monday, monday

I’ve really been trying to make Sunday a day of rest. I’m convinced that we all need a Sabbath. I have lots of thoughts on the topic but no time to share them now. For today is Monday. And whenever I rest on Sunday, Monday morning is a little on the hellish side. Everything is a mess. Dishes and laundry pile up. We always forget to do homework until the morning it’s due. Hmm…

I’ve already lost my temper pretty badly this morning. My alarm didn’t go off (or I didn’t hear it) but I decided to run anyway (less than a mile) just so God and I could talk for awhile. One of my prayers for myself was that I wouldn’t lose my temper with the girls. Less than an hour later–bam! God gave me an opportunity to speak kindly, and I blew it. What stinks is that He never promises to make it easy to obey. He gave me the tools to do it, and I made another choice. Poo.

We’re out of food, so Ava, Nina, and I are heading to the grocery store in a bit. So, just some quick thoughts.

Wonder of wonders, the lady who wrote me that e-mail read my blog and saw my reply. She e-mailed me again, sharing her name, e-mail address, and a few choice words. Let me just say that I am so, so thankful for all those encouraging comments you left. (I think I’ll print them out for future reference.) You guys are the BEST!

We had fun with our old/new friends on Saturday morning. I helped out with Sophia and Lily while Gabe talked with Jim and Carrie about their website. Then we played in the leaves for a bit and got pizza for lunch.

Saturday evening we met some of Gabe’s family at Dave and Buster’s. Nina was in rare form. It was nightmarish actually. She wouldn’t eat a thing, wouldn’t sit in the high chair, wouldn’t sit on my lap. Gabe and I took turns walking her through the arcade during dinner. Her nose was running, I think she had a fever, and it was the longest 2.5 hours of my life. (no, not really. i can think of worse. not off the top of my head, but…)

Last night we went to watch our neighbor Pavel play ice hockey downtown. Again, lots of Nina-chasing. As sad as I am to see her grow up, it might be okay when she does.

It’s October! I can’t believe it. I remember 2 Octobers ago when I was very pregnant with Nina. My 30th birthday was the 31st, and I decided that I would make the whole month of October the best month of my life. I would do all kinds of fun and wonderful things before I turned 30. If I remember correctly, it didn’t happen. So, I’m going to make this October the best month of my life…

My sister Bethany is coming to visit this afternoon! She’s going to be here to surprise the girls when they get off the bus. Then she’s going to go to Ava’s soccer game with us. Then after supper, baths, and bed for the girls, we’re going to sneak off to Barnes & Noble and browse chat and sip things until they close at 11:00. I’m so excited! I do this kind of thing once every 5 years or so. Time to remedy that. What a way to start off The Best Month of My Life!

Today was my old deadline for my book. Praise You, Jesus, that I have another month! Off to shower and shop!

13 thoughts on “monday, monday

  1. jbnygaard

    Yeah it’s October!!! My absolute favorite month! I still would like to come and visit…how about Mon, the 29th?? A couple days before our birthday!

    Umm….I’ve got to ditto what Faithchick had to say about that lady. Interesting…

  2. gsowell

    What a fabulous surprise visit for the girlies! What a splendid way to spend an evening! Should we start celebrating your birthday already? I’m not good at birthdays, really. You’ll be lucky if I remember in 30 days! So let me be the first to say, “Happy Birthday, dear friend! May October 2007 be the best month of your life!”

    I have some thoughts about spiritual warfare to share, based on your morning …but they’ll wait for another time. The study we are doing right now is pretty good.

  3. stephaniedawnbasham

    You’ve inspired me! I want October to be the best month of my life.

    Think of me when you and Bethy are at Barnes and Noble, sipping and chatting and browsing! I miss you! Hug her and yourself for me. 🙂

  4. kkakwright

    I’ve noticed the same thing since trying to actually rest on Sundays.  Mondays end up being totally and completely crazy.  But, the day of rest is well worth it and is pleasing to God. 
    Marla, let me take this chance to tell you that I love you.  I have truly enjoyed the books that you have written.  But beyond enjoying them, they have changed me. Changed my attitude in different areas of my life.  God used you to speak to me and for that I’m forever grateful to Him.  And forever grateful to you for being a useful instrument. 

  5. terriwright

    Every day God tests me. I’m afraid to ask Him for anything!!! Well, so you blew that chance. I’m VERY sure you’llhave another chance not to blow up at the girls soon! We do keep getting second chances.

    My sister, unchurched, has told me that “Sunday is just the day before Monday.” That breaks  my heart. With a true Sabbath, we ARE armed for the week. Even though it may start with a bang.

    I hope that lady reads these comments: she needs a serious lesson in God’s love.

  6. faithchick

    i find it ironic that she still visited your blog after not liking what you have to say. 

    i try to do the same thing on sundays, and then mondays end up insane.  sometimes i wonder if it’s worth it.  i know it is…but…….

    i was thinking of you yesterday….YOU MADE IT THROUGH SEPTEMBER!! yay. 🙂

  7. rachmckinney

    awesome! you’ll have to keep us posted on the best things that go on. good start to have your sister there! i start work tonight..yikes! pray for me; i’m a bunch of butterflies!
    it’s anew hour now; a new opportunity (esp. out shopping) to not lose your temper. you can do it!

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