recombobulation area

Barefoot and a little sweaty under the pits, I grabbed all my stuff off the conveyor belt, turned around, looked up, and chuckled.

RECOMBOBULATION AREA, said the sign above my head.

Well played, Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport, well played.

Didn’t even know recombobulation was a word (turns out it’s not, and Milwaukee is probably the only place you’ll find it) but what a perfect term for the place after the security check where you hurriedly put your shoes and belt back on, stick your phone back in your pocket, put your baggie of liquids back in your backpack and your laptop back in its case, make sure you have your boarding pass and ID, and do your best to wrangle your children (and all of their stuff as well).

And then carry on, calm and cool as can be, as if you’re an expert at this sort of thing and it barely phases you.

I see the world through the lens of a writer/blogger and knew I couldn’t let this one pass me by. Because even though I’m home from the airport and don’t know when I’ll be flying into/through Milwaukee again, guess where I find myself right now?

In the recombobulation area.

These past 9 months have been, if nothing else (and they’ve been much else), discombobulating.

Discombobulated: thrown into a state of upset, confusion, discomfort, disarray.


But now? Right now, on August 13, 2012? I feel like we’re finally getting recombobulated.

No, everything’s not fixed or perfect. Yes, there’s still a world of unknowns (and the list grows daily), and we’re counting on minute-by-minute manna.

But I feel peace. And hope. And I can see all the pieces coming back together, in a little-bit familiar, but also brand-spanking-new kind of way.

And it’s exciting.

I just got back from a fun retreat with 12 amazing women (who all met online!), and I’ll be blogging about them later in the week, because I think some of you are really going to like what they’re up to (go here for a sneak peek if you’d like).

Gabe is getting back in the earning-money groove, and I’m helping out when I can.

His anxiety has diminished so much, and we see our counselor Wednesday for the 3rd time, and it’s going so, so well.

I start homeschooling all three girls for the very first time on Wednesday too.

I’m blogging again. And working on 3 more e-books.

Our house is the most purged/simplified it’s ever been, and I can’t even tell you how refreshing it is for my soul.

I’m excited about some things that are coming up that I get to share with you.

Our little family is as close as ever (closer actually), and my relationship with Jesus is just sweet, sweet, sweet.

So, yeah.

Let the recombobulating commence!

30 thoughts on “recombobulation area

  1. Jen Hanson

    So glad to hear this. Love you guys and admire you all so much. It is encouraging to see God working in your life, your marriage and your family life as you trust Him and seeing Him show up for you even in these super hard times. LOVE YOU!

  2. Ali

    I need to jump back on that bloggy wagon. I don’t know if I’m suffering from discombobulation or a bad case of a baby-butt-kickin’.

  3. Melissa

    I know exactly what part of the airport you are talking about and I’ve seen that sign many times! Be well! God is good even after the darkest places. I’m curious what you’ll say about us all haha 🙂

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