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I had a moment yesterday. Actually a succession of moments. Moments where the fact that my girlies are growing up–and growing up FAST–just slammed into me like a 50-lb bag of rice.

First, my friend Krysten shared this post about how 936 pennies will forever change how you parent. I wasn’t going to click on the link, because, for the most part, I stopped reading Mommy blogs forever ago. But I was curious about the 936…

936 is how many weeks you get with your baby from the time she’s born until she’s 18.

And the jar of pennies (you remove one each week) represents how much time you have left with your little one before he flies out of the nest.

And I thought about how few pennies would be left in Livi’s jar. And in Ava’s jar. And even in Nina’s jar. Nina, more than halfway to 18 already.

Hold me.

And then I watched this video and thought of my own blond girlies, and it made me sad that I didn’t record 15 seconds of every day of their lives.

Such regret!

But then I remembered that I DO have lots of pictures (but they’re mostly back in the States in my parents’ spare room closet) and I DO have lots of journals (also at Mom and Dad’s).

Oh! I know! I’ll re-read a book I wrote once about being a new mom.

It’s been six years since it was published (and six years since I read it last), so I was a little apprehensive about what I’d find. I’m not quite the same person I was back then, and it’s always a bit scary to see your old self in permanent print.

But I worried for NOTHING! Because it’s just ADORABLE. Seriously, I grinned so much at that old me. Spunky, funny, a little bit unaware that there’s a WHOLE WORLD out there beyond my little problems, but still. So cute.

And I got to re-read the girls’ birth stories and remember moments when they were tiny and squirmy and squishy. Sigh.

Then I started reading through old blog posts and found all kinds of funny things they said and did when they were toddlers and kindergarteners and such. I read them to the girls and had tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks.

Like this post. Oh, my aching sides.


So I know I don’t blog much about being a “mommy” these days, but in light of my heart-exhaustion from trying to be a prophetic voice against Christians living in fear and hate (and my babies GROWING ALL UP), I’m going to take a few days to blog about just that.

Also, Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time is just $2.99 for the Kindle right now (or you can get a really cheap used paperback copy). If you’re a mommy of a little one (or know someone who is), you should totally buy it. It’s sweet and cute and funny, and I get 74 cents from every purchase (so awesome!).

Be back tomorrow with some brilliant Mommy advice and funny stories!

With Love,
Marla the Mommy Blogger


4 thoughts on “memory lane

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  2. Tara

    I could just see myself trying to do that penny thing…I’d be recounting hundreds of pennies every week trying to remember if I’d skipped a week or not!

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