hustle bustle flurry scurry!!

Oh, wow. I just need to sit here for a minute and breathe. And blog. And smile.

Life is good right now, friends. I don’t expect to stay on this little cloud for super long (I’m more of a roller coaster girl–emotions-wise anyway, not in real life), but I will ENJOY IT WHILE I’M ON IT, DARN IT.

Lots going on. Lots happening. Lots of good stuff. Lots of prayers being answered.

So, while sometimes when I don’t blog for awhile, you think, “Oh no! Marla’s sad! Her life is probably in shambles!” this time, it’s not true. Not one little bit.

I just feel a lot of hope. A great big bunch of it. I feel like God is saying, “Remember when I told you I hadn’t forgotten you? That I care about your hopes and dreams? That I see all that you’ve been through? That I have plans for you and your family? Well, I MEANT IT.”

Life isn’t perfect, and we’re still navigating our way around some crap, but mostly we’re trying to hose it out of our way and MOVE FORWARD.

Here’s a little peek into my super-busy-but-fun day today: Up at 7:30, take Cherry to school, home for coffee and Bible reading, help kiddos with school, type up some journal raw-ness for an e-book project, phone call with a new friend who hired me to do some writing for him (PRAISE JESUS!!), make lunch, go to bank and open savings account (more on that later), take some stuff to a consignment store and get $, do some grocery shopping, library, pharmacy for med refills for Gabe (we did all these things as a fun little, ahem, family).

All those errands wiped me out.

Home for more writing. And a game of Settlers of Catan. And making dinner. And more writing. And eating dinner. And another game of Settlers.

Then threatening the girls to be quiet while I write. 50 minutes into my paid-by-the-hour writing job, Cherry comes downstairs for homework help. One hour and 10 minutes later, we’re done.

It was the best time we’ve had together since she’s been here (praise Jesus!). I was able to help her understand a lot of new stuff and promised to help her pass the Social Studies part of her OGT (how on earth is a Chinese student supposed to remember all this U.S. History??). And she showed me her ACT practice test for reading. Oh my word. Big huge paragraphs she has to read and comprehend. 40 questions in 35 minutes. And English is her second language. Holy cow hard.

Does anyone have any ideas for me to help her?!?!?!

Then girls to bed, (after Praying for the World–Sudan was our country tonight) more writing, now blogging! BLOGGING!

And I’m so excited about FRIDAY!! Because I’m releasing the new blog Gabe designed for me! It will be right here still, so don’t worry about how you’ll find it. I’m so excited. No more stick figures and Scrabble letters!

(Does anyone think they know what my new blog header will look like??)

And there will be PRIZES!! Right now I’ve got books and gift cards and fair trade coffee and a photo shoot!! Does anyone have a prize they’d like to offer a lucky winner? In return, you’ll get some free exposure (minus the give-away) for your business!

Chances are, I won’t be back until then, so SEE YOU FRIDAY!!

7 thoughts on “hustle bustle flurry scurry!!

  1. Rachelle

    new blog header, something about going into all the world…but the cornflower blue lives on in the new theme! Glad things are going well. For Cherry, have you considered tutoring help from the school? They should have some kind of resources through ESL.

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