if i could bottle it up

Oh, life is good, friends. And not just in comparison to the long, long, looooooong string of days-from-hell we’ve experienced in the past few months. Some of this stuff is just stand-alone sweet.

And I wish I could scoop it all up, put it in a bottle, and save it forever and ever and ever.

Or maybe I’ll just breathe deep, smile a lot, and embrace every single little moment as the gift from God that it is.

Do you want a list of these wish-they-were-bottleable-moments? Because I’m in the mood for a list.

–This weather. Holy cow, the gorgeous, gorgeous weather. Waking up (I might be turning into a morning person after 36.8 years) is just glorious. Sunshine, cool breeze, chirpy birds, blue skies, puffy clouds. Perfection.

–We’re catching up on bills. Oh, the feeling. Not hospital bills yet, mind you (paying those off will be a whole ‘nother category of party-worthy awesomeness), but wow. Such a weight lifted. Can’t even tell you.

–Homeschooling (okay, unschooling) is a blast so far. I can’t even put it into words, but I’m falling more in love with my sweet girlies than ever (okay, we still have our moments), and it’s puffing my heart up with glee. I will have much to say in posts to come.

–I love 11, 10, and 6. Really, really want to bottle up these ages.

–I love fall soccer season. Love watching our girls glide around a soccer field with skills that are so foreign to me, because they inherited them 100% from Dad. I love watching him coach them. He’s a natural.

–Counseling is a treat. Gabe and I have had 3 sessions together so far, and while I was a little apprehensive before the first one, now I look forward to them like we’re going on a date. Things are just super super good with us right now, and talking to a counselor just kind of cements that or something. Amazing.

–I have such supportive friends and church family. A loved one had a very scary, me-crying-my-eyeballs-out-to-God health scare yesterday, and they prayed and cried right along with me. And HALLELUJAH, everything turned out to be 100% a-okay perfect.

–Gabe’s anxiety is the exception now, not the rule. A small glitch in each day (or sometimes every other), not all-consuming. His humor is back, the light in his eyes. Each anxiety-free moment feels like a gift, and it is.

–The girls’ blogs are almost ready to go. They designed them individually with Dad and are excited to share things they’re learning and passionate about.

–All-we-can-eat-and-freeze tomatoes from our generous friends, Bob and Holly. Tomato pie, salsa, sweet tomato slices with salt, blueberry-banana-tomato smoothies.

–A home that is oh-so-close to the simplified, purged, just-perfectly-enough home of my dreams. We’re learning as a family that the key to contentment is to have less, not more. To keep just what you really, truly need and can use, and give the rest away. So. Freeing.

–I’m writing again. And it feels so good.

Disclaimer: No, everything is not 100% delightful around here 100% of the time, but goodness, we’re basking in all of the above and then some while we can. And even the not-so-great is kind of paling in comparison to some of the stuff we’ve been through. So yeah.

Question for you: What’s something you wish you could bottle up right now and keep forever?

15 thoughts on “if i could bottle it up

  1. Claudia Porpiglia

    Wish I cold bottle up those moments when Tina looks me in the eye and smiles…in those moments she says more than most of us say in a life time and without a single word.

  2. Lazarus

    Have never read your blog until today and just stumbled upon it….I will be reading more. your writing is great!!

    I wish I could bottle up the “AHA” moments my 6 yr. old is having recently where you see the little light bulb illuminate above his blond, smiling head!

    I also wish I could bottle the moments my moody little 4 yr old daughter allows me to cuddle with her and count her “peanuts.” I think you call them toes.

    Thank you again for sharing!

  3. Sharon

    Soooooo happy for you! Hmm, I’d like to bottle up sleep. Not the sleep I’m getting now. But, the pre-children sleep I used to get.

  4. Amanda Pride

    I agree, SO great to hear your zest for life flowing so freely right now! Yeah! I wish I could bottle up our precious little Jace–He is in such a sweet phase-even thought the 2’s have hit here lately–but we just laugh with him/at him so much and he brings so MUCH JOY to our family! So thankful the Lord blessed us with him!

  5. ellen

    I’d love to bottle of this post — so good to see you all moving forward — sooo excited to hear how the medical bills get paid off supernaturally – and that you are moving to Cambodia much sooner than expected (so we can support you over there)
    Right now — I’d like to bottle up our daughters amazing faith and spirit — but I’d share it before I’d bottle it LOL

  6. beth lehman

    so good, marla. so good. i love these ages, too…. almost 12 and 9. so very good. tomatoes in smoothies? must know more (b/c i have been processing tomatoes for soup for too long…)

  7. Melissa

    I really want to botte up my little guy’s smiles. Oh and the really cute inchworm thing he does where he’s trying to crawl. He is oh so frustrated that he can’t crawl yet, but it’s oh so adorable to watch him try.

  8. Addie

    Marla, I am so glad that you are having some good days and they sound so, so sweet… 🙂

    Wish I could bottle up? Hmmmm…. maybe our bank account as we actually have a few dollars right before we start our next adoption… loving the ages of my kids right now as well!

  9. Valerie

    Glad things are looking up. Right now I’m wanting to bottle up Sean as his is now…such a curious and lovable little guy. Not wanting him to grow up because an overwhelming feeling has come over us both that Sean is probably going to be it…so we’re not going to have the chance to do “little” again. That is a very strange and overwhelming feeling but a lot of it has to do with we did the math of how long we’ve been trying…8 years, 7 months and I think we’re both just over it. It is definitely bittersweet and we’re still sorting and figuring out what’s next.

  10. Jen Griffin

    This is so so good to read. 🙂 I wish I could bottle up 5 and 11. My boys both have birthdays in the next few weeks and it’s making my heart ache. We had such a fun time outside last night around the camp fire. I wish I could’ve bottled that time up for sure!

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