next week is gonna rock!

Thanks, friends, for all the sweet support of my new e-book! Everything that could have gone wrong has, but God’s got it, and you all are great! I’ll announce the 10 winners of the free pdf tomorrow. In the meantime, you should totally go buy it.

After nearly a month of sporadic posting, I have big plans for every single day on the blog next week (although I’m batting .000 in the plans-panning-out department so far this calendar year).

Here’s the tentative schedule:

Monday: a fun interview with my rockstar cover artist, Wes Molebash, of
Tuesday: Ms. Jen Hatmaker is taking over the blog for our Big Read-Along Wrap-Up Party.
Wednesday: an update on Gabe.
Thursday: the wild success of Traffick Jam 2012.
Friday: a fun (and true) story.

Have an awesome weekend! Any big plans?

12 thoughts on “next week is gonna rock!

  1. Erin

    Read the whole book after getting my kids in bed! Really enjoyed it and I love your writing style. Keep up the good work!

  2. Rachelle

    I am enjoying the book SO much! Quotes I want to highlight about God showing us we need people (I would rather hide at home). And I may have shouted “YES” at “Asking little, believing little, living little”. I don’t want to have a safe life either but stepping out WOW, it grips me. Especially after going through some stuff that hurts and putting “me” out there for more.

    What I ‘m trying to convey is that your book is reaching my heart today.

    Big Plans? How about cleaning carpets and patio work? Big? yes. Awesome? hmmm. Prepping for the graduation come and go dinner in 4 weeks, which as it happens, is out of my comfort zone-BIG TIME. 100-ish people milling about my house eating my very own cooking!!! Trusting that God for his immeasurable grace.

    ps from fb yesterday: I’ve never met anyone in person that I first met online…maybe I’m next!~

    1. Marla Taviano

      Girl. Thank you for your kind words about my book!! I took so much deep stuff out of it, because I wanted it to be a fun read. So glad there’s still “touching” stuff left.

      And I’m collecting friends in NM. A road trip is a MUST.

  3. Krysten

    So crazy excited for you, Marla! The new book looks fantastic… Can’t wait to get started reading it! Next week sounds like a blast too. Been praying for you and your peeps: peace, peace, peace all over you.

    My plans for the weekend are simple: my husband and I are just going to enjoy being debt-free after making our last payment EVER to Sallie Mae this morning!! Woohoo! I like no longer being owned by anyone but Jesus. Now I’m off to figure out how long I need to save before I can visit India again…since I left my heart there a few months ago.

    Much love to you, busy lady!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Holy cow. I want to be owned by no one but Jesus!! We’ll get there. THANK YOU for praying for peace. Goodness, I need it. And the prayers are being answered.

      So, when are we getting together to talk Asia??

      1. Krysten

        Hey, girl, just name the time and place. I can now apparently talk about Asia for hours!

        By the way I just finished the first chapter… Hilarious! And I was just thinking that if we do get together to talk about Asia or whatever else, you’ll be my first crazy-Internet-meet-up-friend-chick. But you seem normal (sort of) and all these other friends you’ve met are still alive, right?
        : )

        1. Marla Taviano

          Oooooh, I love being people’s first crazy!! And are those other people all alive? Shoot, I don’t really feel comfortable giving out that kind of information before we meet.

          We WILL get together. So excited!!!

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