more or less

I haven’t decided if I’m going to write up specific goals for 2011 or not. I do know that there are some things I want to see/do/be more of in the coming year and some things I want to see/do/be less.

I want to pray more, worry less.

I want to focus on Christ more, myself less.

I want to give more, spend less.

I want to read my Bible more, stuff that doesn’t matter less.

I want to serve more, take less.

I want to listen more, talk less.

I want to be joyful more, grouchy less.

I want to eat healthy more, eat junky less.

I want to be organized more, cluttered less.

I want to be empathetic more, judgmental less.

I could go on and on and on, but less is more, eh?

How about you? Any mores and lesses for your 2011?

11 thoughts on “more or less

  1. Gaylene

    I want to become more intentional in my relationships, w/God, w/ family, w/ friends, w/ co-workers w/ reaching out to others, less in keeping to myself.

    I want to be more intentional in my Bible reading, learning, digging rather than just marking a check in the box as having read it today.

    I want to be more intentional in my serving, less stiff in giving.

    I know intentional can be a bad word, but this is what the Lord is calling me to do for 2011 and I think in being given this word, it can be a good word.

  2. Denise

    First of all, I am stealing your mail month idea…I am going to join in and do it too…January is a sucky month for me, so I could use doing something like that to keep me motivated!

    Ok so:
    Eat healthy more/ eat junk less
    Pray more/ worry less
    Workout more/ couch potato less
    Follow through more/ make up excuses less
    Reach our to people more/ hide and wallow in self pity less
    Spend more time in the Bible/spend less time on this darn computer
    Encourage more/discourage less
    Love more/ judge less

  3. Claudia Porpiglia

    In no particular order:

    Godly more/worldly less
    Today’s opportunities more/future less
    Hope more/doubt less
    Care for those without God more/judge them less
    Encourage others more/worry about my life less
    See God in things around me more/focus on what isn’t less

    More than anything, I want to develop a true passion for God and people…a passion that crowds out the things that tend to distract!

  4. Laura

    In no particular order (but I’m going to start with this one because I’m STILL full from Thanksgiving dinner, my life has been a never ending buffet for a month):
    Healthy food more/everything else less
    Love more/judge less
    Have faith more, be skeptical/stress less
    Care about others more/worry about myself less
    Be calm more/short-fused less
    Godly more/worldly less
    Family more/computer less!

    Have a wonderful day Marla! 🙂

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