he thinks i'm crazy.

Just because I moved a loveseat from the basement up to the living room all by myself Friday night. Which would explain why I’m way too tired to write a proper post.

I’m not crazy. I’ll tell you what IS crazy though. I had the house ALL TO MY EVER-LOVIN’ SELF from Friday at 4:00pm to Sunday at 10:00 am. YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY.

Gabe and his dad, brother and nephew had plans to head to a hotel in Cleveland Friday night so they could be there bright and early for the first day of Browns’ training camp Saturday. Gabe’s dad, Rock, is like the hugest Browns fan ever. And Tug (Gabe’s brother, who is like two degrees separated from every famous person on earth) has connections with some of the players, so they were all super-pumped about the weekend.

I was happy for them and all and didn’t give a second thought to just hanging out and having girl time. And then. AND THEN. Gabe’s mom called and asked if she “could have the girls” from Friday to Sunday. Um, yes, YES YOU MAY. And then Gabe decided to just spend the night at the cabin with everyone else Saturday night, and I headed on up after church.

As much as I love my family (which is a whole lot), 42 hours of BY MYSELF ENJOYMENT (Yes-N-No books, anyone?) was the gift of all gifts.


And I guess I must have just had a surge of adrenaline, because all of a sudden I feel like telling you all about it after all. In nutshell form of course.

So I’ve been cleaning out our house. And in one of those posts where I talk about the Hard Stuff From Cambodia, I’ll explain more about how it’s therapeutic for me, something to do while I wait to see what else God wants us to do. How I desperately want to get out of debt, how I want to be free from the tyranny of stuff, free to give and do and go and be whatever God wants from me.

The Kidney Foundation (that runs thrift stores in our area) is coming Thursday to get as much junk as I can give them, so that’s been my motivation. And I put a bunch of stuff out by the curb, and it’s all gone but one thing (including 2 broken floor lamps, 2 nasty end tables, an old car seat, a broken tv, and grimy old doll changing table from the garage and an old chair).

And I moved the loveseat from the basement to the living room. It took an act of God and I’m not even kidding. First of all, what possesses someone to attempt such a feat? Who knows? And whatever that chemical is that helps you lift a car when your friend’s foot is stuck under it? I must’ve had some of that, because you and I both know I’m no body-builder.

And the 90 seconds that I was literally PINNED between the loveseat and the door frame at 11:00pm with no one around to hear my screams? (No I didn’t scream.) I just prayed really hard and Jesus set me free. If I ever do something like that again, I’ll purchase a Medic Alert bracelet first.

So our living room is rearranged. And I’m in love. And totally re-committed to our swell blue plaid couches for as long as we both (three) shall live.

And our basement is going to be a guest room. Complete with a queen mattress and box spring on loan to us for a year from friends who are having another couple (and their 2 kiddos) move into their basement for a whole year. Very brave and very awesome.

And I have many things to say, but we have a busy week. And my cousin Kelly (from FL) and my sister Stephanie (from SC), brother-in-law Daniel (also from SC), and NIECE MIA! are coming Friday for five blissful days.



Thanks for listening. And I hope your week is just all kinds of awesome.

13 thoughts on “he thinks i'm crazy.

  1. Dara

    You are so fun – so cute – so witty!! Love you! And I love that you can love your family so much and still enjoy 42 hours alone. . .looking forward to the day I get those 42 hours again (need to be not nursing!). Talk with you soon (I hope!).

  2. Kelsie

    Hi Marla! Sounds like time to yourself was a great refresher for you! 🙂 Enjoy your fun-filled and purposed week…

  3. Marla Fletcher

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is something I would do!!!!!!!!!! Let Gabe know huge Reggie White fan – if it is the same Reggie White that played for the Eagles back in the day. Just purged two closets full of coats, seriously how many coats does one person need??? So sad that we had so many that don’t get warn. Calling Purple Heart to come pick them up so someone can have a nice coat for winter. Keep on purging. I want to be content with what we have and not want more (very hard to do).

  4. Anna

    MARLA! You were pinned in the doorframe by the loveseat? Please don’t make me worry for you like this! LOL! I just worked on my weekly schedule and have mapped out two stay home and organize days. It’s therapeutic for me, too. And, I have my cedar trunk in the garage that needs to come inside… think I can get it up the steps while juggling a toddler and a crazy pug?

  5. O Mom

    So funny. I can just picture you alone and moving that couch by yourself. And I agree cleaning and organizing the house is very theraputic and distracting to your brain that is trying to think, think , think of other things.

  6. jess

    you had me at i was alone in my house from friday to sunday.
    bliiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss. i love these thoughts. and guess what i did on friday?!? rearranged MY living room. and i’m committed again to the green that i was getting tired of and wanting to paint. but i like it again.
    purging is good for the soul.

  7. Gabe Taviano

    Tarah – I’m definitely not a Packers fan, but I do have what I believe is the last Reggie White autographed jersey hanging above my desk at home. He sent it to me to open on Christmas (after we coached his daughter’s basketball team), and he passed away the next day. Go Browns – and go Reggie! I would make the 12 hour trip to go to a game at Lambeau though……even if they weren’t playing the Browns. That’s an experience most people don’t get to have!

  8. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    You are crazy in the best possible way.

    “How I desperately want to get out of debt, how I want to be free from the tyranny of stuff, free to give and do and go and be whatever God wants from me.” Yes, yes, and yes. Have you read David Platt’s Radical?

  9. Keri

    I honestly thought I lived an uncluttered life until we started moving out of our house in preparation for apartment living in Singapore. It still astounds me how much we got rid of and I honestly don’t miss a thing. Nothing. It is incredibly freeing to go from 4000 square feet of house with attic space to 2000 square feet of apartment with zero storage space. It feels good…….really good.
    I love that you moved the loveseat all by your lonesome…..it was an “I am woman, hear me roar” moment, right?

  10. Elizabeth

    I think you’re a little crazy too, but that’s beside the point! Do you know that I dream of 36 hours by myself? And do you know that it has NEVER happened? I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I don’t even know what to do with myself the next 4 days with just me and the baby. It’ll be interesting! I’m cleaning out and getting rids of things too. It won’t be restful, but at least productive.

  11. Tarah

    We are going to Lambeau Field on the 14th to see a Packers preseason game against the Cleveland Browns. I have to admit, I wasn’t terribly excited about that matchup. But, your FIL is a huge Browns fan, so perhaps there is something there to be excited about. 🙂 We got tickets free from a family who had them and couldn’t use them. Matt and I got to go to a regular season game a few years ago, but this time we get to take the boys…..so we’re thrilled! Didn’t I read on this blog once that Gabe is a Packer fan?? Maybe we should scrap the boys and invite Gabe and his dad, huh? If only it were a regular season game and not a preseason one….it might be worth the 12 hour trip.

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