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Well, hi there. Based on what I’m thinking right this moment, the following post will be light and fun with some deep (and possibly even brooding) thrown in. Sounds like a blast, huh? We’ve been up to a lot, and not that you need to know it all to feel like your life is complete, but quite a few people who love us (but don’t live close) like to know what’s going on with our lives.


I’m just going to say right up front that if there’s anyone out there who is a follower of Christ but doesn’t believe that there is such a thing as spiritual warfare and a whole realm of evil that lusts after our souls and a whole slew of other things, then you might not like what I’m going to say next.

My husband and I are leaving in 9 days to bring Jesus to some places where He’s not very welcome (and some places where He’s loved and praised–praise the Lord!), and I’ll be darned if some forces of evil are trying to mess.

You won’t catch me blaming the devil and his minions for all the sins I’ve committed in the past week, but hoo boy, I’ve never had a harder time fighting against my flesh. Let’s just say I’ve lost the battle this week. A hundred times over. Thankfully, we all know that you can lose battles and still win wars (unlike the U.S. soccer team who got eliminated from the World Cup this weekend–boo!).

But first, some happy.

Gretchen, you made me laugh just now with your comment on a post from last week, and I quote: “Didn’t know I could love you more, but the drunk-looking photo shoot brought me over the top.” If only love were that easy to win. Just post a horrid photo of yourself on your blog, and your friends will adore you. Stay tuned for pics from hotter-than-Texas Cambodia.

Did I mention that we’re leaving in NINE days?? And we need just $300 in support. Woohoo!! If God would lead you to give any amount to our trip, you can do it online here or e-mail me, and I’ll give you instructions for mailing a tax-deductible check. I’m planning on doing a post soon about all the amazing places our support has come from. I won’t name names, but I’ll give generalities, and it’s pretty crazy cool. All glory to God!!

Can I just say that I am SO thankful for Facebook? Our June team that’s over in Cambodia right now has been posting pictures and updates and crazy videos of water parks (imagine cigarette butts and clumps of hair and moldy, slimy slides, oh yeah!). I LOVE keeping in touch with them and being able to encourage them from here.

If you’re not my Facebook friend and want super-awesome Cambodia updates in real time next week, please add me as a friend!

You can also subscribe to my friend Jen’s blog for updates from a different perspective than mine (always refreshing!).

So, we went to a zoo Saturday. And I fed a giraffe. And we had a blast with some friends. And I’ll blog about that later, because our camera is being repaired, so I’m going to get pics from our friends. Here’s one photo for now.

We missed my friend Krista’s garage sale Saturday (her husband Doug is going with us to Cambodia), but the girls and I donated a bunch of stuff to the sale. They were great about getting rid of toys they don’t play with, but then I took it a step further and got rid of some stuffed animals without telling them. BE SURE YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT. Guess who bought them for her daughters?? My friend Amanda who goes to swim lessons and the pool with us every day. Ha! Thankfully, my girls were fine with it. I didn’t sell any of their 247 most precious ones.

Speaking of Amanda, she and I are trading date nights this week. Woohoo!! Gabe and I are going out tomorrow night and she and Jamiya are hitting the town (or Babies R Us) Thursday night. Why we’ve never done this before is a huge mystery.

Speaking of Date Night, I need some time alone with my husband. Saturday morning on the three-hour drive to the zoo was a low point in my marriage. I was UGLY. It was AWFUL. And Gabe refused to play along and get mad at all the awful things I was saying to him in my hurt and frustration and anger.

Anyway. God showed me something. I’m a wicked and depraved soul, in desperate need of Christ. I’ll be honest. A majority of the time I think I’m a pretty good person. Really good even. And I’m thinking I might have gone to Cambodia and seen some of the evil and thought, “Man, those wicked people need Jesus.” And so God showed me that my soul is every bit as dark and ugly as theirs. I’m dead serious. If any of you would’ve been sitting in that mini-van with me, you would’ve been MORTIFIED.

Enough of that though. New mercies. NEW MERCIES.

My sweet, beautiful friend Sarah gave us an envelope at church yesterday of bills (dollars, not her gas bill) that she’s been saving up for months for our trip. She told me that I’m a “work of art.” And my mind flashed back to my tirade in the car the day before, and all I could think was, “I’m a piece of work, that’s for sure.” But her love for me (although she’s never seen the awful side of me) reminds me of how God sees me and loves me (even when He knows my heart).

And thus marks the end of this forever-long post. Bless you, and have an awesome week!

9 thoughts on “how we been rollin'

  1. Nixie

    Can’t believe you leave soooooo soon. They showed a video of CMS mission in Cambodia on Sunday and I thought of you!!!! You will be soo close but so far, will be praying for your trip. Let me know where I can find out what you guys are up too, is there a website?

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  3. Gaylene

    You know you are doing God’s will when the devil works even harder to bring it all down. Too much can I empathize with your “van” episode. God allowed for me to be publicly humiliated (like it was in several newspapers) to show me my true self and yuck doesn’t even begin to describe me. Thank God for his mercies, His forgiveness, and His love.

    Praying for your trip. Wish I could donate $$, but will pray.

    Thought I would tell you that the Fort Wayne, Indiana Zoo has a new baby giraffe. She was born earlier this month.

    Keep clinging to the Father and have a great day!

  4. Christy

    First, I do believe you were at the Indianapolis zoo without us.

    Second, thanks for sharing your *ugliness* (makes the rest of us feel a bit more normal) and I love your perspective on it.

    Third, well, there is no third. Have a blessed day Marla!

  5. Kaye

    Checking in on all of you. So thankful you are almost ready for your trip and I look forward to reading all about it. I know you and Gabe will be a HUGE blesing to so many people while you are gone!
    Speaking of mercies, a little boy dropped a cupcake at Trent’s 4th birthday party and when he came to get a 2nd one he was oh so sorry. I told him it was much like Jesus, HE gives us a second chance and for us to be very thankful for that ‘sweet’ mercy (over & over)!!!!
    Praying for your family as you prepare for this ‘great adventure’.
    Love to all,
    Matthew 21:22

  6. Gretchen

    I rebuke Satan by the blood of Jesus to leave you and your family as you prepare to do God’s work. Satan, you can go back to hell, where you belong. Lord Jesus, I pray that you would bless and keep Marla and fam. I pray that you would turn your face to them and be gracious to them. I pray that you would give them and the rest of their team an overwhelming peace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  7. Doug Stauffer

    You are awesome Marla! Thank you so much for your donations to the yard sale – we were able to get some money from the items and the donations will be made under the Taviano’s for our trip. 9 days! Come on water slides!


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