no rest for the crafty

I’ve got maybe 150 words in me tonight. I’m pooped. What with all the Art Fair crafting prep and so on and such as. Props to you real crafters who do this stuff all the time.

We added a new handmade item to our line-up–washer necklaces. Gabe’s mom gave me the idea, and it’s a good one, but it turned out to be way more expensive than I thought, so we’re going to have to sell them for more than they’re worth. But hey, that’s what fundraiser means, right?

If no one buys the girls’ necklaces Saturday, somebody promise me you’ll buy one!

Here’s the part where I decide whether to keep crafting, go to bed early, or warm up a cup of old coffee and settle in bed for some mindless reading and sipping. Feel free to share your favorite choice, but by the time you read this, it will be too late.

Wishing a happy, happy birthday to one of my favorite sisters-in-law, Jessica! Love you, girl!

Have an awesome weekend, friends!

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