i missed a day!!

In my former life, that would be reason enough to give up on this Blog-Every-Day-in-April gig. I missed a day! It’s over! I quit!

(In my current life, it might also be reason enough. We’ll see.)

I do know that I’m no longer a fan of writing something just to write something. It’s better when you’ve really got something to say.


And, while I’m thinking many, many things, I don’t know that I should be writing them.

For now, let me give you a peek into my life, and we’ll call it a day.

The Good:

–Spring! Spring spring spring! I love spring!! Flowers, GREEN, cool/warm breezes! Aaaahhhh!!!
–The sense of community we’ve found at our apartment complex. It is very, very cool. And refreshing. And wonderful.
–We finally got our van to the shop! It’s going to be so delightful and roomy when we get it back!
–Very busy with writing jobs, excited to get out of debt. (SO excited!!)
–Still in shock and awe over all of this.

The Bad:

–You caught me at a good time. Can’t think of anything to whine about. 😉

The Swirly:

–Want to love our neighbors here and our friends in Cambodia. But don’t want to have anything to do with some White Savior Complex.
–Saying no to some things. But not wanting to disappoint people.
–Love my flip-flops. But my back hurts.
–Want to inspire people, ignite their passions, lead them to freedom. But don’t want to seem superior/condescending/judgy.
–Not sure I’m getting this parenting thing 100% right. (Or even 80%.)
–Not sure I’m balancing all the stuff in my life super well.
–Life is complicated. Messy. Not as black and white as I used to think. Boo.

Any good, bad, or swirly life stuff to share with the class?

3 thoughts on “i missed a day!!

  1. Brooke

    neighbors we share a driveway with are selling to someone who will use it as a vacation rental property. trying not to borrow trouble, but my brain doesn’t like this too much.

  2. cyndee

    It doesn’t matter what percentage of the parenting thing you’re “getting right.” God’s getting his part 100% right, so your kids are all good! 🙂

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