i don’t.

That’s my answer to the question, “How do you do it?” I assume people mean, how do you manage to juggle your family and writing and all that? I repeat–I don’t. Today was a good example.

MGH due at noon today. Stayed up until 2 a.m. Stumbled out of bed at 7:00. Changed Nina, got everybody’s breakfast, remembered Livi had homework, packed her lunch, stumbled around some more. Tried to catch up on my Bible study. Gabe had a meeting–left at 8:30. Livi got on the bus. Ava was exceptionally needy. Nina watched Dora and WonderPets on Gabe’s computer while I worked. Told Ava 13 times that I couldn’t play a game with her… She wrote on the carpet with a blue crayon–big ol’ streak.. Cream carpet. Blue crayon. She’s five. Talk about a plea for attention.

Anyway. Turned in project at 12:50. House has been tornadoed. Company at 5:00. Need a shower. Need Starbucks. Need to run to the grocery store. Want to address mailers for people’s books (later). Need to love on my babies the rest of the week.

Superwoman I am not.

Thank you sooo much for your kind words about the book. I love that so many of you cried when you read it. It’s awfully affirming to know that I was able to connect with you emotionally through written words. It doesn’t always work out that way–and I’m thrilled when it does. Don’t worry–I don’t have a big head about it since my readership (especially for this book–new moms) isn’t known for their emotional stability. 🙂 No offense, girls. I’m counting myself in with you. Become a mom, and the walls crumble. Weep, weep, sniff, sniff.

Some of you asked when you could order it. RIGHT NOW. RIGHT HERE. I’m not sure when the books are arriving. Could be as early as today. Definitely by Friday. It’s going to take me awhile to get all the free books sorted, signed, mailers addressed, etc. Plus the orders coming in. Thanks in advance for your patience. Y’all are so patient. (ahem)

That reminds me. If you filled out a survey for a free book and YOUR ADDRESS HAS CHANGED since then, could you PLEASE message me? I really don’t want a bunch of books returned to me–could get costly. I plan to e-mail people whom I don’t know personally just to check. You can beat me to it with a message.

And I think that’ll do her for now. Read to Neenie, put her to bed, shower, and all that. Have a Super Tuesday! (of a non-political variety)

16 thoughts on “i don’t.

  1. FlyingCAB

    Just read the first chapter and LOVE it.  I am going to order a copy for my friend who just had a baby and a my friend who just found out she’s pregnant…  Great job =)

  2. Anonymous

    Marla… Heart warming.  Absolutely!  I just read your first chapter from Harvest’s website.  Loved it, and quite frankly my heart dropped a bit when the down arrow wouldn’t go any further!  Looking forward to buying it, only to read it then, just like Blushing, I’ll have three names immediatly on my heart to send it too.

    I already think it will be a great read for those of us who are, you can say, AFTER the fact!  Everyone needs a reminder of the wonderful joy in our lives that ARE our children!   Especially when you’re “in the thick of it”.  And by “it”… I think we all know WHAT I mean!  Looking forward to it, Marla!  God Bless.

    As Rocks in My Dryer, Shannon, stated… “Superwoman is just a chick in tights”.  Nothing super about that in my book.  Stubble or no, I prefer no stockings, thanks.

    Have a great one!

  3. ClutzyButtercup

    Oh, I totally understand because “I DON’T” either!  For me it wasn’t writing but the feeling is the same.  After almost 23 years of doing the “mom” thing I still have days when I find myself in a puddle on the floor wondering when it will end.  The answer is “probably never”…between Tina and my “other children” (I won’t be retiring anytime soon  from being the other mother since I now am on second generation and most of my moms plan on more) …Oh well, life would be way too boring without the excitement of children and a life that is full.

    Looking forward to reading your book!

  4. angntug

    If anyone says they “do”, they’re lying, and there have been days where I ask myself how in the world do working mothers keep balanced and not go crazy, because all I do is stay at home and I feel nuts half the time…so, you must be pretty amazing to do what you do and still be partially sane 🙂 love you! oh and chapter was amazing 🙂

  5. jbnygaard

    @terriwright – Love the comment Terri! Especially the “dunking children into tubs”!! 🙂

    Marla—I was supposed to be exercising this morning, but I stopped to read your blog and crept onto the insert from your book. LOVE IT! I couldn’t keep my eyes off it! I can’t wait to get my copy. But I can. I mean. Don’t hurry. Take your time. Can you bring it on Monday? 🙂

  6. terriwright

    No one ever ‘does it’. Some cover it up better, some lie, some fall to pieces, but no one ever ‘does it’. I could never juggle. I ran from one job to the next, seldom finishing one before I started the next, throwing food onto plates and into boys, heaving laundry into appliances, dunking children into tubs, squashing them into to bed, then sitting on the couch for 20 minutes and falling to sleep.

    Eventually the urgent stops ALWAYS supplanting the important, and you get a breath. Then you start again. Hang in there.

  7. adamslady

    ok, i am DUMB – but what is the in-law book????  you wrote one, right?  a marriage book, marriage sequol 🙂 book, baby book, and – you are working on your 4th book?  the pregnant prayers book?  i just didn’t see an inlaws book on your website . . .

  8. KmHunsberger

    An acquantaince of mine just emailed and told me she is getting married. I told her I would send her your blushing book if she will give me her address. Can I still buy one of those from you…or from somewhere?

  9. GooberandDicky

    This is why I love to read your blog.  You speak only in truths and that is a rare thing especially around women.  Jim had spoken highly of you from college but after meeting you and reading about your day to day issues really I  have great respect for you. I am looking forward to your new book and I pray that this time around you set records in sales which means records of women being encouarged by those very truths you speak.  

  10. bensmomshelly

    I don’t either, Marla.  Trying to be superwoman/wondermom is just setting ourselves up for failure.  It’s hard (but better) to have a realistic expectation of what can and cannot be accomplished, and take time for resting and playing (with and without the kids).  Easier said than done, I know.  Oh, and I’m pretty sure no kids have ever died from watching a bit of TV so mom can have quiet.  I know mine hasn’t.

  11. kellycohan

    I “don’t,” either, and I don’t even have kids. You have way more excuses than some of us!

    On a happier (?) note, I teared up (at work) when I read the excerpt, too. It was really touching even if your emotions are relatively stable.

  12. gsowell

    THIS is exactly why I loved that Christy Nockels quote I had up. How do you do it? You don’t. I don’t. Christy doesn’t. It’s not the doing, but the resting that makes it possible. Go rest in Him. Love you, friend.

    And I promise to be patient for my book. I think you have our new address, but I’m messaging it just in case.

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