if you’re out there…

…would you pray for me right quick? My brand spankin’ new washer isn’t working, and I’m about ready to have a meltdown. I have a splitting headache, I’m exhausted, trying to prepare for houseguests (whose sheets are stuck, soaking wet, in my washer) coming tonight and tomorrow, have a writing project due an hour ago that isn’t close to being finished, and the washer people just told us they can send a repairman…on December 30th and not a second before.

This is one of those gotta-pull-the-joy-out-of-somewhere-and-do-it-quick times. Not feeling it. Trying to choose it. Going to go get on my knees for a couple minutes.

EDIT: (5:05 pm) The blue is for how I’m feeling. Gabe and I just lugged our washer up the basement steps (me crying because it was so heavy), and he’s on his way to Lowe’s to get a new (and different) one. (the guy he talked to said this washer has been known to cause problems. nice.) I’m still crying and generally feeling sorry for myself and etc. and etc. And my cousin just called and asked if I could watch her little girl for a bit while she goes out to get her Christmas gifts. Sure, I said. Why not?

Uh, and Gabe just walked in the door. Got almost all the way to Lowe’s and realized he forgot his wallet. Hmmm.

And thanks already for the encouragement, friends. I do love a good xanga prayer chain. Hugs to you! I’m feeling better already. Because, seriously, what else could go wrong, right? (dumb, dumb question)

FINAL EDIT: (7:10 p.m.) Gabe got the new washer. We got it down the stairs. (with some nicks in our foyer linoleum) He hooked it up. My clothes are spinning and swishing happily. My cousin’s little girl is playing with my girlies. Gabe and I are getting ready to eat leftover pizza. Then the 3-hour writing/bathing/cleaning/clothes-washing marathon begins. And my sister and her hubby will be here! All is well. Thanks for praying! Love and smooches!

21 thoughts on “if you’re out there…

  1. tonialynn59

    Hey, dear friend, just wanted to say Happy New Year to you and I trust you are enjoying family time and your sister being home!!  2008 is almost here and I get to see you again in what, 3 mos or so???

  2. DeniseOfPA

    I know how you are feeling…quite well!

    I think every single appliance has broken down in the past six months including washer, dryer, car a few times, oven, stove, furnace a few times….I call this my “Year of Job” LOL.

    I just read your book “Is That All He Thinks…” Loved it!

  3. ladymiss3739

    Oh, how frustrating!  So glad the new one seems to be working….it’s not the same model, is it?  Hopefully, you’ll be laughing over this escapade in a month or so.   

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. jbnygaard

    Sorry..I just got this post right now. But you were on my mind earlier today, and I prayed for you then. Does that count?

    I sent your girls’ package today. You’ll have to let me know what they think…or if they have any idea of what it is that they got.

  5. terriwright

    It’s Friday night…I missed the whole crisis. Sorry. I AM glad things are looking up…..

    Have I ever told you about me and my wringer washer and clothesline? And cloth diapers? And commuting 50 miles to college? Not pretty. NOTHING about laundry is pretty.

  6. M3mine

    It’s Friday and I’m hoping you are having a great time with your sister and all the family who are coming in.  I just read all the things you went through Thurs. with the washer. So sad that of all people, you were the ones to get the one with the problems.  Praying this new one will LOVE being in your home and washing your clothes for a long, long time wo/ problems at all. 

  7. KmHunsberger

    Just came across this post. Praying that you are enjoying your sister and all is right in your world right now.

    Sounds like I called right before all went to pot, huh?! And you sounded busy then…my goodness! You are awesome my friend…thanks for sharing everything with us, the good the bad and the ugly. Now go enjoy that family of yours…and may all of your clothes and sheets smell beautious!

  8. gsowell

    Sorry I wasn’t on here to pray when you needed it, but I was talking about you (to my dear husband) about how much I value you at the exact time you were having this crisis. What I am saying is, even when life is caving in around you, don’t lose perspective: you make a difference in MANY people’s lives, like mine! Love you!

  9. rocknnell

    My mind went to all the moving…and when you think you are settled in….and you still have to move something….atleast you weren’t “pregnant”  or something… ? ?  Glad the cloud passed ! Enjoy Stephanie ! and  your family….let the “Lovin'”  begin !

  10. ergirl053

    I’m reading this after all the updates, which means that clothes have been happily swishing for a while now. Endurance. That’s what I’ll pray for. You can do ALL things….. (you know the rest)

  11. hollydue

    Praying for you, friend.  You will be BLESSED a gazillion times over for your faithfulness.  Hang in there.  And for goodness sake, PLEASE call us the next time you need to lug an appliance up OR down the stairs!  We LOVE helping.  Hugs.

  12. Nixter77

    I am praying for you right now gorgeous! Sending heaps of hugs.

    Just think of the pressie you are going to get, you just have to get passed the name 😉 Love you!

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