I have never been more excited for a rain shower. It went from almost 90 degrees in our house down to 79. Our carpet is soaked in a couple places, but who cares?! I can breathe! The only problem is that Mr. A/C Fix-It Man probably won’t show until the rain stops.

It’s amazing how your body adjusts to the climate you live in. My relatives from FL wear jeans and sweatshirts when they come visit us in OH. When it’s 75 degrees! They’re freeeeezing. My sister’s blood has already gone southern and she’s only lived in SC for six months. I never had a/c growing up, and I survived. And we’ve only had it 5 out of 10 years of marriage. So, why have the last two days felt like torture?? I was in such a bad mood when I went to bed last night and couldn’t get to sleep. Poor little Nina was only wearing a diaper, and was all wet and sticky with sweat.

Enough of that. Thank you, Lord, for the rain!

I just finished a Starbucks Mud Pie. I haven’t had one in months. That was a huge mistake. (going without for so long, I mean)

So, I was bashing WV yesterday, right? Then last night I get a call from an old college friend who is moving there tomorrow from Chicago. Moving to West Virginia. Wow. (In all fairness, WV is a very pretty state. The place we stayed just wasn’t all that fab.) I haven’t seen her in seven years, but she wanted to know if she and her hubby and baby boy could spend the night with us on their way down to nowhere. Sure!

I’ve never met her hubby. He’s from England. You know how I feel about letting crazy Brits in my home. (ha ha! got you, Nixie!!)

I love living here. Lots of people have stopped by on their way from one place to another, and it’s been fun. If you’re ever on the way to somewhere and need to stop midway through Ohio, don’t hesitate to call! I don’t need to know you–that hasn’t stopped me in the past.

Another friend e-mailed me last week. We were inseparable in junior high and high school track and cross country. We had the same last name and were born exactly one week apart. We told everyone we were twins. Except that she was five feet tall, dark hair, eyes, complexion. I was almost 10 inches taller with blond hair. They called us Mutt and Jeff. (still not exactly sure who they are) Anyway, it was great to reconnect with Emily after THIRTEEN years!

We took the girls to the fountains at Easton last night. Nina’s not too sure about them, but the other two had a blast. Then I took Livi and Ava to change in the bathroom, so they could go see Ratatouille with Gabe. Nina and I went back home. Our lovely warm home.

Reminder to self: Ava can’t do movies that start at 7:55 p.m. and last for a long time. She fell asleep on Gabe’s lap with 45 minutes to go.

I have a radio interview from 4-5 pm tomorrow. I’d love some prayers. Thank you! Have a tantalizing Tuesday! Hope it’s raining where you live!

15 thoughts on “RAIN!!

  1. filledeparis

    Praying for your radio interview.So glad that you got rain. My family is near Dayton, and have said it’s unbearably hot and humid. Hope you have A/C again soon!

  2. ergirl053

    We were at those fountains in Easton last week and Kylie was crazy about the one where the water shoots up randomly. It kept splashing her in the face and she would laugh. Good times. I’ll be praying about your interview 🙂 

  3. Marketer319

    Nope, not a drop here, either.  We’ve had .25 inches in about 15 minutes since the last time I complained about rain….couple of weeks ago?  Enjoy it!

  4. tonialynn59

    We need rain here so badly.  Send it our way!  We have only had a/c the last few years and I am with you, I would hate to ever be without it.  I sure do feel for you.  I bet I know your company that is coming!!  I saw her when she was home the last time.  Her little boy is absolutely adorable!  Have  a fun time!  Oh and I guess I’m old enough to explain who Mutt and Jeff are.  They are cartoon characters that sort of played off each other.  Thank you very much I definitely feel old now!

  5. YoYoYoder

    I got in trouble for bashing WV, too (well, you didn’t really get in trouble I guess)! A friend from college told me she actually grew up in Princeton! Did you read my blog? She gave us some ideas of fun things to do next time.

    How did we ever survive growing up? We are just so spoiled now, I guess.

    I love rain and thunderstorms! They make me feel all cozy!

  6. rocknnell

    No rain, No air…..and went to pick up a load of rocks this morning in a place with no wind……..going to the “city” to hook up with a friend who has air, while Rock goes to a place of 1,300 degree heat….. just think,  ” we are not going to HELL ”  smile… have a good one,  “)   lol  it is =)   LOL  I ‘m old

  7. ch1pch0p

    ^ who? ^

    another yo-yo, huh? whoulda thunk in that part of ohio?

    We didn’t have AC growing up either. Now I can’t imagine getting ready for work without it. Yuck.

  8. gsowell

    I had a “Mutt and Jeff” high school friendship. She’s 6′ tall; I’m 5’1″. She’s thin; I’m a bit thicker. We spent loads of time together. I don’t know who Mutt and Jeff were, either, but we were called that all the time.

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