i’m about to string up a clothesline…

So, the dryer guy didn’t show Saturday morning. Called the company. Closed until Monday morning. Called this morning. They’ll get right on that. Called again just now. They can’t get the repairman to answer his phone. I do believe he’s skipped the country, leaving my dryer in 10 pieces on my laundry room floor. We’re runnin’ out of clean clothes here, man! Where you at?

An editor from Harvest House is stopping by for a chat this afternoon on her way to the airport. That’s fun. I don’t make it out to Oregon much (never been there actually), so I don’t get to connect with people in person very often.

Gabe and I were on a panel yesterday for “The First Seven Years of Marriage” seminar at our church. It went really, really well. It was on expectations. Sadly, we didn’t do a stitch of preparation, so I prayed all day Saturday and all morning Sunday that God would just fill us with His Spirit and put words in our mouths. He did! Gabe was awesome–I need to start taking that boy with me when I do speaking stuff. I met some neat young couples and was blessed to be able to encourage them in their marriages.

Things with Ava are going…so-so. We’ve had some great moments and some really, really crappy ones. It’s a wild ride. Saturday was maybe one of the worst blow-ups ever. Gabe and I were both involved. A real marriage-tester, kids are. Thankfully, after almost 10 years, our recovery periods after a fight are usually very brief. We’ve been friends too long to waste much time being mad.

Gabe’s parents popped in on their way back from the Outer Banks. We got pizza and had fun talking. We showed them pics from Ava’s first day of school and their first soccer games. Fun times.

Gabe hooked me up with a Facebook account. Took awhile to convince me, but two days later, I’m all excited. Searching for everybody I ever knew. People from camp, Cedarville, high school, my old students (who are probably freaked out–why is my third grade teacher looking me up? i’m in 10th grade now, woman!) So, if you’re on Facebook and I haven’t found you already, I want to be your friend!

Now if I can just stay away from the computer for extended periods of time…

Livi is not loving school. She doesn’t hate it, but I think she’s just frustrated. She’s bringing home papers that say “1 One” with pictures of one object colored. She’s bored. I wasn’t a big fan of first grade either. She was spoiled in kindergarten. Half day only, the wonderful Ms. Calhoun, she went not knowing how to read and looooved learning. She’s been reading lots of chapter books from the library, so that helps. I’m praying they start doing fun stuff in math and science soon.

Think that’s it for now. The writing is coming along. Probably not quickly enough, but I’ll keep trucking. And I have a renewed determination to enjoy every second of my life. To make each one count–and not just by getting things done! By being there for people and seeing the world through their eyes. More on that later.

I got a really cool e-mail last night. Will share next week.

So, lots of books in my garage… Thanks for the encouragement that God has a plan to use them for His glory! No, I can’t see it yet, but it’s there!

Gabe and I have been talking through the next few years of our lives and what they might look like. Might be some changes on the horizon…

Did I say that’s it for now? I mean it this time. Have a wonderful week!

15 thoughts on “i’m about to string up a clothesline…

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    Having taught school, I think 1st and 2nd grade are some of the hardest to make fun…so important to make sure that they really get the basics…If a child learns easily they are often bored.  The added problems with classroom management and performance standards just complicates things. 

    Be careful about planning for the next few years…as soon as you decide to change things, God will surprise you with something that makes you sit back and revamp!  I love life…it is never boring!

  2. jbnygaard

    I just joined facebook a week ago! Funny.

    In Denmark they have a clothesline hung up in the house. We are spoiled here in the U.S. by dryers.

    Ava, Ava, Ava. Still praying for you guys.

  3. kkakwright

    Thankfully, after almost 10 years, our recovery periods after a fight are usually very brief  – This is my favorite thing about our marriage now as compared to where it used to be.  When we argue it goes away fairly quickly.  Less drama that way.  I guess when you have a couple kids you have enough drama and just CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE!

  4. allieanne

    thought the clothesline header was a metaphor for your life til I finished reading all the comments…guess I’m just used to your sarcasm 😉
    Got a big box of books today!!! Thank you so much! and thanks for taking the time to spell my last name right 😉
    I’m on facebook, so I’ll request you as my friend.

  5. angntug

    I have neighbors that string a clothesline every year…must work pretty well…I always worried about bugs getting into my clothes 🙂 Pray your dryer gets put back together soon, that’s frustrating….

  6. tonialynn59

    Yes, kids can be a real marriage tester, even when they are past the teen years!   No, that is one area right now that Mike and I are agreeing on.  And how awful about your dryer.  Hope he gets that thing working for you!!  I wouldn’t want to be without my dryer but then what appliance do we really want to be without.  I think it is so cool  Gabe did that with you.  I would have loved to hear the panel!

  7. terriwright

    I spent 45 minutes on the phone this morning praying with and trying to encourage a close friend who has ‘hit the wall’ with her 18-year-old: a problem she and her husband can’t fix. Children are just HARD. Only through God’s Word and Spirit can any parents make it!  And really – – –  – – that never ends.

    My most profound advice re:Ava? It’ll be OK. Praying.

  8. faithchick

    “A real marriage-tester, kids are”  definitely!!

    you sound good…like tough things are coming at you, but you’re handling them.  nice work!!  moment by moment… 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Love that you’re a previous 3rd grade teacher interested in connecting with former students— so am I! My last group of students are currently 11th and 12th graders and I have wondered about them recently. Like you, I thought they might be a little freaked out! Glad the marriage seminar went well… how wonderful for you to be able to bless and encourage young couples! Praying for you…

  10. gsowell

    You’re only allowed to have a Facebook account if you promise not to neglect xanga. Promise?

    The seminar sounds like a fun thing. Does your church do lots of these conferences? We never do stuff like that at church, but that’s clearly because of the size differential.

  11. filledeparis

    I look forward to hearing about any changes on the horizon. Sounds exciting! When you string up that clothesline, just pretend that you’re in Paris–it would be the same. = ) Hope that happens one day! Prayed for you and Ava again just now. Oh–I see that your Mom and Janelle both have some sort of Good News Club connection–how cool!

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