i just may vent…

EDIT #2: Back from a family trip to Lowe’s. We own a new dryer. Coming tomorrow. Free delivery and haul-away with rebate. Thanks for the suggestions, Terri! Details later…

EDIT: Advice please ASAP. It’s not the motor that’s the problem. Probably the door switch or some fuse. Another $100+ to fix. So, we’re getting a new dryer. Any recommendations for brand names? Cubic feet? Why are some only 3 cu. ft. and some 7 for the same price?

because my dryer won’t.

I’m a tad frustrated and trying to be joyful. Thankful for what I have. Not focusing on this one pebble in my proverbial shoe.

Here’s the scoop. My natural tendency when things break/rip/whatever is to throw them out and get something new. But I realize this is not always the best stewardship, so I’ve been trying to make things last. Anyway, we got our first (and only) washer and dryer back in 1999. In the past couple years, they’ve both started acting up, but I’ve just made do. Dry each load of clothes twice. Manually move the washer knob along when needed. And so on.

Feb. 16, 2007–dryer drum won’t turn at all. Repairman replaces drum bolt. $99.07. Way to go, Marla. A new dryer would have been at least $400.

May 30, 2007–dryer stops working again. Replace motor? Expensive. Get new dryer? Have to find a way to get rid of old one. Big hassle. Already put $100 in this dryer. Opt for new motor–$267.50. Eek.

September 7, 2007–dryer has been making hideous noise for weeks now. Finally cave and call repairman. Replace rear tub rollers–$64.73.

Are you adding all this up? Now for the clincher. December 11, 2007. Dryer stops working. Are you kidding me? Call repair place. I explain situation. “Who has been out to look at your dryer in the past?” “Jim, Wally, and Easy,” I say. “Wow.” She’s going to send Jim, the manager. He’ll call first. (this is 9 a.m.) Doesn’t call. I call back four hours later. She says he’ll call. Doesn’t call. Gabe leaves message at 5 p.m. If you’ve been following this blog o’ mine, you’re wondering why I keep calling these… people. Well, I need my $ back if this dryer motor is kaput after just a few months. With my luck, I’ll end up buying a new dryer–for a grand total of $1500.

Some of my clothes are wet. Many are dirty. Why, oh why, didn’t we get a new dryer 10 months ago? I’m trying to look at this from a different perspective than my own. It’s only money. God can pull money out of anywhere. I am being given an opportunity to develop character traits I lack. What else?

I know. I have a family. I have eternal life. It’s Christmas. I’m loved. I’m capable of loving. I have a home. And a blog. And friends. And food. And our very first real tree. And comfortable pajama pants. And I volunteered in Ava’s class this afternoon and didn’t mess up my paper-cutting and hole-punching. And one little girl told me I was pretty (compared to the one who asked me why my teeth are big). And Livi and Ava and I went to Muffins with Mom this morning at their school. And all five of us are healthy at the moment. And God sent Jesus who sent His Spirit, who dwells inside me.

God has been stirring my heart and swirling my thoughts. I want to take big risks for Him. I want more of Him in my life. I’ll start by rejoicing in the midst of my dirty laundry and money out the dryer vent.

Happy Wednesday, you little cheekies!

26 thoughts on “i just may vent…

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  2. amweaks

    You know Marla, when we are comfortable in life, and everything is going as WE have planned, we probably aren’t growing as much as when we are challenged by BROKEN APPLIANCES! Praying that your new dryer will bring you years of happiness! Thanks for trusting in Him!

  3. allieanne

    Yay for a new dryer and dry clothes!!!

    I work in a school and one of my friends told me today that the 3rd graders are asking her if she is fat! Be thankful they are just asking about your teeth 🙂

  4. M3mine

    I’m praising the Lord today for my dryer.  I wouldn’t have even given it a second thought if you hadn’t written about your dryer on Xanga today.  Thanks for helping me to realize that the Lord has provided so many, many neat and oh, so helpful appliances for our lives today.  (My mom still hung her clothes on clotheslines in the basement until about 10 years ago—Imagine that! She always said she DIDN’T WANT a dryer. And now she’s always telling us thank you for buying her one and not listening to her.)  Glad you have a new dryer on the way!

  5. Marketer319

    Hooray for a new dryer and no more wondering if it will work! (Even though the circumstances are less than ideal.) And hooray for a good attitude about it. At this point all that’s left to do is enjoy your shiney new toy, the hard decision is done.

  6. gsowell

    Ok, let’s get real. Who cares about anything but the delivery date…it comes tomorrow! Woohoo! You can surely make the clothing last until then. Glad this is all working out.

  7. KmHunsberger

    I know that feeling in the pit of your stomach…oh too well. But I am glad you got a new one…now we just hope for the best! Is it a front loader I always wanted one of those.

    I appreaciate you friend…I really, really do!!!

  8. dnkneer

    Dave Ramsey’s advice is to take cash, go in with confidence, bargain and get the salesmen to go down. They have quite a bit of profit margin, you know. Say, “That price is just not good enough.”

    My mom tried this recently, when her washing machine had to be replaced. She ended up getting a higher end model for the price of the base model at Lowes.

    Good luck!

  9. terriwright

    Dang!! A dryer costs $1500??? We had a wringer washer and no dryer with cloth diapers. THAT was fun. THEN in 1973 we bought a harvest gold washer and dryer…….the washer went in 1999, and the dryer caught fire in 2001. We had VERY good luck with Lady Kenmore.

    You can know all the blessings you have, you can believe hard, but that still doesn’t dry the clothes. Be ticked. You’re allowed.

    Go buy a dryer.

  10. ClutzyButtercup

    We bought our first washer and dryer in 1984 and just replaced them a year ago…The old ones never required repair but we have already been warned that our new ones will probably not fair as well…even thought they are the same brand and comparable model.  Things just don’t last like they used to.  Praying that all things work together for good!  🙂

  11. rocknnell

    Jeffy had a friend that Gabe and Tug called or he called Gabe and Tug… ” dirty laundry”….. Angie just got a $1,5000 dollar radiology bill…I have a $1,000 hospital test bill…you have a washer and dryer……hmmmmmmmm – that sips…for sure !

  12. faithchick

    ick.  i don’t like swirling thoughts too much.  it’s a shame that it’s not your dryer that’s swirling and your thoughts that are still (for a minute at least, because swirling thoughts don’t seem to ever stop).  blech.  keep your chin up, girly-girl.  this too shall pass.  it really, really will!!!

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