i don't know how to do this

Things are up and down and up and down around here. I don’t know how to blog this emotional roller coaster.

Homeschooling is pretty incredible and sometimes not. I don’t know how to blog about our schooling choice without making it seem like I think everybody else should be choosing the same path.

I love tomatoes and our new tortoise and eating Ethiopian food with our life group.

I hate politics and have been almost 100% avoiding all talk of it. I hear the “it’s your duty to be informed and vote” but who do you vote for when you agree with both Presidential candidates about 50% of the time? The more informed I am, the more impossible the choice becomes.

Lots of yucky feelings and thoughts all mucking around in my head and heart.

I’m not in the best place right now.

Just wanted to check in.

p.s. I still have 4 openings for Super-Duper September. E-mail me if you’re interested. Hooray–a whole month off from blogging about my feelings.

17 thoughts on “i don't know how to do this

  1. Melissa

    I haven’t been blogging much either, mostly because this has been one of the most hectic summers ever. My hubby and I were discussing politics last night and I asked if I could just become “apolitical”. I used to care so much and now I care so very little about it…I would much prefer spending my time in action {i.e loving my neighbor, wherever they may be} than debating politics with {most of the time} fellow believers. Praying for you!

  2. Keri

    My sweet friend…..I so hear you on this. Your roller coaster is more extreme than mine but let’s just say that I cancelled everything today and staying in my pjs watching TV. Not good. One day I never want to leave here and the next I want to go home immediately. Our country is a mess and yet it’s still home to me. I feel like I disappoint God on a daily basis and don’t know why He continues to put up with me. Blah, blah, blah. Wish we could just escape to an orphanage together and love on some kids. Seriously.

  3. Janelle

    Well, my day consisted of my son taking 2 1/2 hours to do math, which should only take 30 minutes. My daughter flies through her work and my boys TAKE FOREVER!!! The boys end up in tears and she is dancing around the house thrilled to be done with school. So hard on my patience!

    As far as the politics go, when it comes down to it, as a Christian, I cannot vote for anyone who supports abortion, period. Just something I am very passionate about and not sure how many Christian’s think about that when they go to vote. The party platforms are pretty clear on their stance on abortion. My intention is not to stir the pot on here, but to get people thinking

    Praying for you. You guys are never far from my mind 🙂

  4. KristiM

    Oh I hear you. Apparently other people do also, after reading the comments. Just the other night I asked my husband if I had to vote, and he said no (not that he tells me what to do :). Jesus for President, anyone?!

  5. Elizabeth

    Marla, thanks for your posts. Love them. You are honest, articulate and real. You are you. And when I read them, my heart says, “She is me.” And we are together in this thing we call life with family and Jesus and hurt and happy. Sorry the day was sucky. Mine was too 😉 Aren’t you glad God isn’t worried about our worries or scared by our scareds!

  6. Suzanne

    Should we be encouraging other Christians to take part in a voting fast? I try to avoid politics as much as possible too, and I have plenty of friends with whom I agree to disagree. So maybe our candidates aren’t exactly who we’d pick, I think we can still make a decision based on what is most important to us as believers. I personally want to vote for life and less government. I want to be able to help the poor or the orphans or whatever charitable organization I feel God leading me to, because as a follower of Jesus there are certainly things I should be doing regardless of what my government tells me. As the wife of a veteran, I also consider the views of my husband and what kind of president he would be happy to serve. I am definitely blessed to live in this country, but I never want to seem like my patriotism comes before my love for Christ. I get discouraged about the state of our country at times, but I can’t see the big picture. Let’s take heart – our God has overcome the world!

    1. Suzanne

      Marla, I did not mean to infer that you were telling people not to vote. I just didn’t want others to read your blog and think that most Christians were not voting. I respect the opinions of others and can understand why this election is so difficult for many. And I’m sorry you are having a rough day.

  7. Dorian

    Hey Marla,
    Hang in there, sister. Regarding you blogging about homeschooling, bear in mind that only those who are insecure in their own choices get their undies in a bunch when they disagree with yours. Their bent-out-of-shapeness is THEIR monkey, not yours. God gave YOU those kiddos to raise. He could have picked someone else, but he picked you so just go DO IT.
    Love you.

  8. Rebekah Gambrell

    Vote for Joe Schriner. http://www.voteforjoe.com
    I agree with almost all he says.
    He lives in Bluffton right now. You can vote for him and he has been running for president for 12 years. He doesn’t get alot of press so maybe you could give him some. 🙂

  9. Sean

    Before not voting at all, vote for a non-traditional party. A vote cast against both will speak to a greater voice for change than coming across as a disinterested voter that the Reps and Dems don’t care about anyway. Even though our citizenship is heaven first, we do have a Biblical mandate to advocate for the poor and oppressed. As we have seen in American history through the Civil Rights and women’s suffrage, politics is part of that advocacy.

  10. Trl

    Agree – I am about to abstain for the second time in my life and I don’t believe it is my biblically mandated duty to engage it. Haters gonna hate but I am trusting my God and my gut on this.

  11. Ali

    For what it’s worth, Henry won’t shut up about how funny Mr. Gabe is. And I’m still reliving Harper’s giggle fest in my head – she had so much fun with your girls. Greta keeps sticking out her tongue and it reminds me of Atlas eating lettuce. So it’s only been 24 hours since I saw you and I miss you a lot already.

  12. Alicia

    Hooray for Ethiopian food! If you’re ever able to get to Lancaster there’s a fantastic restaurant I can recommend. I hate politics too. I’ve decided not to vote this year because neither candidate seems like the right choice. I figure that God will just put into office whoever He wants, so it’s not something that I’m going to stress out about too much. Our real citizenship is in heaven, right? 🙂

  13. Brooke

    i’m 100% with you on the political thing. considering a voting fast coupled with a prayer claiming the scripture of God appointed leadership, asking Him to place in power whomever will allow for His will (even if I feel like I’m praying for the Babylonian ruler to lead us into captivity)

  14. Julie Sibert

    Love your realness Marla. THANK YOU!

    I grow weary too… so weary… of the ups and downs (in our case, a 7-year-old who socially struggles, a 14-year-old who feels overwhelmed by Algebra, the demands of eldercare with my sweet mother-in-law, the self doubt of “am I really on top of all the details I need to be on top of?!”).

    Lots of indescribable blessings in the journey, no doubt. But not without some pain, tears and exhaustion along the way. Daily. Weekly. Probably minute-by-minute if I’m brutally honest.

    Anyway, thanks for speaking out loud what so many of us gals think quietly to ourselves. You are fabulous!

  15. MainlineMom

    Praying for you sister. I don’t always know how to blog when I’m wrestling with hard stuff either. I know you’ve had a really rough road. I have too, this summer, but I’m getting a (probably temporary) reprieve at the moment and using it to build up my faith and try to encourage others. Anyway, know that I am going before the throne on your behalf.

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