have i mentioned i love mondays?

Good morning, friends! What a beautiful day! Got up at 5:50 to run and spend time with God. Can I just say I highly recommend this combo? I do it for stretches of time, then slack off. Yet everything seems better when I’m up early and soaking up my Savior before the day begins.

This’ll be quick (you believe me?), because I’m speaking at the MOPS group at my church at 9:15. The topic is Non-Denominational Motherhood. Loving instead of judging, that sort of thing. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will fill me with the perfect words and that the moms will be blessed.

A few items of (fun) business:

There’s a free give-away of my first 2 books at MarriageLeap.com. If you love me, go sign up to win! Most of you have already read the books, but what a fun wedding gift for one of those June weddings you have coming up! Marla Alupoaicei is the one giving away the books over at Marriage Leap. (Remember, I’m collecting friends named Marla!)

She gives away books every month–some Christian non-fiction, lots of great non-Christian fiction. She’s an author and speaker. Her hubby is from Romania, and they have a passion for reaching out to couples in intercultural marriages. I love seeing how God uses people to bless others in so many unique ways. Go sign up to win the books!

I’m thinking I might have said I wouldn’t bug you anymore about writing a review for Diapers on Amazon. Oops. If you read the book and liked it, would you pretty please write a review about it? It can be short and sweet. Just trying to get more people to buy it from Amazon. THANK YOU! EDIT (12:33pm): Thanks so much for the review, Tonia! I really appreciate it! And Jess, you told me to remind you, right? EDIT #2 (8:33pm): Thanks, Stephi, for the book review! I love you!

Last thing (probably). If your pastor (or a pastor you know) might be interested in using Blushing Bride as a resource for engaged or newly-married couples, please send me his name and address. My sister’s pastor (who also happens to be her FIL) just bought a whole box of Blushing books to hand out to gals when he does pre-marital counseling. I’d love to send your pastor a copy of Blushing with a letter and offer him a sweet deal on some cool books. .Just message me names and addresses when you get a chance. THANK YOU!

Missy’s not pregnant anymore!! Baby Gabe is here, and he’s beautiful! Love him!! Go say hi!

Okay, I really, really, really have to go. Have a Marvelous Monday!!

9 thoughts on “have i mentioned i love mondays?

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  2. gsowell

    Thanks for helping me out this morning in the middle of your rush! Really, don’t feel bad to say, “Gail, this is a horrible time! I don’t have a second to spare!” That was the truth, yet you were kind and patient with me. Thanks, sweet friend!

  3. faithchick

    yes, yes, yes!  keep me accountable until i do it.  the reason i’ve been putting it off it b/c i have to find my account information from when i bought something. but i have an idea of where it is.  right now, the kiddos are sleeping though, so i’m going to do some pilates & then shower & then straighten up….but i have some computer work to do tonight after they go to bed, SO, i’ll write it down so i remember to do it then.

  4. jennikim

    i tried to write a review a few weeks back, but it wouldnt let me!  i did go through and read all the other comments and click on how helpful they were to me though.  does that count for something?? 

  5. gsowell

    You just gave me an idea. We have a local marriage ministry that is a cooperative effort within our association. I’ll see if I can find a contact name and address, talk you up, and then let you send them some books. Hmmmm. We’ll see what I can put together here…

    My pastor, however… well, where do I start?

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