hey! i'm still alive!

Goodness glory. I can’t keep up this blogging gig right now. Here’s the good news: my absence has more to do with exciting new projects than drowning in depression (historically, the 2 biggest reasons for my infrequent blogging).

A sweet friend asked me last night via facebook message how the Taviano fam is faring these days. I gave her an update and said something like, “We’re pretty much on a wild roller coaster ride. Going around in circles with lots of highs and lows, from angst to euphoria and back again, all in a matter of milliseconds.”

I feel like I’m not even over-dramatizing reality. Maybe a smidge.

Our 2012 struggles are all still present in some form, although generally MUCH milder and not so constant.

I’m still battling the same ol’ I-trust-you-God-but

However. I have made some big ol’ strides (I heart the word “ol”) in the right direction. God is never-endingly patient with me, and I’m so, so grateful.

AND. He’s providing in some crazy ways. A writing project out of the blue that pays really well. Another project that I’m SUPER excited about: helping this amazing woman write her story (holy cow!).

I have lots of e-books simmering.

I’m praying for lots and lots (and LOTS) of friends in tough, tough places right now. Ugh. I wish I could just take away all their pain and sadness.

I hate winter.

Seriously. We’re all dying here, holed up together in this house. Last winter, we escaped for 5 weeks to a tropical climate AND the girls were distracted by real, live school. This winter? All 5 of us together in 1 house for what feels like YEARS and YEARS.

Spring, I need thee! Oh, I need thee!

Exciting things to share! First, my friend Carey (for the entire month of March!!) is giving 10% of her Noonday Collection proceeds (she’s an ambassador and drove up from TN to do a Trunk Show at my house in November) to CAMBODIA. Noonday (a fabulous company that helps women and men around the globe make gorgeous creations and support their families) has a whole new Spring Collection available. Check it out, and if you buy something, let Carey know I sent you!

Also. My friend Ruthie just spent a month in Cambodia and brought us back some really cool stuff to sell to raise $ for the Boys’ Center. Mostly elephant purses and whimsical stuff like that. They always go like hotcakes, so be watching for some Fun Sales.

I love this post from Jen Hatmaker. Love.

We had 3-5 inches of snow last night, and all the schools were cancelled today. Now everything’s melting and dreary, but it’s supposed to get up to 50 degrees by this weekend.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Spring, come and STAY!!!

Curious. What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? I promise not to be insanely jealous.

21 thoughts on “hey! i'm still alive!

  1. Jeanine

    So glad to hear that you’re alive and well! I look for you every morning in my email and miss you when you’re not there:). I certainly understand that life gets in the way sometimes, though. BTW, February is always the hardest month of the year to homeschool. It will get much better now that March is here, I promise. It’s still cold most days here in Greensboro, NC, but thankfully, it’s sunny today. We’ve had a lot of dreary, rainy days this winter, but only a smattering of snow. I would have liked to trade some of our rain for snow! Still, I’m ready for Spring also. Hopefully, it will be here soon, and not just on the calendar! Blessings to you and yours. You touch my heart with your words and heart, and I pray for you every time I read your blog. Thanks also for the link to Jen Hatmaker’s post – so true!

    1. Newlifefitness

      Krishna Sir, Nice to hear from you about our village.Although we are away,we aywlas eagar to hear & see prosperity of Ghandruk and the Ghandruke.Thank you very much and hopeto hear from you very soon. Krishna Gurung Kot Gaon(residing in The U.K.)

  2. Joy

    Ha ha, control your jealousy! We are recovering from a blizzard that dumped close to a foot of snow, with 40+ winds. 🙂 But it is all melting now so we will be back to ugly mud soon. Ick.

  3. Beth in the City

    It’s blechy here today. Our big snowstorm turned into a big rainstorm. Schools are closed anyway, and I got so much done today since the only time I left the house was to take out the trash. I am fabulously happy with this progress! I also realize that if we were all in the house all day everyday, as you mentioned, I would want to GO.AWAY. I pull inward when I’m depressed. Sounds like you do the same. Thanks for your prayers for so many of us. God’s grace is marvelous in the midst of great turmoil.

  4. Zach

    It’s 80 degrees and super sunny. Seriously, not a cloud in the sky (but, to be fair, some volcanic ash.)

    I love Mexico.

  5. Rachelle

    56 degrees right now, with a predicted high of 74 tommorow. And WINDY. We are known for our wind here and we are in a terrible drought…so wind(50-60 mph gusts on Monday) + dry farmland= reminiscent of the dustbowl. Thankfully farming practices are better now or it really would be devastating. Rain in the forcast for the weekend!!

  6. whimzie

    Now, remember, you promised not to be jealous! It is 72 degrees right now. The forecast high is 80. Lows tonight in the upper 60s. Want to come over?

      1. whimzie

        Well, head south a little ways and then go west. WAAAYYYY west. We’re the third island from the left. If you hit Kauai, you’ve gone too far.

  7. brooke

    glad you’re not around for good reasons! 🙂

    snowy and gorgeous here!! about an inch (see facebook for beautiful picture of the new place that we purchased while we were doing the 7 book study on your blog and aren’t moved in yet) of snow made for a magnificent lunch time run. can you tell i still have my runner’s high?

  8. Risha

    Snow. Wind. Cold. I’m over it too. I have 3 kids aged 5 and under, and I’m so over helping them get in and out of their coats every time we go some where…

    And socks. I’m tired of folding socks.

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