please, mister postman

Who are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood! In your neigh–bor–hoo-ood! Who are the people in your neighborhood!They’re the people that you meet! When you’re walking down the street!They’re the people that you meeeet! Eeeeach! Daaaay!

10 points if you can name the kiddie show this song comes from. 10 points to me if I actually got the lyrics right.

And wait a minute… here’s a link to a youtube video if you want to cheat.

And is it just me, or does Bob remind anyone else of Max Lucado?

Speaking of Bob, I’d like you to meet Ron. He works at our local post office and most surely does NOT read my blog, but hi anyway, Ron! Ron is used to Gabe and me coming in with armloads of books to mail. (Well, sometimes it’s just one, but today was definitely armloads!)

Funny story. Gabe will go to the post office by himself and chat with Ron. I go to the post office with Nina and chat with Ron. This has been going on for months and months (actually, a couple of years). Just a few weeks ago, Gabe stopped into the P.O. with Nina. He said Ron looked at him, looked at Nina, looked back up at Gabe and put two and two together. The guy who’s always bringing books? And the gal and little girl who are always bringing books? They’re together.

I thought that was funny.

Here’s Ron on Friday afternoon with lots and lots of Blushing Bride books heading all over the place–Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, Canada…

I’ve got plenty more where those came from, so I’m going to keep the Free (+shipping) Book Offer open for a couple more days. If you want an envelope of 4 books, it’s $5. If you want a box of 17 (I know I said 14, but I realized I can actually fit 17 in there–woohoo!), it’s $15. You can go here and click to donate $5 or $15. If you live outside the U.S., give me a shout, and we’ll work something out. If you’d rather send a check, let me know, and I’ll get you my address.

We’ll chat more about the Money for Missions next week. I have a beautiful apron donated by my lovely sister Bethany to sell. And of course the necklaces from lovely Stephanie. And a couple boas in the works.

Oh, and ha ha ha ha! to your in-law comments. There’s DEFINITELY some book-worthy material there.

Have a great weekend, friends!

9 thoughts on “please, mister postman

  1. amber

    Look how cute Ron is!

    My postman is cute, too…but I feel weird talking about him because he’s married to a sorta-friend of mine. Hmmmm. So moving on.

    So excited for the way that Jesus is moving!!! 🙂

  2. Tess

    Hi Marla,

    I just put in an order for 5 copies of “From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife” plus a copy of “Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time.” I already have my own copy of “Blushing Bride” and love it. My sister-in-law picked it up and started reading it when she was at my house the other day – she loves it also!! I really thought it would be a book more tailored towards the newlywed audience, but I think it’s great for wives in all stages of marriage. My SIL agreed and we can’t wait to finish reading. I also have two of your other titles and I’m becoming quite a fan!! Thanks so much for putting out great work and keep it up, sister!!

  3. Suzi


    I just made my payment on Paypal-thanks for reminding me with this post. I meant to do it the day of your first post!:( I am rounding up a bunch of girls to get together at my house to go through the book together-I am excited about this-thanks! Could you tell me how many chapters there are? I am trying to figure out how many weeks we will need to get through it.


  4. Bethany

    Hi Marla!
    Love the picture of your post man checking all those books! How fun is that.
    I would be interested in getting a box of books. Could I send you a check?
    Praying you have a blessed weekend!

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