i've had better

I’m not in what you’d call a pleasant mood. I could fake it, but who doesn’t want to read about someone’s no-good-very-bad-day every now and again?

I should probably back up a little bit. Saturday morning I had an appointment with a massage therapist. He beat and pushed and stretched and pulled on me for an hour. Except for a few times that it hurt, it was very relaxing. In fact, I fell asleep for at least a moment because I heard myself snore and jerked awake. How embarrassing. He wants me to come back Tuesday afternoon. He said the left side of my face is swollen, my jaw muscles are knotted, and my head is out of whack. Yes. I agree.

He also told me to sleep on my back. If I had a quarter for every professional who has told me that (and a nickel for every time I’ve disobeyed), I’d… buy health insurance. I did try to sleep on my back that night. I woke up with a nasty backache. I guess it could’ve been from all the adjusting, massaging he did.

I can’t remember how much I’ve blogged about my sick girlies. Probably not much, since I’ve been hogging all the sympathy for myself. They both missed school last Monday, but then Livi was fine. She went to school Tues-Thurs. Ava missed all week. Livi missed Friday with a fever. This weekend, Ava was getting better and Livi was getting worse. (Nina still hasn’t gotten it.) We four girls stayed home from church Sunday. We had our own little worship service in the living room. It was really sweet. Livi and Ava read Bible stories about Passover, we prayed, and we sang (and Nina interpretive-danced to) some praise songs.

A little while later, before Gabe got home, Livi yelled down the stairs, “Ava lost a tooth!” Cool. Except Ava doesn’t have any loose teeth. Turns out they were wrestling and Livi elbowed it right out of her mouth. Ouch, ouch, ouch. At least it was a baby tooth, but it wasn’t anywhere close to being ready to come out. It bled for-ever.

Monday morning. Livi’s sick, but I send Ava to school. Thirty minutes later, the school calls me. “I have Ava in the office. She got sick on the bus. Can you come get her?” “She got sick?” “Yes.” “You  mean she threw up??” “Yes.” I am shocked. She missed 5 days of school and never threw up once. She has the stomach flu now?? I throw on some clothes, put a stocking cap on my head, and Nina and I head for the school, stopping at the library to get some DVD’s, so we can survive the day.

She didn’t throw up. “I just felt dizzy and had a headache, so when I got to school, since I was right by the office, I decided to go in and tell them.” Lovely.

It. Was. Not. A. Fun. Day.

And did I mention that I now have a killer canker sore?

So, tonight I took Nina with me to a free clinic (at a church north of town) that the doc at Urgent Care told me about. They’re only open on the 1st and 3rd Mondays from 6-8. A last ditch effort to figure out what’s wrong with me before I get a CT scan. The doc encouraged me to get my 2nd massage treatment. I show no signs of anything brain-related. She’s thinking inflamed jaw joint (TMJ-ish). If not that, then possibly trigeminal neuralgia. She doesn’t think it’s sinus-related. And in the past few days, the most intense pain has moved from my head/ear to my jaw/teeth. I need to eat soft foods (no fun) and take OTC anti-inflammatories for awhile. Then I have a prescription for meds that would help with TN.


That’s that.

I’ll keep the drawing for the really cool neon green book open through tomorrow. And I’ll try to return to my regularly-scheduled Christ-centered Lenten blog posts tomorrow as well.

May your Tuesday be Twirly and Whirly and Girly (unless you’re a boy)!

17 thoughts on “i've had better

  1. Thinking out loud

    I hope this comment does not seem too weird… I read your blog frequently and usually don’t comment, but I feel so bad about your pain issues. I was wondering if any of the docs you have seen have considered whether you have an absess (sp?) tooth? The reason I ask is that your symptoms are identical to my own when I had one. I, too, am a natural child birth-er and have N*E*V*E*R felt pain like the pain I had when my tooth was rotten. The swelling, the pain radiating all over your head and face – it could all come from the tooth. I was shocked to learn this when it happened to me, but the DDS explained that all the facial/head nerves are so connected and tightly interwoven that an absess tooth does crazy things. It lead to a root canal, which is obviously not fun, but probably less costly than a CAT scan in the long run. I did not have a history of headaches, as you have reported that you do, so maybe it’s not the same thing. But it might be worth asking about?

  2. Kori (PrincessSpider)

    I am thinking maybe you should try a Daddy Long Leg… maybe that peppermint juice has some healing powers!! hehehe totally kidding!!!

    I am so sorry you are still in pain!!! The sleep on your back thing… do you have a recliner? It might be more comfortable than flat in the bed. I know for TMJ they had my mom sleep in a mouth guard so she couldn’t clench her teeth, she eventually had braces and that fixed it, but the mouth guard helped a lot. Wish there was more we could do!!

    Prayers, Kori

  3. Jamie Nygaard

    My dear Marla. I hurt for you. 🙁

    Ezra and I have been praying for you, and this morning my mom called me after her Women’s bible study and asked what was wrong with you. I was curious to how SHE knew about your headaches, and she said Sandy Roofner (sp?) felt the Spirit move her to mention you to the group and they all prayed for you. So you are being bathed in prayer sweetie!

  4. Sarah S

    Thanks for the update – still praying for you over here.

    I get canker sores all the time (hate those things!) and the best thing to stop them is taking lots of L-lysine. It’s a vitamin/amino acid/supplement type thing, that’s pretty cheap. Just take like 4 of them at the first sign of a canker sore and then 1-2 daily after that until it goes away. I’ve reco’d it to several friends and it worked for them, too.

  5. Laurie

    Even in your pain, you’re funny. Never forget to find humor in the little things in life. I’m praying for you and glad you are somewhat closer to a diagnosis. I loved the worship service you had at home with your girls. It would have been easy to just lay around, but you were an example to your girls of worshiping Jesus simply because He is worthy at any time to be praised. I would have loved to have seen Nina’s interpretive dance!

  6. Sarah

    I wish I could reach through the computer and give you a hug. You sound like you need one. Sorry about all of the crappy stuff going on – will pray for healing in your household.

  7. Jennifer

    I’m so sorry that you’re still hurting. I hope that the doctor’s suggestions improve the situation a little.

    And what is it about sick children giving stressed out mommies canker sores?! I got one during our last round of the stomach flu, and it hurt worse than any of the flu symptoms. Grr!

  8. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Oh Marla. I just wish I could come up there and help you! My heart hurts to read these posts.

    If it is TMJ related, I can so totally empathize. My first year of teaching when it came time for end of semester finals, I had the worst TMJ “attack” (not sure what else to call it) of my life. The best way I can describe that particular pain is that it was searing. I do remember crying over that. There was some headache pain, but mostly it was that searing, white-hot pain radiating from my ears and the jaw joint throughout my scalp and shoulders.

    My dad (a dentist) gave me a handout with some biofeedback exercises to manage the pain. That was truly the only thing that helped. I wish I still had that handout!

    The funny thing is, I kept thinking “I am NOT that stressed out about semester exams!” And I really didn’t think it was that stressful of a time, but evidently, my body was interpreting it differently. It was truly awful, horrible, put-me-in-bed pain.

    I will be praying for answers and relief (and for back-to-healthy little girls!).

  9. Linds

    The TN meds will really help if it is TN. I have had it and it is supposed to be the worst pain in the world. I thought I was dying. Try the meds and see. And if you want to email me re TN, I am very happy to talk.

  10. Holly B.

    LOL at Nina’s interpretive dancing! So sorry that you’re still hurting, friend. Praying, Marla! Keep us posted.

  11. Krista

    I”ll second the lots-of-water-after-the-massage advice, but I’m sure you know that by now. This might sound morbid, but as a student I like hearing from real people that actually have the diseases I only know from books–not that I have any advice to offer, but I’m interested to know how everything turns out and if it really is TN or TMJ or something else. Keep us updated–and in the meantime, you’re in my prayers!

  12. gitz

    That really sucks. I know I should be more eloquent or something, but really I just hate to hear that you’re still in pain.

    Drink lots and lots and lots of water after the massage (it helps with not aching later) and I hope that and the anti-inflammatories help soon!

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