oh, 2014.

I remember the end of 2012 and 2013. GOOD RIDDANCE, I said. See you NEVER, alligator. Please, sweet Jesus, tell me that next year will be less hellish, I prayed.

But 2014? I really liked her. And, while I am primed and ready to leap into all that 2015 promises, I’m gonna miss her.

Oh, there was hard stuff. The hardest, by far, was saying good-bye to Jubilee Kate, my beautiful niece. Six months later, the pain of losing her is still fresh, will always be with us.

There was some “hard stuff” (more minor annoyances) like bedbugs and stolen mini-vans.

But 2014 was also the Year We Decided to Take A Trip Back to Cambodia. And the Year We Decided to Make it a Permanent Trip.

It was the Year of Abbey Lane. And the Year of Jubilee (when our debt was paid in full). It was the Year We Made Zero Trips to the Emergency Room.

It was the Year We Got Rid of All Our Stuff and Hugged Our Friends and Family Good-Bye. (sniff sniff)

It was the year of old friends and new ones. It was the year of being invited into Somali, Nepali, Mexican, and Eritrean homes. It was the year of trusting God and watching him work miracles. It was the year of learning and growing and loving and laughing.

This year was a gift. Thank you, Jesus, for 2014.

p.s. If you have a minute, re-reading this post from 1.05.14 (where I chose my “one word” for the year) kind of rocked my world just now. Wowza.

5 thoughts on “oh, 2014.

  1. ellen

    you all will be in my prayers – knowing God will direct every step – 2014 was definitely an up year – 2015 led by Jesus will be amazing.
    Love and Blessings to you all

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