i miss you guys!!

Man. I hate that I don’t have the time/energy to blog these days. I don’t know that I’ve ever blogged so sporadically in the six (SIX!) plus years I’ve been at this gig. (Is it still called a gig if you’re not making money at it??)


I can’t make any grand promises for hopping back on the Consistent-Blogging Train either, darn it.  I’d LOVE to, but I’d just be fooling myself. And it’d be “utterly unfair to you.” (name that movie)

I just miss you all like nuts. And I have sooooooo much to say. About important stuff too. Traffick Jam, kiddos in Cambodia, racial reconciliation, MY NEW E-BOOK RELEASING LATER THIS WEEK (holy cow, I can’t wait to show you the cover–my favorite part!), my girlies chopping off 10+ inches of their hair for locks of love, the 7 read-a-long, SO MUCH STUFF.

I also owe you an update on Gabe. I’ll never, ever, not ever, be able to thank you enough for praying us through this hard time (please don’t stop).

But enough about me. I want to know about YOU. I miss you!!!!!

Could you share 2 things with me?

1. Something big/crazy/heavy that’s going on.

2. Something small/silly/fun (or not) that’s happened lately.

59 thoughts on “i miss you guys!!

  1. Kathryn

    I love your blog so much! Your walk through everything is such an inspiration to me!

    1) My sweet baby girl was born 5 1/2 weeks early via emergency c-section and is living in the NICU right now. She is healthy and thriving but having 2 other kids at home is making it VERY hard to see her and take care of my other sweet kiddos. Please pray that Lacie Grace gets big enough to come home SOON!!
    2) My mom is here helping out getting me to the hospital everyday! That’s a great thing to be thankful for!! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Ekstrand

    1. It seems like we’re facing quite a few decisions, Michael’s getting closer to finishing his PhD, so there are questions for what’s next, but we’re also trying to think about how best to spend our remaining time in this city, including whether or not to be part of a church plant from our church.

    2. Not fun: our Internet connection was down for 50 hours this weekend. This was generally unpleasant, but especially so was not being able to check hours before errands and finding that the post office wasn’t open on Saturdays, after having carried ten books to it.

    Fun: I found out today that another neice or nephew is on the way.

  3. Keri

    I miss you too…..but in a “I want you sitting in front of me in a tuk tuk” kind of way.

    Let’s see…..I tried to resign my Bible study coordinator position at church because I am at a point where I feel like I’m not doing anything well these days. Then our Women’s Director informed me she was moving back to Texas then she flippantly asked me if I wanted her position then I said “No way Jose” and then they asked someone else and then my pride was hurt because they didn’t pursue me more for a job I DIDN’T WANT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Yep, I’m a mess.

    Oh, and then there’s the “I want to live in Singapore the rest of my life” days vs the “Get me back to Texas right this instant” days that keep me in an emotional whirlwind.

    Those are the big things.

    Hmmm…..small and silly. You mean besides the fact that Garrett now feels the need to snack while in the shower? Seems my adventure club has decided our next adventure is going to involve poles. And dancing. And an instructor.

    The end.

  4. Melissa Irwin

    Heavy thing: Our sweet girl from Zim isn’t coming for a visit. The powers at be have said “no” twice. Really heavy. I’m trying to go back there in August, God willing!

    Small thing: I’m eating chips and Salsa at a Mexican restaurant right now and very happy about it in every way.

    Missing you too!

  5. Sharon Meekins

    I love you, Marla!

    1. I need God to move in a big way regarding providing the funds for my mission trip to Haiti! Please pray!
    2. T D Jakes is coming to my church this weekend – Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC 🙂

      1. Sharon Meekins

        Thank you so much for your prayers, Marla! I appreciate them so much. I’ve raised 470.00 so far. The cost of the trip is 1750.00, so I have a ways to go. I covet your prayers! Much love to you.

  6. Elisabeth

    #1 Heavy: Still waiting to hear back for a job I applied for last month. Have not worked for over 1 year, not eligible for unemployment.
    #2 Fun: My sister is having a baby, yay! It will be the first grandchild of the family.

  7. Lesley

    1. Our 4 year old son we adopted from China is going to have surgery on May 4th. He is terrified of doctors and will need to be on a liquid diet for 2 weeks following the surgery.

    2. Same kiddo got a buzz cut last night and is so proud. He has been pointing to his hair and is all excited 🙂

  8. Valerie

    1. My biopsy is Wednesday; then it’s just a waiting game for the results. Mike isn’t worried for some reason…. I however have the gut instinct that something isn’t going to be right…and that terrifies me.

    2. Yesterday (on Mike’s watch) Sean decided he wanted to try getting into the neighbor’s above ground fountain to play. At least they all thought it was funny I guess?? On my watch Wednesday he was bouncing on the sofa and bounced himself into the wooden trim on the back of it… busted his upper lip a bit… it’s healed now but looked bad the first day or two….pretty sure the result was a few more gray hairs on my head..boys!! 😛

      1. Valerie

        Biopsy is scheduled for 3, which means I need to leave here no later than 1:45. Stepmom is coming to keep Sean while I go and my friend Becki was persistent that I didn’t need to drive myself home after that. Not sure how long it will take to get the results…most things seem to be 7-10 days.

        Taking my last final tomorrow night and will get some down time until the 30th which will be nice….I need a break.

  9. Leslie

    Totally respect your priorities, Marla. I’m actually behind on 7 and trying to snatch moments to catch up.
    1. Big/Crazy – my daughter and son-in-law arrived on our doorstep Easter night to announce that they’re EXPECTING! I’m gonna be a grandma – actually, “Honey” is my chosen grandma name! She’s 14 weeks and feels great. Grace, pure grace!
    2. Not sure how ‘funny’ this is, but yesterday, right in the middle of our pastor’s sermon from James about favoritism – you know, the part where James talks about someone walking in dressed to the nines and someone walking in looking poor – a tiny, filthy, barefoot five-year-old walked into church and plopped into a seat on the front row. (our church is not exactly racially diverse – although we’re making some progress). She turned and looked around and my husband and I grinned at her and she got up and walked over and we invited her to sit with us. She colored in my notebook and smiled so sweetly throughout the service. Her little shirt was on inside out and her knees were scuffed up. I think she lives in some apartments nearby and just got herself up and dressed herself and decided to come to church! As soon as church was over, several folks came over to greet her and welcome her and I asked if she wanted to go to Sunday School. “YES!” What an amazing, living illustration for our people. Are we doing this or not? I loved it!

    1. Marla Taviano

      In reverse order, 2.) That is UNREAL about the kiddo at church. LOVE it! and 1.) I think you need a couple copies of Expecting, one for you to pray through and one for your daughter. 🙂 CONGRATS!!!

  10. Rachelle

    1. My oldest and first born son Blake is about to graduate high school! We are planning an after-grad come and go dinner for about 100 friends and family. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Meanwhile Blake and my 2 daughters are busy traveling for all kinds of organizations. Some days I have to check my schedule to see what city everyone is in!! Next week Blake will be in Chicago. Last week he, and his speaking partner, gave a 1-on-1 presentation to our Governor. What’s are they doing? Adoption/foster care advocacy. You really cannot imagine the paths God has laid out for your children~God is good.

    2. Thankfully I still have Dawson, my 11 yo son, safely at home(no traveling without mom). Last week we found out my 35 yo nephew is getting engaged to which Dawson replied, “Alright!! I get his playstation!” To which I said, “huh, what’s that got to do with Josh getting married”? and Dawson said, “It’s in his will”.
    ~God gives us what we need when we need it.

    Love you Marla.

  11. D

    1. struggling with loneliness. 2. and my husband passed out last night in front of our children. im anxious and couldn’t sleep.

  12. joyce

    There are seasons Marla so don’t feel bad. Life beckons. My oldest has been growing out her hair for locks of love…she needs about 3 more inches before she’ll cut. My niece had a natural hair wig made during chemo and it helped so much.

    Excited to see your book cover : )

    1. heavy-my niece was finally released from the hospital after 8 months (leukemia) and is in the transition apartment before being released home home. She feels crummy and has no energy (to be expected) and she’s 17 so of course sad about all she is missing. She is considered cancer free at the moment but still has issues with the graft vs. host disease (from her bone marrow transplant), primarily her stomach. They just can’t seem to get on top of that 100%. Still need lots of prayer.

    2. My ‘baby’ graduates from university in three weeks.

  13. Shannon Wheeler

    I’ve missed your daily posts, but I understand the need to attend to other things, too, which brings me to:
    1. Our refugee friends finally are not homeless! They actually live in a house with a yard that touches mine (crazy cool!). The heavy part: I have learned that I have a lot to learn about how to keep my family first when I’m serving others. I didn’t do that very well the past 3 months, when everything seemed like a “crisis” with this other family. I’m feeling really convicted of that, and I need the Lord to show me how to do better. I’m rejoicing in the work God has done in our lives and our friends’ lives, but I am sad to know that my own family sacrificed certain aspects of my time for them that I know now looking back was not fair or probably how God would have had me manage that time. (Note: I am learning as I go.)

    2. SO funny! At Easter dinner with our refugee family, my mom brought couscous, and we learned that in one Afghan dialect, the first syllable alone (however it’s spelled) is anatomical slang, and they were laughing so hard they had tears, and my mom (she is so precious!) just kept saying “no, it’s good!” and that made them laugh harder. We were all about on the floor with tears in our eyes – it was so funny! One of the girls whispered to me what it means, and I think my poor mother was the only one who didn’t realize so she just kept saying it over and over! (I love that woman)

    1. Shannon Wheeler

      (The “brings me to” part is to say I think you are doing an admirable job taking care of your family and making choices to set other things aside sometimes, which I’m still learning.)

  14. Ruth

    I miss you too! But totally agree with what you’re doing & the reasons behind it. 🙂

    1. Going through a complete life change with regards to calling, ministry, direction of life, etc. A huge overhaul & man it is crazy but we’re seeing God’s hand in it all.

    2. Micah (my 2 yr old) likes to call me “stink bug” whenever I tell him to do anything. He also thinks he is spiderman or any other super hero he can somewhat name & “shoots” me all the time. It’s adorable.

  15. Sharon

    So glad to hear from you, but totally understand and respect you needing to be focused on other things right now.

    My heart is so heavy with all the stuff going on in the world. Just finally got around to watching “Courageous” and it was just as amazing as I’d heard it was. But, it got me thinking about all the crime, all the fatherless people, all those hurting out there….

    I haven’t been exercising regularly for a few years now and I did two new aerobics work outs this past week. If you’d seen me in action, you would have found it funny. Apparently there are new routines out since the 80’s and it’s gonna take me a while to be able to do the arm and leg motions together. My toddler joined in on the fun and it was the most precious thing ever.

  16. Danielle

    I miss you too friend! We’re praying often for you wonderful Tavianos, love you guys. I’m super excited about your new book, and everything else, but especially the locks of love. I’m currently growing my hair out with that same purpose in mind. Thanks for inviting us to share, because I don’t have much of an outlet.

    1. Our adoption of our daughter is not going to happen and it just makes me heart hurt in big, ugly, messy ways. And more than that I fear for her safety in the situation that people are assuming she is in, but there’s nothing I can do to change that or to ensure that she is with safe people.

    2. I am so stinking thankful for such a wonderful husband that I almost can’t contain my giddiness. We recently celebrated 5 years from the day we met and every day has been more amazing than the last.

    1. Andrea

      Re: 1…I’m so sorry. That is such a disappointing and frustrating thing to deal with. And I know you must be hurting, especially in regards to the situation she may be in.

    2. Shannon Wheeler

      I’m sorry about your adoption. We had a similar situation with a boy who already expected us to come, and both our governments threw up road blocks and he aged out. We spent time with him last summer in his country because we still consider him family, and I can understand the way your heart hurts for your little girl. It’s so hard. I am praying for her and for you this morning.

    3. Valerie

      I’m so sorry about the adoption…it’s so hard. We’ve been through a failed one ourselves and if you ever need anyone to talk to or just listen I’m here always. Will be praying for your heart as well as for the girl’s safety.

    4. Marla Taviano

      I love you, Danielle. I’m praying for you and J.J. and T. I know God is not done with this story. Praying he fills your heart with hope where there seems to be none. He is so BIG. Love you, love you, love you!!

  17. Meghan

    Dropping in to say ‘hi’! 🙂 Thank you for the birthday wishes, and I’m really sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    1. I had a good birthday week despite being really down.
    2. Not really silly, but totally fun: Kensie is saying, “Momma!” 🙂

    Love to you!

  18. Chris

    1.First the heavy stuff situation making my kids unsafe has been escalating.Praying for an end to that eight year battle. 2. My son asked me if I wanted to be buried alive or creamated while passing a funeral home. It isnt what he meant to say but it was so funny in the moment.

  19. Melissa

    Miss hearing from you too! But I know that what you are doing instead is so very important for your family.
    1. I signed up to do The Color Run. It is more for fun and not speediness and sounds like lots of fun. But I’ve never done a run. So this is kinda out of my comfort zone.
    2. Our family played freeze tag in our backyard tonight. So much fun chasing after each other and enjoying our family. 🙂

      1. Melissa

        The color run is on July 21st and it is a 5k. But the website says it is for all ages, mall walkers to runners. Anyone can do it. 🙂 It isn’t for speed but for fun.Throughout the run they throw color at you. The color kinda reminds me of kool aid. So by the end you are a rainbow of color. Seems likes lots of fun and happiness. I know I just sounded a little cheesy. We just joined a gym recently and are trying to get in better shape. And the run sounds like a lot of fun. They say you can run or walk.

  20. Beth in Baltimore

    We are considering a move – a big one. Prayers appreciated.

    I rode a horse today! I’m a fail at “posting” – I was riding English which I don’t think I’ve ever done before.

    Thanks be to God for carrying you through Gabe’s rough time. We are not strangers to anxiety and panic in this household. I wish we all were strangers to it, but may God bring healing and from our pain may he create something new.

  21. Carla

    OOPS! Keep hitting the wrong button before typing number two.

    2. At our neighborhood Easter egg hunt, I had the honor of accidentally letting the “bunny out of the bag” and an innocent 10 year old boy’s dreams of a furry little critter hiding his eggs was crushed. I think I won’t be invited back.

  22. Anne Fickel

    What a wonderful way to honor your grandma. She sounds like a spectacular woman! So sorry for your loss.

    1. God is moving in my man’s heart in different ways and that’s bringing in some changes. 🙂

    2. Luke pulled his pants down on the playground at preschool and took a pee in front of his classmates. Funny stuff.

  23. Carla

    We miss you too but know that you are right “where” you need to be.

    1. Heavy/Big: Spent two days in training for my summer mission trip to Rwanda. BEYOND EXCITED!

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