i hope i'm not imposing

My vision is blurry, my head is pounding, and I have to get up an hour earlier than normal tomorrow, so please excuse this non-post, and while I’m at it, can I ask you a favor (or four), and do you like rambling, run-on sentences as much as I do?

Favor #1: If you’re feeling the slightest twinge of “maybe I should sign up for the James Read-Along, but….” DO IT. I can’t imagine you’ll experience even the slightest regret. Invite your friends to join us too! I’m praying God moves in big, big ways!

Favor #2: If you have 20 seconds, please go leave a comment on this post. My friend Mari wrote a fun little review of The Husband’s Guide and is giving us money for our Cambodia Fund (!!!) for every comment she gets on the post. Isn’t that awesome?!?

Favor #3: I’m watching two beautiful little boys (ages 4yrs and 10 mos) tomorrow (Thursday) for a friend who’s in a pinch. They’ll be mine from 6:45am to 4:30pm. And I’m a teensy bit nervous about meeting all their needs while getting Livi off to school, walking Nina to and from the bus stop (12:20, 3:40), homeschooling Ava, checking my blog comments (teehee), and getting three girls off to soccer practice. Would you pray for me? Thank you!

Favor #4: Tell me your favorite college football team. The girls and I are working on some new washer necklaces, and we want to do some in team spirit color combos. So far, we’ve got requests for Scarlet & Gray (Grey), Maize & Blue, and Chicago Maroon & Orange (from guess who?).

Thanks, friends! You guys/y’all/you people/all y’all y’alls are the BEST!! Happy September!!

11 thoughts on “i hope i'm not imposing

  1. Tonia

    Spartans! Go Green, Go White, Everybody yell fight!
    At least your long day will be a Friday before a really long weekend! I’m going over to sign up for James.

  2. Melissa

    I can’t remember if I signed up or not but I am definitely in for James 🙂 Also, we are a WVU family here…navy and yellow {or blue and gold as my sons would tell you}

  3. Tarah

    There’s a Chicago team that is maroon and orange?? Obviously, I am not up on my college sports. I vote for the 2011 Super Bowl Champion colors, myself. One week from today…..season opener!!

  4. ellen

    Always a blessing when one mom steps up for another and we reap what we sow — so there is time out ahead in your future LOL
    Go Bucks
    I will be ready James with you — I really enjoy reading others insites etc.

  5. Ruth Chowdhury

    I’m praying for your day tomorrow. It’ll be intense but FUN! 😉 And you already have my colors listed, so I can’t help you there. Oh and I left a comment earlier today on Mari’s blog. Get some sleep! 🙂

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