break (thus far) in swirly bullets

  1. Jen Hanson

    Dang – I wish I would have known sooner about Stephi coming to Ohio and Friday’s get together. I very likely would have tried to be there. (I only have enough vacation time to either go visit Stephi – who I’ve seen once in the past 3 years, shameful – OR visit Ohio this summer. Would have been great to do both in the same trip. Sad day.)

    Regardless, have a great weekend with our family!!! Give Stephi a hug for me!!

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