public service announcement

The sixth-grader in me wanted to leave out one of the letters in the title of this post, but goodness, at the very least, I can pretend to be mature and appropriate.

I’m purposely posting this on a Saturday in hopes that only a faithful few will even see it. I’m praying that all the naysayers and boo-hissers have better things to do on a Saturday in March than read my blog.

So you might remember a little fiasco a few months (a year?) ago that ensued when I mentioned that I might have maybe bought an undergarment or two at the thrift store. Then there was a whole blow-up because I said something not-very-nice (that I totally regret) about an employee at a certain undergarment store.

Anyway, I shed a few tears over the whole thing, and it will be a cold August in San Antonio before I step foot into another VS store.

On a related note, I just finished Beth Moore’s So Long Insecurity this week (HIGHLY recommend it), and in chapter 16 she talks about going to the mall with her daughters and how they always slyly try to lose her before they enter the aforementioned “certain undergarment store.” They know better. They know they won’t escape the store unembarrassed, unscathed.

One of my darling friends (I’m not going to mention her name, but she lives in TX and we met her on the Zoo Trip) sent me a link this week that just made my night. She said, “at least you KNOWINGLY bought used unmentionables. The rest of us have been TRICKED!”

If you’ve ever bought a pair of panties from Miss Vicki (or the Gap, Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s), BEWARE. And click this link only if you dare.

I share because I care. Have a great weekend, friends!

27 thoughts on “public service announcement

  1. Amy

    I love, love, LOVE this blog post! You rock, Marla!

    Although I always wash new clothes before I wear them (with the exception of dry clean only garments), I still thought this was gross. Still, what is the store supposed to do with returned garments — I mean the unstained ones? Should they just throw them away, or mark them as “returned” and sell them at a discount? Or give them to a women’s shelter to wash and use? There’s got to be a good solution — but I just don’t know what it is.

  2. Elisabeth

    Love-ly. That’s what I think.
    So, I missed the story about VS… You won’t go there again???
    I do honestly like Vicki’s but I may be liking GAP body even better now (not because of the article!)- you have to shop the sales, though!

  3. jess

    oh. and after she STUCK HER FACE in the cup and sniffed, she asked me if i’m a smoker. uh, what?

    siiiiiiiiiigh. 😀

  4. jess

    i’ve heard this a lot in the recent weeks and these things must have scared the bejeebies out of them because when i tried to return an unused only worn for a few minutes until i realized it absolutely positiviely would not work bra to vicki’s last week…the clerk SNIFFED IT. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. That’s almost (but not quite) worse than when they try to measure me in the middle of the store in front of all the male customers and tell me loudly what my bra size is (i always ask to please go to the fitting room to be measured.). She stuck her face in the cup, and then sniffed the armpit. STUCK HER FACE IN THE CUP AND SNIIIFFFED. and then told me that she had a cold and asked the other sales clerk to please come sniffi it becasue her senses were off. I’m not kidding.

    Do I win the prize? Oh, there’s no prize. Right. Forgot.

    Wack a moles. All of ’em!

  5. Cheryl Armstrong

    Gross-I will think twice about purchasing from VS again. Always wash new undergarments!
    Moving on-any suggestions for weekend activities in the Columbus area as I will be visiting family over Easter. Thanks and I love reading your blog.

  6. toknowhim

    Heard you on Midday connection this past week…You did a great job explaining what was in your book…so wished I had one when I was in that stage…But you reminded me that it is never too late to pray for my kids…

  7. Gail

    Is the normal reaction to both this blog and that article uproarious laughter? is my friend. And my undies come sealed in a plastic sack. 🙂

  8. mary

    Cant believe everyone doesn’t wash all clothing before wearing. People try things on and just the factory process and the shipping process.
    ALWAYS wash everything before wearing the first time.

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