so, there’s this gorgeous tree…

And it lives in our front yard. And I might even be a smidge (sinfully) proud of it. Huge, beautiful, with fabulous leaves, white flowers in the spring. I love trees, and it’s the only one we have in our yard. (well, technically there’s another one, but it’s puny and doesn’t really count) But that’s okay, because it’s so great, it’s worth five trees.

And do you remember way back in 2006 when we moved into our house, then a month later, some oil people came and chopped down some trees in our backyard (2 huge evergreens and a pear tree)? And then they cut down the line of trees behind our fence that used to give us the illusion that we live in a woods?

Do you remember that trauma? Because I do.It was so disheartening for all of us. But our big, darling tree in the front yard helped ease our pain.

And there’s a hole in my heart tonight, because some 75 mph winds swept through our fair town this evening and took out our beloved tree.

I can hardly believe it.

A huge branch fell on Gabe’s car around 5:00 pm (just a couple scratches). It left a gaping hole in our tree. I wanted to cry but thought, “think how much worse it could be.” A bunch of our neighbors helped us clean it all up. Bless them. We went inside. I started making supper. Happened to walk over to my computer. Gasped. All but one big branch of the tree was gone–ripped right off the trunk. I cried. Ava sobbed. Livi’s eyes got all watery. Nina fake-cried. Gabe got to work.

Three hours (and six awesome neighbors later), our yard is clean. The pile of branches by the curb is 20 feet long, five feet wide and taller than me. The last branch left on the tree will have to be cut down before it falls.

And I had planned to blog this afternoon about something else depressing. 🙂 That can wait.

The five of us gathered together at 8:05 tonight, nearly 3 hours after I started supper, and thanked God that He kept us safe and that the only thing that happened was that we lost our tree. We prayed for the hurricane victims in Texas and thanked Him for our neighbors. We also thanked Him that we have power, even though 250,000 people all around us do not.

We are blessed. Very, very sore. But blessed.

23 thoughts on “so, there’s this gorgeous tree…

  1. jbnygaard

    NOT your tree!?!? My heart was saddened when I read your blog!!! That WAS a beautiful tree. I’m with Kristen, I would be at your place planting a new tree for you if I could.

    I am so glad it went towards the street though and not your house! THAT could’ve been worse! Glad you are all safe. Oh, and I thought it was REALLY, REALLY neat that you had a ‘community project’ with your tree and a lot of your neighbors pitched in to help you “Jesus-lovin’freaks”!! 🙂 Mission field right infront of your house!

  2. Airdee26

    So glad you guys are ok.  My inlaws had a tree fall on their house.  Thankfully they’re alright and it didn’t do too much damage but they have no electricity and a nice big hole in the side of their house.

    I’ve never see anything like the storm we had last night.  And I’ve been chased by a tornado (that’s another story) 🙂

  3. swbtsmom

    I really AM glad that you’re alright. But, I know how completely draining (literaly, like an un-stopped bathtub) something like this. And as women, we’re so tied to our nests, aren’t we? I’m so sorry – I know how glad-making something as seemingly simple as a tree can be to us; I wept when a very uncommon ice storm took out a huge and beautiful branch of a big oak tree in our back yard years ago.

    Several years ago, our friends Anne Graham (yes, that one) and Danny Lotz had a terrible storm take out numbers of giant trees on their property. I was in a smallish room when she was speaking just a few weeks later. She spoke of those trees as if she had lost a long beloved friend. If Anne can grieve her trees, isn’t that tacit permission? I think so.

    I’m so sorry…and grateful. Kisses to you and all the girls – they’re learning to build lovely nests too.

  4. YoGrandmaYo

    Praise the Lord that you are all ok, but I’m sad with you about your beautiful tree!  Grandma called this morning to tell me that Matt and Dawn don’t have power at the camp, and that they lost 17 trees yesterday!  I know……….they still have alot more.:)  The whole family was driving around in their car to survey the damage, and as soon as they passed this one tree, it fell…………..right where they had been just seconds before!  Praise God for His protection!  Again……I’m so glad you are all ok!  Love you all!:)

  5. smarkas

    Glad your house is ok, though it is a big deal to lose a big tree like that. And you have power – what a blessing! We still do not have power at our house and it isn’t supposed to come back on until at least tomorrow morning (went out yesterday afternoon about 3). Downtown Cincinnati is completely up and running though, so here I sit at work.

    We had to go pick up some of our friends yesterday as they were forced to evacuate their house. Two huge trees narrowly missed their house and part of a tree was dangling over their house waiting to fall. They have power lines and huge trees in their driveway and their cars are trapped (but not damaged!). Fortunately, the FD was able to cut down the dangling tree before it actually fell on their house. PTL! It’s not a good situation, but it’s definitely not worst-case either. God is good. They were able to safely sleep in their own bed last night instead of on our pull-out couch.

  6. the2bryants

    Oh Marla, I’m so sorry about your beautiful tree.  We lost a couple trees yesterday too during that horrific wind.  Praise God for your protection and your wonderful neighbors to help you clean up the debris. 

  7. kellycohan

    So glad you and your family are safe and sound, but so sorry about your beautiful tree! I’m a tree-lover too and feel your pain. Terri’s comment about giving us a window into the heartache hurricane victims must feel is so insightful.

    It sounds like God is giving you guys lots and lots of interactions with your neighbors lately. That, at least, is great news…

  8. Marketer319

    Oh, I’m so sorry! How heartbreaking, to have it just gone. I’m sooo glad that your house, too, was spared this weekend.  I was going to suggest you purchase and plant another tree, but I see someone has beat me too it.   We lost power as well yesterday for a while, and when it came back on I flet an overwhelming surge of gratitude for God’s protection from the storms and love of all things light and warm.

  9. terriwright

    As sad as this is(and I am VERY much a tree-lover), it gives us a tiny window into the pain hurricane damage like no house, lost loved ones, precious possessions(like pictures!) lost brings to people in those areas every storm. God is good. Maybe He decided it was time for a new tree.

  10. mrshart03

    Awww, I’m sorry about your tree!  We had quite the windstorm last night, too, and a branch fell on our house & gave us a nice little skylight in our bedroom. 🙂  Okay, so you can’t actually see outside, but there’s a crack in our ceiling & our roof is smashed up.  Thankfully it isn’t raining!  We lost power for about 3 1/2 hours, but we’ve got it back now.  Glad you have power!

  11. KmHunsberger

    On no…what ever became of Mr. Nut-throwing squirrel? Did he end up on (or in) Gabe’s car too?

    Marla I am sorry about your tree. I can see this one got you deeply…and I am just really really sorry. If I could…I would seriously go buy you a new tree and plant it this very afternoon.

    It was a beautiful tree. I am so glad you are all safe though…and that you have your home and one another.

  12. YoYoYoder

    Even I’m sad about your tree and I don’t even live at your house! No more squirrels throwing nuts at your head! No pretty branches outside your office window! I was sitting outside during the windstorm with some of Stew’s family and it was so crazy!

    We drove around after awhile and someone’s entire sun/Florida room blew up over their house and hit the neighbor’s house across the street! Screens were in the trees and all over the street and yard. Glass was EVERYWHERE. I can’t even imagine what it looks like in Texas and all those southern states! I’m so glad I don’t live down there and have to leave my home.

  13. lites4Him

    So sorry to hear of your sadness. So very glad to witness the protection of our mighty God on your behalf. Praying for your encouragement and your sore bodies. Hang in there friend!

  14. stephaniedawnbasham

    Praise God that you’re all safe! And that your house and cars are okay too! Wow. Scary stuff. I sure love storms, but it’s easy to forget what they can do. Maybe I can help you plant a tree in your front yard someday. 🙂

    “Nina fake-cried.” Heeee! That made me laugh out loud. So funny.

    Love you! So glad everyone’s okay! Give my girls (your girls) hugs for me!

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