ohio party with faux-french holly!

Weekend update coming soon, but just wanted to let everyone know that Beki graciously offered to host the Fall Get-Together with Holly at her home in C-ville (not to be confused with Centerville) in September. Yes, this is the Beki who probably has her stomach cut open rightthisverysecond. (actually, I’m not sure what time her c-section was scheduled for)

I believe her exact words (when asked if she’d be up for hosting the party) were, “Yeah, that should be about 2 days after I’m cleared to vacuum, so we’re good.” Her darling sister Gail has offered to do the bulk of the organizing and whatnot.

Soo…we’re thinking Saturday, September 27th at Beki’s. Who wants to come?? Let me know, so we can start figuring some stuff out early. By “we,” I mean “Gail.” She likes to plan ahead. But, my goodness, she did an AMAZING job this weekend of hosting the five of us for THREE days with LAST-MINUTE notice. And we left just hours before she had to hit the road all by herself with three girls to take care of Beki’s home and daughter #1 while daughter #2 is being born.

That Gail is something else.

And I will blog about our God-breathed weekend here in a bit. Hope your Monday is going sweetly!

13 thoughts on “ohio party with faux-french holly!

  1. shannahhogue

    I want to come meet Holly!

    And if Beki’s place doesn’t work out, I know a three-acre plot in C-ville (my parents’ place) that would be more than available, I’m sure!

  2. gsowell

    Hold please on marking the calendars. Beki and her hormones. She may change her mind about hosting us. Somewhere during the pre-op she started wondering about that. I’m working on making something that weekend work, but we may find a new place to meet. Or we may be at Bek’s (which is what I am campaigning for). More to come on this very, very soon.

  3. jbnygaard

    I am finding that this is a really busy day!

    Decisions, decisions! Big Fish is coming to Lima – a concert I REALLY wanted to go to. And Lisa Welch (Blair from the Facts of Life) – is going to be in Findlay that day too!

    But…I think I’m going to have to let Holly’s arrival Trump it all. I couldn’t miss that for the anything!

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