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The girls and I were sitting around the table tonight eating a lovely dinner of mashed potatoes (Gabe was at a meeting with a friend), and I said, “I have an idea. Let’s go around in a circle and take turns saying the things we want to do when we visit America next year.”

Sometimes, it is a bad idea to start thinking about the things we want to do all the way next year, but we were feeling kind of down, and this seemed like it would help.

I don’t remember them in order, and I won’t take time to write who said what, but here’s our list:

Things We Want to Do When We Visit America:

1. Mow somebody’s grass. Riding mower, push mower, any mower. (oh, grass!)

2. Lie down in the grass. (GRASS)

3. Eat sweet corn. With lots of butter and salt.

4. Eat s’mores with Pam & Britt, CG, etc.

5. Chub Lila’s (cousin) cheeks.

6. Hold Bethy’s new baby. (and all the other babies that have been born while we were gone)

7. Go camping.

8. Eat berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries.

9. Write books with Isabelle (cousin).

10. Go on a beach vacation with cousins, etc.


12. Eat Cane’s chicken fingers. And Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken sandwiches. And chicken minis.

13. Eat all the food Aunt Bethany makes.

14. Drink coffee and play euchre with my 2 sisters & 1 sister-in-love.

15. Play pitu (rock game) with Abbey Lane friends.

16. Take 8 million Instagram pics of girls with their Abbey Lane friends.

17. Go to the library, smell the books, and check out more than we can possibly read.

18. Go to the thrift store and buy another pair of capri-shorts to last another 18 months of daily wear.

19. Drink sha (the best chai-like tea on the planet) with my Somali friends.

20. Hug my hooyos (Somali word for mama).

21. Go to Target and just stare at everything.

22. Go to Trader Joe’s and do the same thing.

23. Go to Aldi and buy sour cream & cheese & tortilla chips for pennies.

24. Make spinach & hummus wraps.

25. Drink water right out of the faucet.

26. Put something in the oven. And the microwave.

27. Ride the Gator at Grandma & Papaw Taviano’s with Morgan, Reese, & Tanner.

28. Eat Auntie Anne’s pretzels.

29. Eat Marie’s Candies.

30. Eat sweet Lebanon bologna (and all the deli meats & cheeses in existence) at Grandma & Grandpa Yoder’s.

31. Take hikes in the woods.

32. Go on a picnic.

33. Play play play play play with cousins.

34. Ask Grandma Yoder to play with my hair.

35. Play dress-up with Isabelle and Mia.

36. Play lots of games with Pam & everyone.

37. Ask Britt to make us lattes.

38. Write. Outside. In the fresh air.

39. Buy books at the thrift store.

40. Hug all our people. A lot.

41. Eat Chipotle.

42. Go somewhere that has free chips & salsa.

43. Go visit our friends at the Cambodian church in Columbus and speak Khmer.

44. Bring gifts from Cambodia to everyone we love in America.

45. Eat lots of Ethiopian & Somali food. Injera! Sambusa!

46. Eat Lima pizza with Gabe’s family.

47. Eat lots and lots and lots of salads.

48. Help someone declutter their house.

49. Make dream-plans about people coming to visit us in Cambodia.

50. Go into a store and pretend we don’t speak any English.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but you get the idea. I’d say all this is doable (we’re thinking a 2-month stay in late spring, depending on our $ situation and what’s going on here by that time). I love that most of our wishes are cheap or free and mostly involve loving people (and grass & food).

What would you miss most if you moved across the world?

4 thoughts on “our bucket list

  1. Moriah

    I remember craving avocados/guacamole the most after spending aver three weeks in Africa… Definitely something that’s hard for me to live without! I love this list and hope you can accomplish it all 🙂

  2. Arneta

    Oh Marla, that’s a wonderful list…. Umm # 48? You can jump over to Indiana… and I will totally let you de clutter my house!! I am praying for you as you continue to make adjustments in your life there. ❤️

  3. Pam

    I’m gonna make my own bucket list of what I want to do with you guys. We are gonna be together almost every one of those 2 month days, right? I’ll share a little. 🙂

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