i hear my bed calling

What a whirlwind weekend. The girls had Thursday and Friday off school, so all of us (plus my mom) piled in the mini-van and headed for South Carolina to visit my sister Stephanie, brother-in-law Daniel and baby niece Mia (still cooking in her mama’s belly). We ate yummy food, played tons of games, went to the ZOO, stayed up way too late talking, drank Ethiopian coffee, sampled dill pickle Monkey Ice, played putt-putt golf, cleaned a church, ate queso and fajitas, had a Mac laptop fest in the living room, fed a giraffe, and paid homage to Five Guys.

Did I miss anything? Whew–I’m beat. It was a sweet time with some of my favorite people. Love and miss you, Stephi, Daniel and teensy Mia!

I do want to fill you in on the Expecting Books Give Fest (I do love the word “fest.”). If you missed it, on my birthday a couple weeks ago, I asked for $5 to donate copies of my book Expecting to mamas-to-be who are contemplating abortion or just having a rough time with an unplanned pregnancy. You floored me by donating 175 books and counting. Again, THANK YOU. I told you I’d sign your name on the From line and do my best to let you know where your book was going so you could pray specifically.

My brother-in-law Daniel is giving 9 (all I had left) to a missionary family in India for them to share with some pregnant women they’ve been ministering to. Here are the names I signed on those books: Daniel and Stephanie (2), Sarah, Nicco, Conny, Kaye, Val, David and Rhonda. Five books have already been given to a pregnancy clinic in Estonia (Donna, Emily, Sarah, Rebecca and Amanda).

And I came home tonight to 120 books on my doorstep! So, I’ll be busy writing in the front of the books and giving them away however God leads. I already have a list started, but tons more books need a home, so if you’re connected with a pregnancy clinic (or something similar) in your area, please let me know. Thanks so much and it’s not too late to give!

Have a sweet week, friends! Keep those eyes, ears and heart open so you can see God at work in the world all around you!

9 thoughts on “i hear my bed calling

  1. Esther

    Marla, I’d love to have some (dontate/buy) to give the pregnancy center our church works with here in Xenia. Let me know how to get this done.

  2. Conny

    Oh how I hope I’m that CONNY (am I the ONLY Conny with a “y” that is out there????) whose name is on the book on its way to INDIA!!!! Even if it is not, then I am praying for whoever receives those books. I am on week 33 of my own journey thru the book – and I pray for you every time I read/write in it!! God bless, Marla. Glad you had a nice trip to see your family in SC.

  3. Amber rohrer

    Marla I volunteer at miami valley womens center in Kettering oh and we have two other locations as well. What a blessing it would be to accept your book donations. You can send me a MSG on fb thanks so much!

  4. Kaye

    Great memories for your family. So thankful you had a FUNtasic trip:)
    If there are books available there is a place in the Nashville area that I give a portion of proceeds from one of my tiles to monthly…because of sweet Angie Smith. It is called The Hope Clinic. This might be another place you’d be interested in looking into. I know they would be so blessed by your books.
    Blessings to you and yours today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  5. Karen

    I’ve been involved with a Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centre in British Columbia, if you’d send some there that would be delightful. I wasn’t aware you were still looking for places to send them. I was thrilled to be able to donate 2.

  6. Cheryl Pickett

    Our area has Compassion Pregnancy Center that helps women through pregnancy and first two years with supplies, and counseling. I’m sure they’d be honored to have whatever you’d like to send. If you choose them, you can get the books to me and I’ll deliver them to the director. Send me a note on Facebook or if you still have my email, that’ll work too.

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