on a personal note

Please pray for Livi. She’s got a bad case of poison ivy all over her legs and is absolutely miserable. I’m going to take her to Urgent Care in the morning in hopes of getting her a steroid shot.

Big day, home late, scratching Livi’s back for a looong time, trying to help her get comfortable while the Benadryl kicks in, sooooo tired, eyes burning, no post.

Just add these to your book list.

And get yourself some of these.

And treat your husband to Christmas in July.

And I’ll see you tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “on a personal note

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  2. Gabe Taviano

    She sure wanted to go on that bike ride, and I wasn’t even thinking about walking down the path through the weeds maybe causing this. We sure had a good ride, but now I feel bad.

  3. kendal

    ugh. poison ivy is the worst. ask for steroid cream as well – you can use it in the future at the onset and maybe it won’t get so bad. it’s what i have to do….

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