more than my fair share

I know so many nice people. At my church. In my neighborhood (the people on my street and all over this city). From my past. In my family. From my blog. And other people’s blogs. People I meet when I speak. People I meet at zoos. And just all over the place.

I’m sitting here feeling a little bit blown away by it all.

I thought about spotlighting a few people who I find especially kind and delightful, but my goodness, I’d be here all night. And while I know it’s fun to read shout-outs about yourself on someone’s blog, I’d feel bad for all the people I had to leave out.

So… I think you’re nice. And I’m trying to find some ways to show you. And say thank you.

I’ve blogged before about trying to find balance with relationships–in-person ones and on-line ones. It’s a delicate thing, not easy to get right all the time, but I feel good about it at the moment. (I just miss my family whom I haven’t seen in ages! Boo!)

Actually, I think I will give a little shout-out to a handful of girlies I’ve seen/will see face-to-face today and the next couple days.

To Holly (and her fam) who had us over for supper tonight–thank you. I love friends who don’t mind if you’re tired (and don’t want to talk about Victoria’s Secret over pizza and taco dip) and love on you no matter what.

And to Kim and Amy, two special friends from church, who are spending Friday morning with me just hanging out. Kim’s little Kara and my Nina are soul mates, and Kim is one of the most giving, selfless people I know. And Amy. Oh, I love Amy. I haven’t seen her since the night in the hospital when we said hello and good-bye to sweet baby Abigail. Amy, I can’t wait to plaster you with hugs and smooches!

And to Liz, my college buddy, who’s keeping us at her house Friday night. We met (and bonded) in Earth and Space Science class. We were every professor’s nightmare, the biggest goof-offs in the class. And from what I can tell from my recent phone conversations with Liz, neither one of us has matured much in the past decade.

I don’t really have a point to all of this. Just feeling pensive tonight. And thankful. And wishing I had a way to adequately thank everyone who has blessed my life by being a part of it.

That’s all.

Do me a favor, would you? Thank somebody today. Write a note. Make a phone call. Send an e-mail. And if you’d like, leave a comment telling me who you’re going to thank and why. Then go do it. (and don’t make it me–I’ve had more than my fair share this week)

Love and hugs for your Friday!

9 thoughts on “more than my fair share

  1. faithchick

    my sister in law washed my kitchen floor today (on her hands and knees) while i went to the grocery store and while 6 pairs of eyeballs stared her down while waiting to get in the kitchen.
    definitely thankful.

    i’m messaging you in my head—i’ll actually type it eventually…sooo keep your eyes peeled btw. now & 2013. <3

  2. kristen

    Wow….I missed the drama that was the other day bc of being at work for two days straight…but I am caught up now.
    I will take your challenge to encourage someone today…I think I will choose my husband. He has been super great lately. 😉
    But I am also choosing you (even though you said not to). Here is my shout out to YOU…a real woman with heart and spunk and humor and wit…and a wonderful listener and encourager…a prayer warrior like have rarely met…a friend who cares deeply and an inspiration to me spiritually. I met you online, then showed up on your doorstep…then you became my real life friend and I am forever grateful. Anyone who has yet to meet Marla in person is in for a real treat…a soft breeze on a warm day! But even if you never meet her in person…she is real and wonderful and carries her friendship through cyberspace and straight into you heart and life. I love ya Marla abd i amso thankful for YOU.i

  3. Ali

    What a great way to spend a Friday – celebrating the great people in your life! I am blessed that today my little sister is going to entertain my son for a few hours so that I can breathe, clean, work, and maybe even relax. She blesses me beyond measure by being an incredible sister, auntie to my son, and above all else, best friend.

  4. Martha

    Hey Marla.. have I told you how much I enjoy the layout/theme of your blog? It is so simple.. yet so much fun to read and comment on. One day we’ll barter a B&B for a Blog set up by Gabe. Deal? Love ya

  5. Martha

    This was so cool .. once we were eating at Cracker Barrel and Tommy looked at a young couple.. the fellow surely home from serving our country. And Tommy secretly talked with the young families waitress and paid their bill. Asking that they only be told that “someone” wanted to thank them! I think it was was of the most beautiful things Tommy ever did.

  6. Conny

    This one is EASY today! We used a gift certificate for Olive Garden today that was given to us at Christmas. We wrote a special THANK YOU to the lady who gave it to us (it was a GENEROUS amt – enough for the fam plus left-over credit) to let her know we really enjoyed her gift!

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