hitting snags and trusting anyway

This blogging-every-day thing has been a good exercise in discipline for me (still can’t believe I blogged almost every day for years, whether or not I had something to say), but I don’t think I’ll continue it after April 30.

This week has been pretty packed-full and stressful. And I’ve done a lousy job of trusting God to work out details instead of leaning on my own understanding.

One snag after another, yet God continues to make a way. Each time he works something out, I think, “Man, I really should’ve just trusted him.” And then something else comes up, another grand opportunity for me to wait in faith, and bam, I freak out again.


Hopefully tomorrow (or Friday or Saturday or Monday), I’ll be able to share what in the heck I’m talking about.

Until then, would you pray I continue to trust?

What’s something you need to trust God for today? I’ll pray for you too.

6 thoughts on “hitting snags and trusting anyway

  1. sharon meekins

    I love you, friend! And, I am always thinking about and praying for you. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all my goodies. THANK YOU!!!! xoxo

  2. Lisa Basner

    Trusting God. I so struggle with this one. Just this week the kids got the results of routine blood work done at their new doctor – there is a family history of cancer and a LONG line of family members with high cholesterol both on Jon’s side of the family. When we got the results this week and found out BOTH kids have high cholesterol, it really threw me! I did not see that coming! My first reaction was to freak out and facebook a few friends asking for advise! Instead of taking it to God and trusting Him to give me wisdom for what to do. I have since come to grips that this is not as big of a deal as I thought it was, and that God is in control (not me!). Yes, they have high cholesterol, and yes we need to make some changes. But they are both healthy, active, wonderful kids who give me joy every moment of my day (well, almost!). God will give me grace and wisdom as I need it. Thank you for this post, Marla!

  3. gretchen

    I’ll say a prayer right now for us to trust him. I need to trust that He is good and faithful, and loves our daughters, even if our adoption fails.

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