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Can I just tell you something? From the last time I blogged about life being tough and full of questions until right this minute, nothing has necessarily changed. Or been fixed. Or miraculously healed. Or paid off. Or really even figured out.

And I am weary. And still not drinking coffee (Tuesday!). And I have been offered more delectable sweets and treats in the past six days (that I’ve successfully turned down) than I have in the past six months. (I mean, seriously. What the what??)

However. Can I just tell you something else? I feel absolutely stinking filled to the brim with peace and joy and spring and love for all (or most of) mankind.

I especially feel love for my husband and sweet little girlies who walked 4.2 miles with me today as part of our Traffick Jam 2012 “training.” (p.s. We’re almost to our $1000 goal and would looooooove to go flying over and above it.)

And for a sweet group of 13 high school girls and their 5 fearless leaders who were so incredibly wonderful and receptive and encouraging to me this weekend. I’m telling you, they were a little gift that God just softly plopped in my lap. Girls, if any of you are reading this, I LOVE YOU. And thank you. And I promise to keep praying through your requests. God’s going to do some big things in your life. I’m 100% convinced of that.

Thank you to all of you who prayed that I wouldn’t be scared. I shared straight from my heart in the middle of my mess, and those girls were gracious and kind, even though we talked about some hard stuff (we had fun too).

Thank you, Jesus.

So, before I spoke this morning, we played a game called “Never Have I Ever.” And I’m not sure where I’ve been the past 36 years, because I feel like today was the first time I’ve ever played it. I did a little google search and found out it’s “historically” a game that involves drinking and sex, but I’ll have you know, there was none of either of that this morning.

The game is also called “Ten Fingers” because you hold 10 fingers in the air and then go around the room and take turns saying, “Never have I ever… been to Vermont.” And then anyone who HAS been to Vermont has to put a finger down. You keep going around the room until only one person has any fingers in the air.

If I were playing with all of you and trying to get you out, I might say things like: I have never had a son. I have never worn skinny jeans. I have never cleaned my bathroom more than one time in any given month (year…). I have never put gigantic bows in my daughters’ hair. I have never been to Mexico. I have never met a giraffe I didn’t love.

I like the game because it rewards the people who haven’t had as much excitement in life for a change. Well, not that it always works out that way.

The girls and I played it on our big walk today, and it saved our cans. No time to whine about side cramps and tired legs. They were having a blast.

Here are 10 of Nina’s from earlier. I’d love to know how many fingers you’d have left after she said all of these.

Never Have I Ever…
1. been in first grade.
2. rode a bike without training wheels.
3. climbed a tree.
4. ate a tarantula.
5. been to a football game.
6. walked 10 miles all at once.
7. had a name that didn’t start with “N.”
8. jumped off the diving board.
9. had brown hair.
10. been in high school.

Well, I’m out. Ten fingers down.

So, let’s play! Give us three of your best “Never Have I Evers.”

48 thoughts on “never have i ever

  1. Laura

    OOOOh I can’t wait to play this with my kids.

    I have never:
    1. eaten a tomato like an apple
    2. had a fake tan
    3. been west of Ohio

  2. Rachelle

    I had 3 fingers left.

    Never have I ever…

    1. owned or used TiVo/DVR.
    2. had a sister
    3. been to North Carolina(but I have family there that I need to go see!)

  3. Sara

    I still had 5 fingers up 🙂

    Never Have I Ever:
    1. Been outside of North America

    2. Lived farther than 15 miles away from the hospital where I was born

    3. Had a last name that DIDN’T start with “Har”

  4. bethany

    I had 2 fingers left! Not interested in eating tarantulas and can’t believe that I’ve not 10 miles all at once.

    Here are mine:

    1. Never have I ever learned to drive a stick shift.
    2. Never have I ever been hospitalized.
    3. Never have I ever been in love.

  5. Gaylene

    I had two fingers left: tarantula (seriously picky eater, but I have eaten horse, alligator and some other weird meat).

    1. I have never been white-water rafting.
    2. I have never been to Alaska (one of the 7 states I have not visited yet).
    3. I have never been on a cruise (I get motion sick even thinking of it).

    Glad that you feel peace, but even more glad that when you don’t always feel it, you know the One who gives it!

  6. Valerie Henry

    Never have I ever:
    1. Watched or read any of the Harry Potter books
    2. Had more than eight cats
    3. Eaten liver

  7. Denise

    Had 4 fingers left!

    Here are some of mine:

    1. I’ve never had a girl.
    2. I’ve never given birth to a full term baby.
    3. I’ve never had a passport.


  8. Jen Hanson

    I’d have three fingers left with Nina’s Nevers. (loved her name on the best)

    Mine are (this is fun for a Monday!):

    1. Never have I ever had a cavity
    2. Never have I ever broken a bone
    3. Never have I ever personally owned a dog (I’m not counting childhood pets in this – I’m talkin’ owning my own dog now that I’m all grown up and would have to care and pay for it myself)

    P.S. I’m with you on the bathroom cleaning. Blah. I hate that chore almost as much as I hate dusting. I’ve probably dusted my apartment twice (maybe) in the almost-three-years since we’ve lived here.

      1. Jen Hanson

        I haven’t been to the dentist since having my twins… I did have QUITE the sweet tooth during my third trimester (like, “please let me eat cake and ice cream for every meal” sweet tooth). So maybe number one isn’t true anymore, but for the moment – ignorance is cavity-free bliss!

  9. Sandi Faulk

    I had 3 fingers left.

    1. I have never seen a baby’s vaginal birth.
    2. I have never successfully water-skied.
    3. I have never worn a cast on a broken bone.

  10. Beth in the City

    Three fingers left standing!

    Never have I ever…been farther out of the US than Canada and Mexico, lived outside of my home state for longer than a few months, gone skydiving. (Lest I sound as though I never travel, I have been ALL OVER the US of A, just not outside it overly much. And I moved from my sleepy hometown to a great big city!)

      1. Beth in the City

        Me, either. I think going to Cambodia with family in tow is a much wiser living-on-the-edge adventure! 🙂 I don’t know what my next big adventure will be but I’m feeling one looming. I’m waiting on God’s timing with excitement (and nerves, at times, for sure!)

  11. Cheryl Pickett

    OK. One finger left for Nina’s list-trantula? Umm, no. We had one as a pet in biology class couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    My three:

    1. I have never been to Europe
    2. I have never sang in an adult choir (only those where I was compelled to in grade school 🙂
    3. Have never driven a stick shift (manual trans) car.

  12. Jennifer Ekstrand

    I have three fingers left (although I may be in denial about my hair shade).

    Never have I ever:
    1. Had a nurse/phlebotomist miss my vein when drawing blood.
    2. Dyed my hair.
    3. Painted daisies on a big red rubber ball.

  13. Sharon

    Love this!!! I still had 5 fingers up after Nina’s 10.

    Never have I ever:

    1. Been to Taiwan
    2. Owned real pearls
    3. Enjoyed a horror movie

    1. Rachelle

      Hi Melissa, in these things we are exatcly alike!
      I’m not a big TV show watcher in general.
      I did go to dinner on the water and that made me sick enough to vow off EVER going on a cruise!!
      My 17 yo son has been to Chicago and is going again next month but I’ve never been!

  14. valerie (in TX)

    Fun! I had 2 fingers left. 🙂

    I played this game once at a women’s event at church, where everyone started out with 10 BEANS. Whenever someone said “never have I ever…..” – if you HAD done that thing, you gave them your bean. It was hysterical to watch people get up and walk across the circle (to hand over their bean) when they had done some of the CRAZY things people would list as a “never” – and to see who ran out of beans first! 😀

    So here are my 3. Never have I ever:
    1. done any of the twilight/hunger games stuff, either (like Ruth)
    2. had a tattoo
    3. made a cheesecake from scratch

  15. Danielle

    I had 1 finger left, never even touched a tarantula, serious arachnophobia.

    If I were playing with Nikki and Ruth I would still have all fingers up! Woohoo. So here’s mine to eliminate those of you with exciting lives.

    1. I have never been pregnant.
    2. I have never successfully driven a “standard” car, only automatics.
    3. I have never eaten eggplant.

    And for the record I love this game, play it on driving trips with my HS girls. I am so glad that God did wonderful things in your heart with your 13 girls.

  16. Ruth

    I had 3 fingers left.

    1. I have never given birth to a baby in a hospital (I have 3 kids tho).
    2. I have never been late to something due to the time change.
    3. I have never watched or read Twilight or Hunger Games movies/books.

    Glad you’re doing better & the speaking went well!

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