i needed shredded cheese

The only thing more tiring than 52 zoos in 52 weeks is 20 soccer games in 5 weeks. Yowzers. Not sure we’re ready for this.

Livi and Ava are on different teams again this year (they get to play together every other). We didn’t have the $ to register them in June, so when we finally signed them up, they both got put on a waiting list. Ava got on a team last week, but Livi’s division needed another coach, or she wouldn’t get to play this season.

Can I just say how much I love my husband, a.k.a. Coach?

Not sure how we’re going to juggle all of this, but hey.

Speaking of soccer, we were sitting in camping chairs and (not) watching Ava’s practice tonight when I heard my name. I turned around and saw a lovely young woman who looked vaguely familiar. She smiled nervously and introduced herself as a stalker who reads my blog. She’s actually not a stalker at all. She’s Melissa, a beautiful mom of four adorable little kiddos, and she’s actually been to my house before, picking up some books she ordered that got sent to her old house (I think that’s the story. Melissa?).

Anyway, it was so much fun to meet her, and I’m speaking at her church’s MOPS group in October–can’t wait. She promised she’d leave a comment, so have at it, Melissa!

After soccer practice, we headed to Bob and Ann’s, a couple from our church who hosted a Dessert Gathering for our missionary friend Jen, so she could share the work God is doing in Cambodia. What an incredible story Jen has–and she shares it in the most poignant, humble, gripping, melodic way. Oh, it just lit a fire in my soul for the sweet, lost people of Cambodia. I don’t know what God has in mind for us and our future, but I hope it has something to do with Southeast Asia. Our hands and hearts are open.

I meant to mention this post earlier but forgot. Gabe wrote something a couple days ago that made me bubble over with the joy of Jesus.

And my sweet, beautiful, very pregnant friend Ali is HAVING A BABY TODAY at 12:30! We think it’s a boy, but it might be a girl, and I’m SO EXCITED no matter what kind of baby it is! Please pray that all goes well with her c-section and that she and Matt (and big brother Henry) get to welcome a super-healthy baby with no complications. Love you, Ali-girl!

The girls and I are off to visit my grandma (and mom) today with the hopes of giving Daddy some much needed peace and quiet to work. My grandma mentioned to my mom quite a few months ago that she hoped she lived long enough to see my zoo book published. She’s my inspiration to get this bad boy done!

Happy 10th Anniversary to my bro-in-law Tug and sis-in-law, Angie! It seems like just yesterday I was wearing a lacy maroon bridesmaid’s dress with my platinum-blond-dyed locks all swept up in the hugest French twist ever. Love you guys!!

Have an awesome weekend, friends!!

12 thoughts on “i needed shredded cheese

  1. Melissa R

    Here I am, Marla 🙂 Sorry it took me so long..busy weekend! It was great to see you again & yes, that was right I purchased one of your books and it was sent to my old address. By the time it was all over, I purchased all 4 of your books (& some multiple copies) and met you in person. Fun! Have loved following your blog and now that I’m no longer just a lurker, maybe I’ll chime in more often! Looking forward to hearing you speak in Oct 🙂

  2. Stephanie

    I was JUST looking at pictures from Tug and Angie’s wedding yesterday. You painted the picture quite accurately with the lacy maroon dress and platinum french twist. 🙂

    Have fun with Mom and Grandma today! I’m sure you’re already gone, but if not, tell them I love them!

    I wish I could see the girls play soccer. Sigh…

  3. jess

    LOL to the stunning bridesmaid mental image. 🙂

    ALI–CONGRATS ON THE BIG DAY! 🙂 Can you hardly contain yourself?!?

  4. Ali

    Thank you, Marla. I don’t have the words for how much your friendship means to me.

    And you have me craving cheese. I’m not allowed food or drink before my surgery, but don’t you think they should make an exception for cheese?

  5. ginger

    just wondering what title “I need shredded cheese” meant..? maybe I’m missing something from an earlier post or something…?
    p.s. can’t wait for the book either!!

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