pregnant fingers

EDIT (9:29 p.m): I’m supposed to have my hand above heart level right now per Call-a-Nurse’s instructions. Just a sec, and I’ll get right on that. This officially STINKS. The swelling has moved up my arm about four inches past my wrist. My hand is functioning at about 25%. I’m left-handed which is definitely helpful. I think God is telling me to take it easy for a bit. And I’ve had a sobering thought. Both my uncle Greg and Gabe’s grandma Marilyn died in 2005 of cancer. Both of them endured unthinkable swelling of all kinds of body parts in the last few months of their lives. I don’t know how they persevered with such grace. I’m off to apply ice and read a book and count my blessings!

So, we pulled into the driveway about 20 minutes ago, I grabbed all our stuff out of the van and went to get the mail. Pulled the mail out of the top part. No problem. Stuck my hand in the bottom part where they put the ads, and OWWWWWWWWWWWW! I’m soooo thankful I hadn’t let one of the girls get the mail this time, because I can’t stand the thought of their little hands grabbing a wasps’ nest like mine did. I screamed, I cried, my fingers were throbbing. It felt like I had been stung by 10 wasps in 2 seconds and that they were still stinging me!

A couple minutes later, the sting holes started to show, and there were only two–one each on the middle and ring fingers of my right hand. Twenty minutes later, those two fingers are roughly one-and-a-half  times their normal size and getting bigger. Part of me would love for them to get huge, so I can get lots of attention. On the other hand (no pun intended), who am I going to get attention from? And what will happen to my fingers if the skin stretches beyond its breaking point? It’s so tight already. I can bend the top knuckle on my middle finger, and the others are way too swollen. It hurts to type, but I will push through the pain!

I’m not allergic to wasps/bees in the sense that I will die if stung. But the handful of times I got stung when I was younger, I swelled up like a balloon. I remember one time my high school cross country team was taking a 10-mile bike ride out in the country when a bee smacked me in the lip and stung me. By the time we reached our destination, my lips were huge. An hour later, one half of my face was huge. One of the guys in my youth group  told me a few days later that he was afraid to ask me about my face, because he thought I had just put on a lot of weight really quick. Uh, on one side of my face?

Anyway. We took the girls to the Columbus Art Festival this morning. We lasted from 11:30-12:45. I didn’t have any grand expectations of actually being able to enjoy any of the art, so I wasn’t disappointed. We pushed both Nina and Ava in strollers. Ava pulled a muscle in her leg (or something) yesterday and was up half the night with a fever, so Gabe made the executive decision to let her ride instead of walk. I figured we’d be the only people pushing an almost-five-year-old in an umbrella stroller. Turns out we were one of 50.

We came back, grabbed lunch at Wendy’s, and now Nina’s napping and the girls are drawing with markers. Gabe left to go back to the Art Festival by himself with instructions to call his cell if my fingers explode. (btw, he destroyed the wasps’ nest and killed the wasps) Next year, I’ll have to find a babysitter and go enjoy the festival with my hubby. There sure are some creative people in this world. I’ll try to post a pic of my hand when Gabe gets back with the camera. It’s getting worse–bigger, redder, hotter, painfuller.

Pray that I get lots of attention to make it all worthwhile.

20 thoughts on “pregnant fingers

  1. Nixter77

    Marsy you poor poor little love- sorry to hear about the wasp sting. Come over here and I will give you a ‘I’ve been stung by a wasp’ hug!

    Great to chat to other day look forward to our next catch up 😉

  2. ladymiss3739

    Ouch!  Hope the swelling goes down soon!  I don’t know if it’s just me, but some parts of your post reminded me of Dr.House.  Especially the last line, “Pray that I get lots of attention to make it all worthwhile.”  Say that really sarcastically and it could pass for a quote of his. 

  3. Abs7

    Oh no! I hope the swelling goes down soon! My sister is really allergic to bees and blows up like a balloon any time she gets stung. It’s kind of scary!
    I hope you are getting all the attention you desire

  4. lendy_p

    Ouch! Hope the swelling is down by now.
    We were sorely disappointed in the Art Festival (went yesterday around 6pm) We were packed in like sardines and poor A and S were at “butt level”… and may I say, there were some very odd butts. We saw a very hairy man in a mini skirt. Thankfully, the girls did not ask any questions. We were outta there in 20 minutes flat.

  5. KmHunsberger

    That looks awful! And Painful! and horrible. How are you today? You poor girl…Landon always gets my mail…I will have to tell him to start looking before reaching

    Jonathan and I had a long talk about you today…author, books, surveys, etc…. Just thought you would like to know you were the topic of our breakfast conversation

  6. gsowell

    Ow… I am with you on thankfulness that it was you and not one of the girls. Ava with a pulled muscle AND swollen hand would not be a pretty picture. I think this many comments on a Saturday counts as attention, don’t you?

  7. ctorlone

    Marla,  I feel so badly for you…I understand that swollen feeling…it feels like you’re going to explode…I hope it goes down soon…I agree…take some benedryl, it’ll be nice at bedtime too!!!  you’ll get to bed earlier anyway!  keep us all posted!!!

  8. ergirl053

    Ouch! You poor thing! Swelling can really be painful. Careful with future stings- they can be a progressive allergy. Your hands swell now, your throat swells next time. (Now that I actually typed that, it sounds down right scary!) Just something to be mindful of 🙂 Hope your hands look alike again in the near future!

  9. jennikim

    aww, so sorry about the painful experience! hope you gets tons of attention but that it doesnt get too much worse!

    my SIL told me she contacted you about a survey. fun. i told her i had just mentioned it to you, but im glad she was able to help you out!

    this morning, i was walking through our hallway when i looked down to where caid had pulled a magazine off the shelf, and lo and behold, there you were signing books in CU’s bookstore! how much fun!

  10. filledeparis

    At first, when I saw the word pregnant… 😉
    Next, I thought, “Oh, her fingers are pregnant to type something–she has a good idea for the book.”
    Alas, it was neither of the two.
    Feel better soon!

  11. rocknnell

    That is horrible…I too, seen Ava…getting the mail…not glad it was YOU..but glad it was not the girls.    Just heard this last nite…the gauge to see if you have been truly freed….of a sin,stronghold, – negative that satan has trapped you in… if you are around something….and it is just like a BEE….it only has ONE STINGER….and once it stings….it can only “BUZZ” around you.  So, if you can be infront of the person that has held a grudge, etc…and it does not effect you….YOU ARE FREE…. no stinger !  ( just hoping you can look at the stingers in your finger…in another way)  sorry it happened…Tug got stung by 23 hornets when he was little….Gabe ran like 60 not too !

  12. ch1pch0p

    Kevin and I are getting ready to go to the Art Festival right now…I’ll try to enjoy it extra for you.

    Praying for lots and lots of attention.

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