must. get. sleep.

I spent almost all of today (Tuesday, which is now technically yesterday) out and around and about. Grocery store, Tuesday school, more errands, lunch with four sweet friends. Then I picked the girls up early from school and we all headed to Gabe’s parents’ church (90 mins away) for a concert from the Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda.

Oh. My. Word.

I mean, I knew it was going to be incredible, but oh. my. word.

God is awesome.

Then we got to hang out with 2 of the guys (adults) and 4 of the boys and eat pizza at my in-laws’ (they’re hosting the 6 of them for the night). And we just kept on worshiping right there in their log cabin living room, deer heads on the walls and all.

What a blessing. Thank you, Jesus. Stories and pictures to come.

And since it’s well past midnight and I’m about to fall over, just one more thing. I got some encouraging news yesterday. More on that later too.

Question for you:

Have you gotten any good news lately or have something I can pray for you about?

25 thoughts on “must. get. sleep.

  1. Wendy

    Celebrating your encouraging news with you!!!!

    I’ve been bouncing all around for the birthdays (three in the past week). Craziness.

    Good news is that God is still talking to me. 😉

    ~ Wendy

  2. Nina

    Looking forward to hearing your news! (What do gnus sound like, anyway?)

    No particularly good news for me lately, but no bad news either, so I guess that’s good news in itself. 🙂

    Could really use prayer regarding career and work … I hate working six days a week and seeing my daughter just a few hours a day, when I’m exhausted after a 10+ hour workday. Can’t afford to quit, but can’t believe I’m living this way that is so against what I believe regarding parenting (i.e., that I need to, um, be with my daughter more). So prayer would help. Thanks.

  3. Natalie

    I LOVE Watoto! We’ve had the privilege of sponsoring a boy there for 5 years now. We’ve also hosted Watoto children and adults while the choir was on tour. So glad you and your family got to experience them!!!

      1. Natalie

        Our guy just got back from tour in Australia and New Zealand. We have never met him 🙁 I’d love for our family to go on a mission trip to Watoto when the kids are old enough. It’s a wonderful ministry!

  4. Kathleen-NM

    Love Watoto- our church sponsored the choir last year, we were blessed beyond belief to hear voices praising God through their circumstances. Bonnie Jazz is our adopted child through Watoto.

    Good News- biopsy of a nodule removed surgically 2 weeks ago was benign. Better news- God used the process to draw others closer to him. Best news- He is enough

  5. kendal

    this is good news, sort of, and a prayer request: the young lady i’m mentoring, the one who struggles with anorexia….is going to enter a treatment facility a week from today. she’ll be there at least 45 days. i think it’s the best thing for her as she has made practically no progress in 12 weeks of therapy. so, pray my girl to respond well to the intensive therapy.

  6. Addie

    Eager to hear your good news!

    Prayer requests
    – bonding w/ our newly adopted son, he has been home 2 months and it still feels like he is a stranger a lot of the times
    – cutting some things out of our lives right now that are more drama than they are worth – pray that we make the right decisions on what to cut
    – God would be glorified through my phtoography business as we use it to raise money for our next adoption (no idea when that is, but want to have the money when God says go)
    – my husband graduates in May – pray we survive that long… 🙂

    Thank you Marla…

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