Indecisive. That’s one of my Given Names. And I don’t really much care. Except when I’m trying to write a blog post at 11:30 p.m. and I can’t figure out what on earth to write.

Radical Spin-Offs are always an option, but that might be overkill.

I’m seriously tempted to write a post about Halloween. You know, maybe ask the question, “So, how many people have been won to Christ as a result of Christians boycotting Trick-or-Treat?” You know, something like that.

But as much as I love a good discussion, I won’t be around much tomorrow to moderate it, and that concerns me a little. Not that any of you would get out of hand, but you never know what kind of Hooligans are hanging around these parts…

I really want to keep talking about the Expecting Campaign. We’re kicking it off tomorrow! Tell your friends! $10/book to donate to a pregnancy center or $5 to donate one with a friend!

But again, overkill.

There’s always the embarrassing photo from my past. (You made it in this time, Steph.)

Why do I feel, all of a sudden, like my kiddos are missing out on something really special by not having a piano bench in their home? Did anyone else pose for 85% of their photos on the piano bench? No? It was just us? Okay, cool.

Here, this is a little better. Love the gray corduroy overalls, Bethany. Great choice.

As sad as this couch is, I prefer it as a photo back-drop over the oh-so-not-neutral blue plaid one in my living room.

And here’s a pic I find amusing, because it’s me holding my cousin Jen. Some of you know Jen from her blog. It’s crazy how life can take you from being light years apart to being peers.

And this? Well, this is a photo I like to call Redneck Water Park. Misi, who I’ve recently reconnected with via Facebook, is on the left. Then Ronda (who I have just determined I would like to find). Then me. And that’s Josh in the back with FlySwatter-as-Murder-Weapon.

Oh, 1980. You were a great year.

Well, would you looky there. Turns out you don’t have to be Decisive after all. You can fill an entire blog post with old pictures and some pointless commentary and call it a night.

Have a good one!

18 thoughts on “indecisivity

  1. Lee Detrick

    Yeah, I have heard about both sides of the Halloween controversy over and over again. Just want you to know that we will be sitting on our porch again this year handing out packages of M & M’s………that is, if you are interested!

  2. amber

    Love every second of old pictures.

    And just because I tend to be an instigator…I totally would buy a ticket to that whole Halloween discussion. Not that I want to get involved… Nope. Just watch. Because that’s great entertainment right there.

  3. joyce

    Ha-I love the ‘pool party’…we have a photo taken on my grandparents farm out in Colorado and all of us are standing knee deep in ice cold water in a big round metal cow trough. Good times! No fancy water parks for us…we thought that was the greatest thing ever.

  4. Misi

    What a great picture!! This is EXACTLY how I remember you and Josh in my mind! (side note: I bet that metal slide was HOT…I’m surprised steam wasn’t coming up out of that pool….lol) From what was such a brief time in our lives as neighbors, I still carry all the love in my heart for you, Josh, and your parents. You all will never know what a huge impact you had on Kym and I and our lives. We love you!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Well, bless your sweet little heart. I just love that God brought us together then and brought us back together so many years later. YOU are a blessing to ME. And I love you too.

  5. Bethany Peters

    How funny that you would point out my gray corduroy overalls in that picture, because I had a pair of gray corduroy overalls in high school! You know, when they were cool again. 😉

  6. Jen Hanson

    Hahahaha – this post cracked me up! Not to mention gave me a little jolt of a surprise to discover that my baby picture (a rather unfaltering one might I add) would wind up on your list of “old pictures and some pointless commentary.” HA-LARIOUS!

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