I thought about postponing this post, especially after reading Time for a Time-Out which is oh-my-word-exactly what I would’ve written had I not been so overwhelmed. And un-eloquent. (Seriously, if you’re looking for some substance today, click on that link, because you’re certainly not going to find any here.)

And as I told a friend tonight (who asked me why I was in a funk), “Oh, it’s nothing really. I’m just trying to change the world, and I can’t even be nice to the people who live in my house.”

So, I really shouldn’t be posting about What-Else-Can-I-Sell-To-Single-Handedly-Rescue-The-World-From-Poverty-and-Oppression. But I promised. And my girls are excited to be playing a part in this. So here we go.

So (apparently my favorite word), you know how I’ve been looking around at my stuff and trying to “loosen my attachments” so to speak. And well, one thing I’m slightly attached to/obsessed with is my collection of Scrabble letters. And then “The Idea” came to me. So the four of us sorted through all my Scrabble tiles the other night and formed a bunch of different names (without using C, H, J, K, M, or Y since I’m clean out of those letters) and stuck magnets on the back of them. And here’s what we’re thinking:

We’re going to sell first names, last names, words, phrases, your alma mater’s initials/mascot, the not-for-little-ears nickname you’ve given your husband (please no) for 50 cents a letter. Then for $2 shipping/handling, we’ll mail your special word to the person of your choice with a cute (or manly) little card that says whatever you’d like (within reason).

So, let’s say you have a friend named Eliza who has really been going through a rough time and you’d like to encourage her. E-L-I-Z-A will cost you $2.50 + $2.00 (s/h) for a total of $4.50. Not bad for encouraging a friend.

50% of the proceeds will go around the world, and 50% will stay in our backyard (for our new pool). :) No, actually:

50% will go to a school and orphanage in Kenya (Gabe’s mom leaves October 11th to spend a month there).

50% will go to people in need in our own neighborhood via a sweet teacher friend of mine who is being Jesus to the needy kiddos in her school and their families (she’s going to let me know how we can best serve them with the gifts we have and the resources God provides).

So, here’s what you do: You e-mail me with the name/word/whatever that you’d like to purchase, and I’ll tell you if it’s available. Then you’ll tell me where to send it, which note card you want, what to write, and we’ll discuss payment options. (And it’s okay if you want to buy letters for yourself. I’ll just write YOU a little thank you note.) Cool?

Oh, and you don’t have to choose a name we’ve already made. This is just to give you an idea. Remember–no C, H, J, K, M or Y. And some of the other letters are running low too (B, N, S, V, W).

So hey, thanks so, so much for helping us help orphans in Kenya and needy families in our neighborhood. What a blessing!

Care to share anything God has prompted you to do for someone else lately?